SAP Client-System Adapter Tables

MDMGXC1MDM Check Table Extractor: Ports and Extraction InformationMDM-CLT
MDMGXC0MDM Generic Check Table Extractor: RepositoriesMDM-CLT
MDMGXC2MDM Generic Check Table Extractor: Function ParametersMDM-CLT
MDMFDBPRKeys and other attributes of feedback messagesMDM-CLT
MDMFDBIDKeys and other attributes of feedback messagesMDM-CLT
MDMEXTRFLDMDM Field Table for Extraktor MetadataMDM-CLT
MDMRCPTSETSettings for Monitor Status ReceiptsMDM-CLT
MDMEXTRGRPMDM Field Group Extraktor MetadataMDM-CLT
MDMGXOBJTYPMDM Objecttypes in RepositoryMDM-CLT
MDMFDBEVENTMDM: Message inbound eventsMDM-CLT

Full List of SAP Client-System Adapter Tables

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