SAP Inventory Management (MM-IM) Tables

A133Mixed Taxes, DomesticMM-IM
CHVWTable CHVW for Batch Where-Used ListMM-IM
IKPFHeader: Physical Inventory DocumentMM-IM
ISEGPhysical Inventory Document ItemsMM-IM
MARIShort document: material movementMM-IM
MKPFHeader: Material DocumentMM-IM
MSEGDocument Segment: MaterialMM-IM
MSTBStock in TransitMM-IM
MSTEStock in Transit to Sales and Distribution DocumentMM-IM
MSTQStock in Transit for ProjectMM-IM
MYMLLIFO Material Layer (Annual)MM-IM
MYMPLIFO Period Stocks, Individual MaterialMM-IM
MYPLLIFO Pool Layer (Annual)MM-IM
RESBReservation/dependent requirementsMM-IM
RKPFDocument Header: ReservationMM-IM
S465IS Bev ED - Daily UpdateMM-IM
S466IS Bev ED - Monthly UpdateMM-IM
SBSEStock Mngmt Levels for Inventory SamplingMM-IM
SKPFHeader Data: Inventory SamplingMM-IM
SLGHElements of Stock PopulationMM-IM
SSCHStrata of Inventory SamplingMM-IM
T063Screen Control: Inventory ManagementMM-IM
T150Physical Inventory Stock Types and Allocated Movement TypesMM-IM
T156Movement TypeMM-IM
T158Transaction Control: Inventory ManagementMM-IM
TWBNReason for Price ChangeMM-IM
TWDRTransactions with Automatic Revaluation at RetailMM-IM
TWPRProfile for Value-Based Inventory ManagementMM-IM
TWUPProfiles for Revaluation at RetailMM-IM
UKPFRetail Revaluation Document: Revaluation HeaderMM-IM
USEGRetail Revaluation Document: Revaluation SegmentMM-IM
IMEXTEnhancement Fields for Goods ReceiptMM-IM
MSTBHStock in Transit - HistoryMM-IM
MSTEHSiT to Sales and Distribution Document - HistoryMM-IM
MSTQHStock in Transit for Project - HistoryMM-IM
MYABKBal. Sheet Valuation: Table of Database Commits Carried OutMM-IM
MYCOMBal. Sheet Valuation: Table of Database Commits Carried OutMM-IM
MYML1LIFO: Transaction-Related Material LayerMM-IM
MYMLMLIFO Material Layer (Monthly)MM-IM
MYMP1Receipt Data LFIO/FIFO ValuationMM-IM
MYPLMLIFO Pool Layer (Monthly)MM-IM
MYPS1Rules for Pool Splitting Method for LIFO ValuationMM-IM
MYPS2Rules for Pool Splitting Method for LIFO ValuationMM-IM
MYPS3Rule Type for Reassignment of Material LayersMM-IM
MYSTABalance Sheet Valuation: Procedure Statistics TableMM-IM
RPGRITexts for grouping of movement typesMM-IM
S465ES465 - Structure InformationMM-IM
S466ES466 - Structure InformationMM-IM
T001YValuation Levels for LIFO Inventory ValuationMM-IM
T003MTransaction/Event Types for SAPMM07M/SAPMM07IMM-IM
T023WControl Table for Value-Only Material DeterminationMM-IM
T023XException Table for Value-Only Material DeterminationMM-IM
T043ITolerance Groups for Persons Processing Inventory Diff.MM-IM
T063CCall-Screen Control: Inventory ManagementMM-IM
T063DScreen Control: View in Inventory ManagementMM-IM
T063FFunction Codes: Inventory ManagementMM-IM
T063OOK Codes in Inventory ManagementMM-IM
T063TTransactions Called Up From Inventory ManagementMM-IM
T064APhysical Inventory Stock TypesMM-IM
T064BStock Types and Texts for Physical InventoryMM-IM
T064FFunction Codes: Physical InventoryMM-IM
T064SStock Mngmt Levels for Inventory SamplingMM-IM
T064TPhysical Inventory: TextsMM-IM
T134HOrganiz. Unit: Business Area Determ. - MM ViewMM-IM
T134MControl of Qty/Value UpdateMM-IM
T150FStock Types and Allocated Fields in Physical InventoryMM-IM
T156BMovement Types: Screen SelectionMM-IM
T156CStock Types and Their ValuesMM-IM
T156FFields in Quantity StringMM-IM
T156HHelp Texts for Movement Type (up to Rel. 2.0, then T157H)MM-IM
T156KAccount Assignment Fields in Field Selection (up to 2.1)MM-IM
T156MPosting String: QuantityMM-IM
T156NNext Movement TypeMM-IM
T156SMovement Type: Quantities/Value Posting (Until Rel. 4.5B)MM-IM
T156TMovement Type TextMM-IM
T156VAvailability TableMM-IM
T156WPosting string valuesMM-IM
T156XTrans./Event Key ModificationMM-IM
T157BDescr. of Qty Fields (Plant Stock Avail., Stock Display)MM-IM
T157DReason for MovementMM-IM
T157EText Table: Reason for MovementMM-IM
T157FDisplay Fields: Plant AvailabilityMM-IM
T157HHelp Texts for Movement TypesMM-IM
T157NFields in Stock Balance Display (Inventory Management)MM-IM
T157ORoutine Selection for Plant AvailabilityMM-IM
T157PDisplay RulesMM-IM
T157QInventory Mgmt.: Display Rules for Plant Stock AvailabilityMM-IM
T157RDisplay Rule for Availability BlockMM-IM
T157TDescription of Fields in Availability BlockMM-IM
T158BCheck Table: Movement Type for Transaction CodeMM-IM
T158GMMIM: Possible Codes for BAPI Goods MovementMM-IM
T158ITransaction Control: Physical InventoryMM-IM
T158NNext Transaction Code in Inventory ManagementMM-IM
T158TInv. Management: Text Table for Trans./Event Types AllowedMM-IM
T158VInv. Mngmt - General: Transaction/Event Types AllowedMM-IM
T158WLong Text for Transaction/Event TypeMM-IM
T159ATest Data for Batch Input in Inventory ManagementMM-IM
T159BParameters for Batch Inputs in Inventory ManagementMM-IM
T159CValue table for counting cycles in cycle countingMM-IM
T159EIM Print Func.:Determ.No.of Copies f. Label Print.MM-IM
T159FMMIM: Error Messages Resulting From Blocked ObjectsMM-IM
T159GDefault Values for Inventory Sampling ProfileMM-IM
T159HLong Text for Inv. Sampling ProfileMM-IM
T159ITest Data for Batch Input in Inventory Management (Phys.Inv)MM-IM
T159LDefault values for inventory management and physical invent.MM-IM
T159MInv. Managmt Print Function: Active Form Version, LabelsMM-IM
T159NInvent. Mgmt Print Function: Active Form VersionsMM-IM
T159OInv. Mngmt Print Function: Maintain Text Name for LabelsMM-IM
T159PParameters for Printing GR/GI SlipsMM-IM
T159QInventory Management Print Function: Value Table for KZDRUMM-IM
T159RIM Document Reorganization - Life of DocumentsMM-IM
T159SInventory Mgmt Print Function: Printer CombinationMM-IM
T159TInvntry Mgmt. Printing: Text Table for Table T159QMM-IM
T159VText table for T159wMM-IM
T159WFoundation transactions and corresponding posting keysMM-IM
T159XInventory Management: XAB numer range determinationMM-IM
T159ZInventory Management: XAB number rangeMM-IM
T6WP3Check Table for Labelling TypeMM-IM
T6WP4Check Table for Label ShapeMM-IM
TAPOLAutomatic Allocation of Materials to LIFO PoolsMM-IM
TCURMCustomizing: MM ConfigurationMM-IM
TMY01Procedure Model for Balance Sheet Valuation (LIFO/FIFO)MM-IM
TMY02Balance Sheet Valuation Method (LIFO/FIFO)MM-IM
TMY03Valuation Levels for FIFO Material ValuationMM-IM
TMY04Company Code Parameters for LIFO/FIFO ValuationMM-IM
TMY05Directory for Versions for LIFO ValuationMM-IM
TMY06Balance Sheet Valuation: Constants for DB CommitMM-IM
TNAD9Output Determination: Printer per SLoc. and User GroupMM-IM
TNIW3Lowest Value: Document TypesMM-IM
TNIW4Lowest Value: Movement TypesMM-IM
TNIW5Lowest Value: Deval. by Rge of CoverageMM-IM
TNIW6Lowest Value: Deval. for Reasons of Slow/Non-MovementMM-IM
TNIW7Weighting Factors for Consumption Values (Deter.Lowest Val.)MM-IM
TNIW8Weighting of Stock Quantities (Deter.Low.Val.)MM-IM
TNIW9Reduction of Sales Prices (Lowest Value)MM-IM
TPOOLMaster Record, LIFO PoolsMM-IM
TSPOLText Descriptions for LIFO PoolsMM-IM
TSVERText Descriptions for LIFO Layer VersionsMM-IM
TWBNTText Table: Reason for Price ChangeMM-IM
TWDRTText Table: Default Reason for Changing Retail PriceMM-IM
TWPRTText Table: Profiles for Value-Based Inventory ManagementMM-IM
TWUPTText Table: Retail Revaluation ProfilesMM-IM
TXSTAMM Inventory Mngmt: Work Table for Phys. Inv. Doc. ArchivingMM-IM
MWCURMCustomizing: MM ConfigurationMM-IM
MWMKPFHeader Table for the InterfaceMM-IM
MWSTORReversal TransactionsMM-IM
MYML1QLIFO: Transaction-Related Material Layer (Quantity)MM-IM
MYML1VLIFO: Transaction-Related Material Layer (Values)MM-IM
MYMP1RStorage for Invoice Differences (LIFO/FIFO)MM-IM
T156HTMain Text for Movement TypeMM-IM
T156SCMvt Type: Qty/Value Posting: Customer Table; as of Rel. 4.6AMM-IM
T156SYMvt Type: Qty/Value Update: System Table; Rel. 4.6AMM-IM
TNIW5NLowest Value: Devaluation by Range of Coverage (w. Version)MM-IM
TNIW5WLowest Value: Devaluatn by Range of Cov. for Each Val. AreaMM-IM
TNIW6NLowest Value: Devaluation by Slow/Non-Movement (w. Version)MM-IM
TNIW6WLowest Value: Devaluation for Slow/Non-movement by Val.AreaMM-IM
TNIW8HWeighting of Stock Quantities per Period (Lowest Value)MM-IM
TUPROFAssgmnt of SV Revaluation Profile to PV Revaluation ProfileMM-IM
MMINKONWorklist for Inconsistent MaterialsMM-IM
MWXMSEGZMSEG: Interface for Posting of ValueMM-IM
MWYMBUZLine AssignmentMM-IM
MWZMSEGZMSEG:Interface for Posting of ValueMM-IM
CHVW_IDXBatch Where-Used Index Table for Selection of Data ObjectsMM-IM
MWXVM07MFields: Update Control of Module Pool SAPMM07MMM-IM
MWZVM07MFields: Update Control of Module Pool SAPMM07MMM-IM
MYLAUFHDRun for Balance Sheet Values by AccountMM-IM
MYLAUFITObject Table for Delta Run Using MRN9MM-IM
MIGO_INITControl Table for Operation in Transaction MIGOMM-IM
MIGO_T156Movement Types - Reference MIGOMM-IM
WRMA_CONDAssign Meaning to Condition TypesMM-IM
WRMA_LINKLinking of BI and ERP Condition TypeMM-IM
WRMA_T023RMA Value-Only Article Assignment for Merchandise CategoryMM-IM
MKPF_ARIDXIndex table for single doc. access to archive MM_MATBELMM-IM
MMINKON_UPCorrections due to Technical Problems with StockMM-IM
MYLAUFCUSTCustomizing for Balance Sheet Valuation Delta Run by AccountMM-IM
TCKMLPR_EBCustomizing for Bal. Sheet Valuation: Define Valuation AreasMM-IM
WRMA_BI_CDCondition Types from BIMM-IM
WRMA_FI_CDDefine FI Update Condition TypeMM-IM
WRMA_MANDTSingle Client Settings for RMAMM-IM
WRMA_T001WDefine plant-dependent parameter for RMAMM-IM
WRMA_TRANSHeader Data for Posting RunMM-IM
TCKMLPR_EBTCustomizing Bal. Sheet Valuation Procedures (Descriptions)MM-IM
WRMA_ACC_PRAssignment of Accounting PrincipleMM-IM
WRMA_BI_CDTText Table: Condition Types from BIMM-IM
WRMA_NO_DOCIndex of Cancelled Posting Run Without Agency DocumentMM-IM
MYMBEW_BUKRSIndex Table for Material Company CodeMM-IM
ORIG_PR_MBEWSales Price Origin of Last Total Revaluation at RetailMM-IM
WRMA_DIAG_R3Diagnosis support with RMAMM-IM
WRMA_LINVDATLast Inventory Date per Material Group (for RMA Evaluation)MM-IM
MMIM_REP_CUSTCustomizing f. Inventory Mgmt ReportingMM-IM
MYSEG_EXTRACTDocument Segment: MaterialMM-IM
WRMA_EVALIDOCDocument flow for RMA revaluationsMM-IM
WRMA_TRANS_CDCondition Data for Posting RunMM-IM
MIGO_BADI_HOLDMIGO BADI: Table for Held External DataMM-IM
MMIM_REP_PRINTPrint Settings, Reporting MM-IMMM-IM
PROFT_COST_VALData of Purchase Value Change ProfileMM-IM
PROF_COST_VALTText Table: Purchase Value Change ProfileMM-IM
WRMA_TRANS_DOCDocument Data for Posting RunMM-IM
MMIM_PREDOC_ORGParked Material Documents, Organizational DataMM-IM
WRF_PRICE_CHECKSeas. Proc. Consigm.: Customizing: Price Test ConfigurationMM-IM
MIGO_BADI_EXAMP2BADI in MIGO: Example Table (Header)MM-IM
MIGO_CUST_ACTIONMIGO: Control of Listbox TransactionMM-IM
MIGO_CUST_FIELDSMIGO: Field Selection per Movement TypeMM-IM
MIGO_CUST_REFDOCMIGO: Control of Listbox Reference DocumentMM-IM
MMIM_CONTROL_LOGInventory Management: General Control TableMM-IM
TASSIGN_MM_T001WAux. Table for Status Info SD Maintenance View: Key VKORGMM-IM
WRF_STOCK_SITUATStock Situation TableMM-IM
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