SAP Management of Global Employees (PA-GE) Tables

PA0703HR Master Record: Infotype 0703PA-GE
PA0702HR Master Record: Infotype 0702PA-GE
PA0715HR Master Record: Infotype 0715PA-GE
PA0710HR Master Record: Infotype 0710PA-GE
PA0708HR Master Record: Infotype 0708PA-GE
PA0707HR Master Record: Infotype 0707PA-GE
PA0706HR Master Record: Infotype 0706PA-GE
PA0705HR Master Record: Infotype 0705PA-GE
PA0704HR Master Record: Infotype 0704PA-GE
T76MGE_PYPGlobal Payroll TypesPA-GE
T76MGE_COLCost of Living Allowance IndexPA-GE
T76MGE_SCLEvaluation Methods for Compensation Package ItemsPA-GE
T76MGE_RETText Table for RegionsPA-GE
T76MGE_CKTText Table for Checklist ItemsPA-GE
T76MGE_CPICompensation Package ItemsPA-GE
T76MGE_REQCollection Tables for Requests for Global AssignmentsPA-GE
T76MGE_DITStorage of Document TypesPA-GE
T76MGE_DSTDocument StatusPA-GE
T76MGE_DTTText Table for Document StatusPA-GE
T76MGE_ELIEligibility for Compensation PackagePA-GE
T76MGE_FACFactors for compensation packagesPA-GE
T76MGE_REGMapping Table for Regions and CountriesPA-GE
T76MGE_FSTFamily StatusPA-GE
T76MGE_INTCountry-Dependent Wage Type Attributes for InterfacingPA-GE
T76MGE_MAPMapping Table from Global Employees to StandardPA-GE
T76MGE_PYTText Table for Global Payroll TypesPA-GE
T76MGE_CKIChecklist ItemsPA-GE
T76MGE_ADMInternational HR AdministratorPA-GE
T76MGE_SUMSummation Rules for Base CPIsPA-GE
T76MGE_ASIAssignment TypesPA-GE
T76MGE_ASTAssignment Types Text TablePA-GE
T76MGE_CAGGlobal Payroll CategoriesPA-GE
T76MGE_CATText Table for Global Payroll Category TypesPA-GE
T76MGE_CEXMapping Table for Exchange Rates and Assignment TypesPA-GE
T76MGE_CFLCurrency Fluctuation ProtectionPA-GE
T76MGE_CGRGroups of CountriesPA-GE
T76MGE_CKLChecklist TablePA-GE
T76MGE_STAAssignment StatusPA-GE
T76MGE_CPITText Table for Compensation Package ItemsPA-GE
T76MGE_ACPIDerived Compensation Package ItemsPA-GE
T76MGE_MULTMultiplication Rules for Base CPIsPA-GE
T76MGE_FSTTText Table for Family StatusPA-GE
T76MGE_ASFSAllowed Family Status for Assignment TypesPA-GE
T76MGE_SCLTText Table for Evaluation Methods for CPIsPA-GE
T76MGE_FACTText Table for Compensation Package ItemsPA-GE
T76MGE_STATText Table for Assignment StatusPA-GE
T76MGE_BCPIBase Compensation Package ItemsPA-GE
T76MGE_CAINMapping Table for Categories and Infotype GroupsPA-GE
T76MGE_CALCCPIs calculationPA-GE
T76MGE_COMTYGlobal Commuting TypesPA-GE
T76MGE_OLSEQOffer Letter SequencingPA-GE
T76MGE_CPI_NCompensation Package ItemsPA-GE
T76MGE_COMTTText Table for Global Commuting TypesPA-GE
T76MGE_ASCOLMapping Table for COLI Providers and Assignment TypesPA-GE
T76MGE_COLPRTText Table for COLI ProvidersPA-GE
T76MGE_STASEQStatus Sequence for Assignment TypePA-GE
T76MGE_CGROUPMapping Table for Groups of Countries and CountriesPA-GE
T76MGE_CGROUPTText Table for Country GroupingsPA-GE
T7GP_CC_DATE_RDate Rule for Currency ConversionPA-GE
T7GP_CURR_CONVCurrency Conversion RulesPA-GE
T7GP_CC_DATE_RTTexts of Date Rules for Currency ConversionPA-GE
T7GP_CURR_CONVTTexts for Currency Conversion RulesPA-GE
T76MGE_FORMSETUPGlobal employee: Form SetupPA-GE
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