B131Plant/JC prof./vendorPP-KAB
PVKTSupply Area Short TextPP-KAB
PVBEProduction Supply AreaPP-KAB
PKSLDetailed Selection of the Dependent RequirementsPP-KAB
PKSDControl Cycle Item/Additional Data for Kanban With DeliveryPP-KAB
PKPSControl Cycle Item / KanbanPP-KAB
PKPRChange Proposals from Kanban CalculationPP-KAB
PKHDControl CyclePP-KAB
PKERError Log of the Kanban ContainersPP-KAB
PKENDummy Table for Creating a Block.Object for Sec.Key Tab.PKHDPP-KAB
PKECError Log for Kanban CalculationPP-KAB
PKCHBatches and Quantities in KANBANPP-KAB
PKEKError Log for Kanban (Event-Driven KANBAN)PP-KAB
B130Plant/JC prof.PP-KAB
TPK01Key for Controlling the Control Cycle; In-House ProductionPP-KAB
TPK02Key for Controlling Control Cycle: External ReplenishmentPP-KAB
TPK03Key for Controlling Control Cycle; Stock TransferPP-KAB
TPK1TControl Cycle Profile for In-House Production - TextPP-KAB
TPK2TControl Cycle Profile (External Procurement) - TextPP-KAB
TPK3TControl Cycle Profile (Stock Transfer) - TextPP-KAB
TPKTXKanban Container Status Short TextPP-KAB
TPKAKActions in KANBAN ProcessingPP-KAB
TPKSFKanban Status SequencesPP-KAB
TPKSBKanban Board StatusPP-KAB
TPKBPKanban calculation profilePP-KAB
TPKPTKanban Authorization TextPP-KAB
TPKERAlternative Error Handling in the Kanban ProcessPP-KAB
TPKBUAdjusting a Control Cycle in Kanban CalculationPP-KAB
T450NTransaction Control MRP With ObjectPP-KAB
PKUSRUser Settings for Kanban TransactionsPP-KAB
PABHDJIT call header recordPP-KAB
TKTRDUKanban Board Control Cycle Data User-SpecificPP-KAB
TKTRDCKANBAN Board Control Cycle Data CustomizingPP-KAB
TKTQIUKanban Board: Quick Info for Kanbans User-SpecificPP-KAB
TKTQICKANBAN Board: Quick Info for KANBAN CustomizingPP-KAB
TKTGLUKANBAN Board Global SettingsPP-KAB
TKTGLCKANBAN Board Global SettingsPP-KAB
PKPSHDDeviating Control Cycle Data for KanbanPP-KAB
TPKLEKDelete Event-Driven KanbansPP-KAB
PABASNLinking Summarized JIT Call - Shipping NotificationPP-KAB
CPABPRTJIT call profile long textPP-KAB
CTIMEDEFTime definitionPP-KAB
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