SAP Sales and Operations Planning (PP-SOP) Tables

ERKOEvent HeaderPP-SOP
PROHBasic Values (for Forecast): Consumption or Actual NumberPP-SOP
PGZUProduct Group/Member Quantity ConversionsPP-SOP
PGPLSales & Operations Planning (SOP)PP-SOP
PGANProportional Factors per Planning Object Relation (SOP/LIS)PP-SOP
LISRPlanning Object Index for ForecastPP-SOP
P44VPlanning VersionsPP-SOP
PGMIProduct Group/Member AllocationPP-SOP
ERZUEvent AssignmentPP-SOP
S075DRP node informationPP-SOP
T440PProfiles for Function Module PROGNOSE_DIALOGPP-SOP
T444KLIS Planning: Screen Sequence Control TablePP-SOP
S075ES075 - Structural InformationPP-SOP
T444MPlanning: Control Table - Key Matrix ScreenPP-SOP
RMCP8Archive MaterialsPP-SOP
PGPLESOP Characteristic ValuesPP-SOP
T445YProfile for SOP Transfer to Demand ManagementPP-SOP
T441MForecast transaction controlPP-SOP
P445XLIS Planning Versions TablePP-SOP
P445VSales and Operations Planning: VersionsPP-SOP
P445TVersion Status TextPP-SOP
T444PLIS Planning: Key Matrix Selection Control TablePP-SOP
T445APlanning Configuration for Info StructurePP-SOP
T445ZPeriod Split for Display of Time AxisPP-SOP
T445VPlant DistributionPP-SOP
T445USales and Operations Planning/Initial Settings per UserPP-SOP
T445SCollision Matrix for Locking Product GroupsPP-SOP
T445RCharacteristic Fields per Info Structure for Table T445QPP-SOP
T445QPrices for Price Band CategoriesPP-SOP
T445PPlanning Types: LIS/SOPPP-SOP
T445OOperations for LIS Planning FunctionsPP-SOP
T445NExecutable MacrosPP-SOP
T445MMacro Definitions: LIS PlanningPP-SOP
T445LSOP Planning Table DefinitionsPP-SOP
T445IPlanning Attributes: Information StructurePP-SOP
T445GTexts of LIS Planning MacrosPP-SOP
T445FTexts for Line Definitions (SOP)PP-SOP
T445EUnits for LIS PlanningPP-SOP
T445CAssign Time Bar - Technical PeriodPP-SOP
T445BUser Parameters for Planning TypePP-SOP
TCX03Control Parameters for Scheduling: SOP OrdersPP-SOP
P445SPossible Version StatusesPP-SOP
P445HVerification: Hier.Ctg./Hier.Form/Plan.Object/GSTRU (SOP)PP-SOP
LISPLBackground Job for LIS PlanningPP-SOP
T445TTexts: Definitions for Planning Table (SOP)PP-SOP
LISUPTransfer Profile: LIS Planning to Demand ManagementPP-SOP
LISCOCopy Profile: LIS PlanningPP-SOP
ERKOTEvent Header - TextsPP-SOP
KZAZUKey Figure Assignment for Aggregate Version CopyPP-SOP
P445GParameters for PLOB Version_Key FigurePP-SOP
ERZUTEvent AssignmentPP-SOP
P444VPlanning Versions: Info StructuresPP-SOP
P445EPlanning Object Index for Rough-Cut Planning ProfilesPP-SOP
T445C1Allocation of Permitted Periods for PlanningPP-SOP
T445C2Planning Period Units of Info StructurePP-SOP
T445NKStorage of decimal pointsPP-SOP
LISPLTTexts for job number (LIS) - background planningPP-SOP
LISPLFPlanning Entries Table for Background Planning in LISPP-SOP
LISAKTBackground Planning ActivitiesPP-SOP
T445OTShort Description of LIS OperationsPP-SOP
T445Z1Period Split for PlanningPP-SOP
T445QKPrices for Price Band Categories (Key)PP-SOP
T445ZTText for Period SplitPP-SOP
MCDYNUMScreen Numbers for LIS GenerationPP-SOP
MCAKVERCurrent Generation VersionsPP-SOP
LISCOPAKKey Figures Allocation Flexible Planning - CO-PAPP-SOP
LISCOPAZAssignment of info structure to operating concernPP-SOP
LISCOPAMCharacteristics Allocation: Flexible Planning - CO-PAPP-SOP
OTBPARAMParameters for OTB ControlPP-SOP
MDRP_MAPBackground for Graphical DRP NetworkPP-SOP
MDRP_POCOEvent Table: Deployment RunPP-SOP
MDRP_NSEQSequence of Node ProcessingPP-SOP
OTBPARAM2Parameters for OTB Purchase Order WarningPP-SOP
LISCOPAKTShort Text for Key Figures Allocation LIS - CO-PAPP-SOP
MDRP_DRUNDeployment runPP-SOP
MDRP_NODTNode Type for DRP NetworkPP-SOP
LISCOPAMTShort Text for Characteristics Allocation LIS - CO-PAPP-SOP
MDRP_MENUMenu for DRP networkPP-SOP
MDRP_NODENodes for DRP NetworkPP-SOP
LISCOPAZTShort Text for AllocationPP-SOP
MDRP_DARCBranches of the Distribution NetworkPP-SOP
TCSCP_TDSVActivate period dependent operation parametersPP-SOP
MDRP_DRUNVPlanning File: Deployment RunPP-SOP
MDRP_NODEPPositions of the nodes in a DRP networkPP-SOP
MDRP_NODTTNode Type for DRP NetworkPP-SOP
MDRP_MENUTMenu text for DRP networkPP-SOP
PLPLAN_PARAMBOM-dependent planning parameterPP-SOP
TCSCP_COMP_LVLMaterial completion levels (including their sequence)PP-SOP
TCSCP_COMP_LVLTMaterial completion level (Description)PP-SOP
TCSCP_CONV_TYPEConversion types for production figuresPP-SOP
TCSCP_CONV_TYPETConversion type for production figuresPP-SOP
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