SAP Common Functions (PPM-CF) Tables

INM_LINKStorage of link between two objectsPPM-CF
INM_OF_FCATField catalog informationPPM-CF
INM_INIT_CDInitiative- Pseudo table for change documentsPPM-CF
INM_NAV_CTXINM Navigation ContextPPM-CF
INM_S_PARAMShares parameter for navigationPPM-CF
INM_KFM_KF_TKey Figure - TextsPPM-CF
INM_KFM_OTYPObject Types for Key Figure Monitor - DefinitionPPM-CF
INM_OF_FCATOLField catalog informationPPM-CF
INM_KFM_GRP_TGroups for Key Figures - TextsPPM-CF
INM_HC_STATUSHANA content status for content synchronizationPPM-CF
INM_NAV_INF_FINM Navigation Information OIF TabswitchPPM-CF
INM_KFM_V_ASSViews for Key Figures - Object Type AssignmentPPM-CF
INM_MAP_RULESMapping Functions for Field MappingPPM-CF
INM_M_OBJ_GRPObject Type for GroupPPM-CF
INM_NAV_CTX_WINM Navigation Context WorkcenterPPM-CF
INM_NAV_INF_WINM Navigation InformationPPM-CF
INM_OBJ_STRUCStructures for synchronization of INM objectsPPM-CF
INM_FIELD_MAPField Mapping between INM objectsPPM-CF
INM_KFM_KF_DEFKey Figure - DefinitionPPM-CF
INM_KFM_OTYP_TObject Types for Key Figure Monitor - TextsPPM-CF
INM_OBJ_HEADERStores the object header field configurationsPPM-CF
INM_KFM_OBJAGGKey Figure - AggregationPPM-CF
INM_KFM_KF_THRKey Figure - Threshold ValuesPPM-CF
INM_M_C_METRICCustomizing for MetricPPM-CF
INM_KFM_KF_ASSKey Figure - Object AssignmentPPM-CF
INM_DFM_ST_ACTDFM Activity Definitions for status changesPPM-CF
INM_KFM_GRP_DFGroups for Key Figures - DefinitionPPM-CF
INM_INITIATIVEInitiative Master TablePPM-CF
INM_M_C_MET_KFKey Figure for Metric/View TypePPM-CF
INM_DFM_ST_MAPMapping between Status per Object Grouping and DFM StatusPPM-CF
INM_DFM_RFC_CFGConfiguration table for RFC calls in DFM sync frameworkPPM-CF
INM_M_C_OBJ_UOMPossible Units of Measure per Object TypePPM-CF
INM_OBJGRP_SYNCAllowed Synchronization between INM object groupingsPPM-CF
INM_M_C_OBJ_GRPMetrics-Independent Object GroupPPM-CF
INM_MAP_RULES_TMapping Functions description for Field MappingPPM-CF
INM_DFM_RPM_STIInbound mapping from DFM activity to RPM statusPPM-CF
INM_DFM_X_MOD_CExecution mode for synchronization of INM DFM objects (Cust)PPM-CF
INM_DFM_ST_PATHDefines the DFM Transaction Path between two DFM StatusesPPM-CF
INM_DFM_ACL_ACTDFM activity definition for ACL handlingPPM-CF
INM_DFM_RPM_S_IInbound mapping from DFM activity to RPM statusPPM-CF
INM_DFM_RPM_STOOutbound mapping RPM status to DFM activityPPM-CF
INM_M_OBJ_METRICMetric for Application ObjectPPM-CF
INM_DFM_INT_ST_IInbound mapping from DFM activity to Initaitive activityPPM-CF
INM_M_C_VIEW_METView Types for MetricPPM-CF
INM_DFM_EXEC_MODExecution mode for synchronization of INM DFM objectsPPM-CF
INM_OBJTYP_STRUCStructures for synchronization of INM objects (objtype dep.)PPM-CF
INM_DFM_DPR_ST_OOutbound mapping fro cPro activity to DFM activityPPM-CF
INM_DFM_DPR_AC_OOutbound mapping from cPro ACL to DFM ACLPPM-CF
INM_DFM_DPR_AC_IInbound mapping from DFM ACL to cPro ACLPPM-CF
INM_DFM_DPR_ST_IInbound mapping from DFM activity to cPro activityPPM-CF
INM_M_C_VIEW_T_TText Table for View TypesPPM-CF
INM_DFM_RPM_ST_OOutbound mapping RPM status to DFM activityPPM-CF
INM_DFM_SYN_ATTRAttributes for DFM synchronization scenariosPPM-CF
INM_DFM_RPM_ST_IInbound mapping from DFM activity to RPM statusPPM-CF
INM_MANYTO1_SYNCTarget Objects for Many to One SynchronizationPPM-CF
INM_DFM_RPM_AC_IInbound mapping from DFM ACL to RPM ACLPPM-CF
INM_M_C_METRIC_TText Table for MetricPPM-CF
INM_DFM_RPM_AC_OOutbound mapping from RPM ACL to DFM ACLPPM-CF
INM_M_C_MET_GR_TText Table for Metrics GroupPPM-CF
INM_M_C_OBJ_CURRPossible Currency Units for Object TypePPM-CF
INM_M_C_OBJ_GR_TText Table for Metrics-Independent GroupsPPM-CF
INM_M_C_OBJ_TYPEObject Type for Metrics ManagementPPM-CF
INM_M_C_OBJ_TY_TText Table: Object Types for Metrics ManagementPPM-CF
INM_DFM_INT_ST_OOutbound mapping from Initi Bus.Trans. to Central Bus.Trans.PPM-CF
INM_DFM_SYN_ID_TTexts for scenario IDsPPM-CF
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