SAP Simulation (PS-SIM) Tables

TC54TLanguage dependent texts for TCN54: Simulation profilePS-SIM
TCN52Valid user status for version profilePS-SIM
TCN53Valid system status for version profilePS-SIM
TCN54Simualtion controlPS-SIM
TCNVSCCustomizing: Possible version number per version categoryPS-SIM
VSSTEUVersion: Control table - one entry per version object -PS-SIM
VSKOPFVersion: Header - general data for a version -PS-SIM
TCNVSCTCustomizing: Short description of possible version numbersPS-SIM
VSPLAF_CNVersion: Planned orderPS-SIM
VSJEST_CNVersion: Individual status per objectPS-SIM
VSNPTX_CNVersion: PS texts (network)PS-SIM
VSMLST_CNVersion: MilestonePS-SIM
VSKPER_CNVersion: Workforce PlanningPS-SIM
VSKBKO_CNVersion: Capacity requirements header for an orderPS-SIM
VSKBEZ_CNVersion: Additional data for table KBED (ind. capacities)PS-SIM
VSKBED_CNVersion: Capacity requirement recordsPS-SIM
VSJSTO_CNVersion: Information on status objectPS-SIM
VSVBKD_CNVersion: Sales document - commercial dataPS-SIM
VSPRHI_CNVersion: WBS, edges (hierarchy pointer)PS-SIM
VSPROJ_CNVersion: Project definitionPS-SIM
VSPRPS_CNVersion: WBS Element (Work Breakdwn Struc. Elem.) Mast. DataPS-SIM
VSPRTE_CNVersion: Scheduling data for project itemPS-SIM
VSPRTX_CNVersion: PS texts (WBS)PS-SIM
VSPSTX_CNVersion: PS texts (header)PS-SIM
VSRESB_CNVersion: Reservation/Dependent requirementsPS-SIM
VSRSDB_CNVersion: Index of RESB for direct procurement elementsPS-SIM
VSVBAK_CNVersion: Sales document: Header dataPS-SIM
VSVBAP_CNVersion: Sales document: Item dataPS-SIM
VSVBEP_CNVersion: Sales document: Schedule line dataPS-SIM
VSHIST_PDTransfer history project definitionPS-SIM
VSAFAB_CNVersion: Network relationshipsPS-SIM
VSAFFH_CNVersion: PRT allocation to work orderPS-SIM
VSAFFL_CNVersion: Order sequences PP ordersPS-SIM
VSAFIH_CNVersion: Order header for plant maintenancePS-SIM
VSAFKO_CNVersion: Order header data for PP ordersPS-SIM
VSAFPO_CNVersion: Order items in PP ordersPS-SIM
VSAFVC_CNVersion: Operation in orderPS-SIM
VSAFVU_CNVersion: User fields in operation in orderPS-SIM
VSAFVV_CNVersion: Quantities/Dates/Values in order operationPS-SIM
VSAUFK_CNVersion: Order master dataPS-SIM
VSEBAN_CNVersion: Purchase requisitionPS-SIM
VSEBKN_CNVersion: Purchase requisition account assignmentPS-SIM
VSEVFG_CNVersion: PS EV, percent of completionPS-SIM
VSEVOF_CNObject parameter PS earned value analysisPS-SIM
VSFPLA_CNVersion: Billing schedulePS-SIM
VSFPLT_CNVersion: Billing schedule: DatesPS-SIM
VSHIST_NPTranfer history for networkPS-SIM
VSHIST_NVTranfer history for network activityPS-SIM
VSHIST_OKTransfer history material componentsPS-SIM
VSHIST_ORTransfer history orderPS-SIM
VSHIST_OVTransfer history activityPS-SIM
VSHIST_PRTransfer history WBS elementPS-SIM
VSRPSCO_CNVersion: Cumulation table for project reportingPS-SIM
VSRSADD_CNVersion: Additional fields for reservationPS-SIM
PROJVS_ENQBlock key project (project versions)PS-SIM
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