SAP Funds Management (PSM-FM) Tables

FMACAssign Cashier AccountPSM-FM
FMBHFunds management budget header (entry documents)PSM-FM
FMBLFunds management budget document lines (entry documents)PSM-FM
FMCJIS-PS: Documents in Cash Desk Subsidiary LedgerPSM-FM
FMLALayout VariantPSM-FM
FMPYIS-PS: Payment TransactionsPSM-FM
KNEAAssign Bank Details and Payment Methods to Revenue TypePSM-FM
T017is being deletedPSM-FM
TBKSSuper regionPSM-FM
FM01WCompany Code-Dependent Assignment of FM Area CurrencyPSM-FM
FM01XManaging Preliminary DevelopmentsPSM-FM
FMAC2FM to FI - GL Account AssignmentPSM-FM
FMBDAActual line item tablePSM-FM
FMBDCObject table 2PSM-FM
FMBDOObject table 1 - Budget addressPSM-FM
FMBDPFM Budget change line items tablePSM-FM
FMBDTFM budget totals tablePSM-FM
FMEPLPersonnel Expend.PSM-FM
FMFSGField Status Group definitionPSM-FM
FMFSSField Status String definitionPSM-FM
FMFSVField Status Variant definitionPSM-FM
FMGLDOutline TextsPSM-FM
FMHBHFunds management budget header (held documents)PSM-FM
FMHBLFunds management budget document lines (held documents)PSM-FM
FMKW6Grace Period Rule for Public-Law Dunning ProcedurePSM-FM
FMLATTexts for Layout VariantsPSM-FM
FMPYTIS-PS: Payment TransactionsPSM-FM
FMRBAActual line item tablePSM-FM
FMRBCObject table 2PSM-FM
FMRBOObject table 1PSM-FM
FMRBPPlan line items tablePSM-FM
FMRBTSummary tablePSM-FM
PAYBUHeader Supplement for Payment Requests Without VendorPSM-FM
PAYCTAdditional Criteria per Line ItemPSM-FM
PAYKOAdditional FM Data for Payment RequestPSM-FM
PAYOAPayment Order - Additional DataPSM-FM
PAYOHPayment Order - Header DataPSM-FM
PAYOIItem from a Payment OrderPSM-FM
PAYRCAdditional Header Data for Recovery OrderPSM-FM
PSKW1Status for Posting DayPSM-FM
PSKW2Exceptions for Posting DayPSM-FM
PSKW3Amounts for Day-End ClosingPSM-FM
PSKW4Additional Data Funds Management for Dunning ProcedurePSM-FM
PSKW5Additional Data for Public-Law Dunning ProcedurePSM-FM
PSO04Revenue TypesPSM-FM
PSO05Revenue TypesPSM-FM
PSO06Assign Revenue Type/Dunning AreaPSM-FM
PSO07Assign Revenue Type/Commitment ItemPSM-FM
PSO10Processors for Revenue Types/Release GroupsPSM-FM
PSO11Assign Main to Secondary Revenue TypesPSM-FM
PSO12Deduction reasonsPSM-FM
PSO13Deduction Reasons (Texts)PSM-FM
PSO14Define RegionsPSM-FM
PSO15Area (Texts)PSM-FM
PSO17Use (Texts)PSM-FM
PSO19Group ResponsibilityPSM-FM
PSO20Text Table PSO19PSM-FM
PSO23Summary Key, Closing Posting DayPSM-FM
PSO24Summary Key (Text)PSM-FM
PSO26Summarization Keys and AccountsPSM-FM
PSO28Objects (texts)PSM-FM
PSO29Object classPSM-FM
PSO30Object class (texts)PSM-FM
PSO31Allocation of customer/objectsPSM-FM
PSO32Allocation of customer/revenue types/objectsPSM-FM
PSO34Allocation of revenue type to account groupPSM-FM
PSO36Assignment Proposal FI Document Type to Request CategoryPSM-FM
PSO37Payment Block to be Set AutomaticallyPSM-FM
PSO38Revenue Type Assignment to Object ClassPSM-FM
PSO40Rounding UnitsPSM-FM
PSO41Assigning Request Category to Document TypePSM-FM
PSO42Controlling automatic approval and postingPSM-FM
PSO43Global Settings for Requests/Financial AccountingPSM-FM
PSO47Assign Dunning Procedure to Dunning AreaPSM-FM
PSO48Customer Assignment of BUSAB to Customer Master RecordPSM-FM
PSO49Assignment of User Role Codes and NamesPSM-FM
PSO50Stop Mass Processing Data for Invoice ReferencePSM-FM
PSO51G/L Account Determination for DeferralsPSM-FM
PSO52 Information for Standing Requests"PSM-FM
PSO53Define Petty Amount LimitsPSM-FM
PSO54Posting Information Small AmountsPSM-FM
PSO55Negative Posting in RequestsPSM-FM
PSO56Customizing for Fixed Values on Initial ScreenPSM-FM
PSOBLSaving Changed Documents for ExecutionPSM-FM
PSOKNSaving Changed Customers for ExecutionPSM-FM
PSOLFSaving Changed Vendors for ExecutionPSM-FM
PSOTNAssign Request Categories to Number RangePSM-FM
PSOTPRequest Category Entity TablePSM-FM
PSOTTPayment Request Document Category Texts (Local Authority)PSM-FM
PSOTYPayment Request Document Categories (Local Authority)PSM-FM
T023VFast Pay/Accelerated Pay tablePSM-FM
T023YMaterial Group for Fast PayPSM-FM
TBKBCBank Chain from Corresponding BanksPSM-FM
TBKCBHouse Bank per CurrencyPSM-FM
TBKCRHouse Bank per Super Region and CurrencyPSM-FM
TBKLAMaximum Payment Amount for each House Bank (limit amount)PSM-FM
TBKPDDay difference betw. payment run and house bank valuationPSM-FM
TBKRLBank Role in PRQ Payment ProgramPSM-FM
TBKSPSpecial Payments According to SWIFT Format MT199PSM-FM
TBKSTName of Super RegionPSM-FM
TBKSZSpecial Payments According to SWIFT Format MT199PSM-FM
TBKWTProcessing Time per CountryPSM-FM
TBKZWPayment Method Group DependencyPSM-FM
TTRCDIntermediate accts and min. balances for cash concentrationPSM-FM
FMAVCAActual line item tablePSM-FM
FMAVCCObject table 2PSM-FM
FMAVCOObject table 1PSM-FM
FMAVCPPlan line items tablePSM-FM
FMBCSABudget Control System activation settingsPSM-FM
FMBWUDUser DocumentsPSM-FM
FMBWUSBudgeting Workbench User settingsPSM-FM
FMCCFDFiscal Year Change Documents (FM)PSM-FM
FMCDCFAssign Commitment Item to FundPSM-FM
FMCDRBRevenues Increasing the Budget Government of CanadaPSM-FM
FMCOMBDefine Combined DocumentsPSM-FM
FMFSGAAssignment of Field Status GroupPSM-FM
FMFSGTText for Field Status GroupPSM-FM
FMFSSAAssign Field Status StringPSM-FM
FMFSSTText for Field Status definitionPSM-FM
FMFSVAAssignment of Field Status VariantPSM-FM
FMFSVTText for Field Status Variant definitionPSM-FM
FMFYCCFM Closing Operations: Customizing SettingsPSM-FM
FMIKEWNumber of Residents Per FM Area, Fiscal YearPSM-FM
FMKOBPLocal Authority Funds Management Additional DataPSM-FM
FMT003Funds Management Flags for FI Document TypePSM-FM
FMTOBLFI documents with FM to BL balance informationPSM-FM
PSO49TUser RolesPSM-FM
PSOBFIFI Position (Day-end Closing)PSM-FM
PSOBFMFM Positions Table of Day-end ClosingPSM-FM
PSOFSTField Selection String and Fields for RequestsPSM-FM
PSOKPFRecurring Request Document HeaderPSM-FM
PSOSECRecurring Request Document Segment, One-Time DataPSM-FM
PSOSETDocument Segment for Standing Request TaxesPSM-FM
PSOWF1Variant-Dependent Data for Workflow Request (FMPSO)PSM-FM
PSOWF2Assigning Company Code, Document Type to Workflow VariantPSM-FM
TBKRLTTexts for Bank Role in PRQ Payment ProgramPSM-FM
BUKF_FGKey Figures - Field groupPSM-FM
BUKF_KFKey Figures - Key FigurePSM-FM
BUVORGAMapping rules for migration from FBS to BCS - Field VORGAPSM-FM
BUWRTTPMapping rules for migration from FBS to BCS - Field WRTTPPSM-FM
FMBS_BOBudget AddressesPSM-FM
FMBS_BSBudget structuresPSM-FM
FMCDRBERevenues Increasing Budget Government of Canada (Receiver)PSM-FM
FMCEACTActivation of Cover ElibilityPSM-FM
FMCOMBHAdditional lines in BL for Combined DocumentsPSM-FM
FMCOMBKAdditional lines in BL for Combined Documents - HeaderPSM-FM
FMCT093Funds Center Derivation with Cumulative DepreciationPSM-FM
FMCUPRPField Profile for Preposted or Posted Budget DocumentsPSM-FM
FMCYDOCLinks source and targets during the copy of documentsPSM-FM
FMDISTADistribution ActivationPSM-FM
FMDISTCDistribution ChecksPSM-FM
FMFYCVAValue Adjustments Before Fiscal Year ChangePSM-FM
FMGROUPGroup master data for fundPSM-FM
FMMAACTActivation of Multi-annual BudgetingPSM-FM
FMMIGOVOverview of Migration StatusPSM-FM
FMPSOISAssgmt of Customer to Subledger Preprocess. Proc./Rev. TypePSM-FM
FMRBACTRIB Customizing SettingsPSM-FM
FMRCKEYClearing Reset: Keys of Cleared DocumentsPSM-FM
FMS200DTransfer Interface for Parallels S200 (Submit)PSM-FM
FMUSFGAActual line item table for US Federal Government.PSM-FM
FMUSFGCObject table 2PSM-FM
FMUSFGOObject table 1 for US Federal GovernmentPSM-FM
FMUSFGPPlan line items tablePSM-FM
FMUSFGTSummary table for US Federal GovernmentPSM-FM
FUNDMSGFund message maintenancePSM-FM
IFMPDPKPayment Directives: Posting KeysPSM-FM
PAYAC01Account determinationPSM-FM
PAYAC02Fiscal Year/Fiscal Year ID AssignmentPSM-FM
PAYAC04Identification Fiscal Year (Texts)PSM-FM
PAYAC05Company Code Group ID (FM)PSM-FM
PAYAC06Company Code Group Texts (FM)PSM-FM
PAYAC07Company Code/Company Code Groups Assignment (FM)PSM-FM
PAYAC08Account Determination CharacteristicPSM-FM
PAYAC09Account Determination Characteristic Texts (FM)PSM-FM
PAYAC10Posting Key per DR/CR IndicatorPSM-FM
PAYAC11Account to be Proposed for Payment RequestPSM-FM
PSOAC01Customizing Local Authorities (Check Digit Procedure)PSM-FM
PSOSEGADocument Segment for Assets Document ParkingPSM-FM
PSOSEGDDocument Segment: Recurring Request, CustomerPSM-FM
PSOSEGKRecurring Request Document Segment, VendorsPSM-FM
PSOSEGSRecurring Request Document Segment, G/L AccountsPSM-FM
PSOWF1TTexts for Workflow Variants for RequestsPSM-FM
TME_TOLOverdraw tolerance for Purchase Order / RequisitionPSM-FM
BTXPHF01Budge_text: Files of Physical Information ObjectsPSM-FM
BUAVCSRCData sources for availability ledgerPSM-FM
BUBUDCATList of budget category instancesPSM-FM
BUCC_LIBConsistency Checks - LibraryPSM-FM
BUFIELDSControl allowed Field Names - Field Status ManagementPSM-FM
BUKF_CATKey Figures - CategoryPSM-FM
FM2BLTR1FM2BL - Define on FM area levelPSM-FM
FMARCPROTransfer Interface for Parallel RFFM_FMARC_BATCHPSM-FM
FMBASIDXIndex table for budget structure and AVCPSM-FM
FMBGADEFPublic-Owned Commercial Operation : Master DataPSM-FM
FMBTGDEFBudget Group content definitionPSM-FM
FMBUDACLRules for Closing Residual Ledger AccountsPSM-FM
FMBUDACTClassification for BL accountsPSM-FM
FMBUDBCSBudgetary ledger account derivation: BCSPSM-FM
FMBUDCATBudget category activationPSM-FM
FMBUDDISBudgetary ledger account derivation: Budgeting (old)PSM-FM
FMBUDRESBudgetary ledger account derivation: Revenue/StatisticalPSM-FM
FMBUDREVRevenue/Statistical Postings & Open items/actuals ResourcePSM-FM
FMBUDSTABudgetary ledger account derivation: Open items/Actuals bdgtPSM-FM
FMBUDTXTBudget texts registerPSM-FM
FMCCFLOTCommitment Carryforward of Held Documents (Approval Proc.)PSM-FM
FMCFBAPPISPS: Budget Closing Operations: Manual ApprovalPSM-FM
FMCUPRPTTexts for Field Profiles for Provisionally Posted Bdgt DocsPSM-FM
FMD1_F15F15 Interface - DocumentsPSM-FM
FMDISTCKDistribution ChecksPSM-FM
FMFCTRMVStore Bgt vals. returned before moving funds ctr.PSM-FM
FMFGAPMTAccountable Property Movement TypesPSM-FM
FMFGAPTRAccountable Property Transaction TypePSM-FM
FMFGRODPReimbursable Orders relevant for automatic DownpaymentPSM-FM
FMFGROYEReimbursable Orders : Year-End closingPSM-FM
FMFGT_POPayment Office - U.S. Federal GovernmentPSM-FM
FMFSSDEFEdit Field Status StringPSM-FM
FMINVPAYFurther document to be postedPSM-FM
FMITPOCTCustomizing: Payment Transfer (new in Release 4.61A )PSM-FM
FMMAPERCStandard percentage set for multi-annual budgetingPSM-FM
FMMIGDOCMigrated DocumentsPSM-FM
FMMIGPARPartially Migrated DocumentsPSM-FM
FMORGFAVBCS : Organizer FavoritesPSM-FM
FMPDCUSTCustomizing for Payment DistributionsPSM-FM
FMPEPLAYFMPEP - Layout Customizing Settings - Basic DataPSM-FM
FMPRPDEFEdit Field Profile for Preposted DocumentsPSM-FM
FMPSOINTTable for Deferral Interest FormulaPSM-FM
FMPSOISKAssgmt of Vendor to Subledger Preprocessing Proc./Rev. TypePSM-FM
FMPSTDEFEdit Field Profile for Posted DocumentsPSM-FM
FMPTCOMBAllowed combinations (process / budget type)PSM-FM
FMRPWTWLRevenue Posting from Withholding Tax WorklistPSM-FM
FMSNLINKAssignment of SN-BUSTL to Collective ExpenditurePSM-FM
FMSPLITAActual line item tablePSM-FM
FMSPLITCObject table 2PSM-FM
FMSPLITOObject table 1PSM-FM
FMSPLITPPlan line items tablePSM-FM
FMTABADRCharacteristic Derivation: StrategiesPSM-FM
FMTABBSTCash Balance with Day-End Closing for Each Closing GroupPSM-FM
FMTC_RFCTable for Treasury Regional Financial CenterPSM-FM
PSO42PREControlling autom. approvals and postings for View-ClusterPSM-FM
TME_TOLSTolerance Key for overdraw tolerancePSM-FM
BTXCHKF01Budge_text: File Name of Last Check OutPSM-FM
BTXCHKO01Budge_text: Check-Out Data for a Physical Information Obj.PSM-FM
BTXCONT01Budge_text: Table for Document Contents (Import/Export)PSM-FM
BTXDOCL01Budge_text: Instances of Logical Information ObjectsPSM-FM
BTXDOCP01Budge_text: Instances of Physical Information ObjectsPSM-FM
BTXLOPR01Budge_text: Attribute Values of Logical Information ObjectsPSM-FM
BTXLORE01Budge_text: Outgoing Relations of Logical Information ObjectPSM-FM
BTXLORI01Budge_text: Incoming Relations of Logical Info ObjectsPSM-FM
BTXPHHR01Budge_text: Outgoing Hyperlinks From Physical ObjectsPSM-FM
BTXPHNM01Budge_text: Use of Target Anchors in Physical ObjectsPSM-FM
BTXPHPR01Budge_text: Attributes of Physical Information ObjectsPSM-FM
BTXPHRE01Budge_text: Outgoing Relations of Physical Info ObjectsPSM-FM
BTXPHRI01Budge_text: Incoming Relations of Physical Info ObjectsPSM-FM
BUAVCLDGRAvailability Control LedgerPSM-FM
BUAVCSRCTData Source Texts for Availability Control LedgerPSM-FM
BUAVCTPROTolerance profiles for availability controlPSM-FM
BUBUDCATTTexts for Budget CategoriesPSM-FM
BUCC_RULEConsistency Checks - RulesPSM-FM
BUKF_DSRCKey Figures - Data sourcePSM-FM
BUKF_FG_TKey Figures - Texts for Field GroupsPSM-FM
BUKF_KF_TKey Figures - Texts for Key FiguresPSM-FM
BUPROCESSInternal budgeting processPSM-FM
BUTECHORGTable of original Transactions (Technical)PSM-FM
BUVALTPROValid Combinations Between Process and Value TypePSM-FM
BUVALTYPEList of budgeting value type instancesPSM-FM
FM2BLACT1FM2BL - Activate of FM area and FM Budget CategoryPSM-FM
FM2BLACTBFM2BL - Activation of Budget Value TypesPSM-FM
FM2BLACTCFM2BL - Activation of Commitment/Actual Value TypesPSM-FM
FMARCINFOMessages of initial archiving run RFFM_FMARCPSM-FM
FMBGADEFTPublic-Owned Commercial Operation: Master Data TextsPSM-FM
FMBGAGLOBGlobal Settings for Public-Owned Commercial OperationsPSM-FM
FMBGAHHSTTax Code for Budget Account AssignmentsPSM-FM
FMBGAKONTAssignment of FM Account Assignment to PCOPSM-FM
FMBGAVAQFInput Tax Deduction Rates for PCOPSM-FM
FMBGAVAQSInput Tax Deduction Rates for PCOs - ObsoletePSM-FM
FMBLBASICBudgetary Ledger Basic SettingsPSM-FM
FMBLCLASSClassification for BL accountsPSM-FM
FMBLEXTBUSubstitute BL Doc Types for Budget DocsPSM-FM
FMBLEXTEASubstitute BL Doc Types for Earmarked FundsPSM-FM
FMBLEXTFASubstitute BL Doc TypesPSM-FM
FMBLEXTINSubstitute BL Doc Types for InvoicesPSM-FM
FMBLPSTNGFM BL posting customizing for GL line-items collectionPSM-FM
FMBSCDACTActivation of Change Documents for Budget StructurePSM-FM
FMBS_BS_TTexts for Budget StructuresPSM-FM
FMBTGROUPBudget Type Group definitionPSM-FM
FMBUDACLDClosing Residual Ledger Accounts : Dummy CC AssignmentPSM-FM
FMBUDTYPEBudget type definitionPSM-FM
FMBWDELTACustomizing Table for Controlling Delta-UpdatePSM-FM
FMCECDACTActivation of Change Documents for Cover ElibilityPSM-FM
FMCY_COPIFor CO plan data transferPSM-FM
FMFGAPAACAccount Assignment Categories for Acc. PropertyPSM-FM
FMFGAPASSAccountable Property Assets Created w ValuePSM-FM
FMFGAPCONAccountable Property Configuration DataPSM-FM
FMFGCONV1Status of conversion processPSM-FM
FMFGF2PRCFACTS II Customizing table - Program Report CategoryPSM-FM
FMFGRODEFDefine Reimbursable OrdersPSM-FM
FMFGT_ALCAgency Location Code - U.S. Federal GovernmentPSM-FM
FMFGT_POTText table for Payment Office - U.S. Federal GovernmentPSM-FM
FMFINBDEFFixed Values of ReportPSM-FM
FMHIEIDSTTexts for Hierarchy IDsPSM-FM
FMKF_TERMKey Figures - FM TermsPSM-FM
FMMDACTIVActivate Subdivision of FM Master DataPSM-FM
FMMDSTRIDDefine Subdivision ID of FM Master DataPSM-FM
FMMEASUREFM Funded Program Master DataPSM-FM
FMOPENPERControl Budgeting PeriodsPSM-FM
FMPROFILEProfile for BCS budgetingPSM-FM
FMPSOINTTInterest Formula NamesPSM-FM
FMPTCOMBAAllowed combinations (process / budget type) for statusPSM-FM
FMPTCOMBGAllowed Combinations Process/Budget Type Using BT GroupsPSM-FM
FMRBACTCDActivation of Change Documents for FMRBT RecordsPSM-FM
FMRBBRECSMaster Data For RIB: Budget Receivers per RIB ObjectPSM-FM
FMRBCDACTActivation of Change Documents for Cover ElibilityPSM-FM
FMRC_BKPFReconciliation of Headers from FIPSM-FM
FMRC_BSEGReconciliation of Lines from FIPSM-FM
FMSAPF048Archivable FI Documents (Check FM Payment Selection)PSM-FM
FMSTATDEFBudgeting status definitionPSM-FM
FMTABADRHCharacteristic Derivation: HeaderPSM-FM
IFMPDCUSTPayment Directive SettingsPSM-FM
PSMFPTYPECustomizing table for Funded Program TypePSM-FM
PSO43USERGlobal Settings AO/FI IS-PS per USER (SAP internal only)PSM-FM
PSOBLAFSTAssigning Field Selection String -> Document TypePSM-FM
PSOFST_FEField Selection String and Fields for RequestsPSM-FM
PSOFST_FLFields for Field Selection String for RequestsPSM-FM
TME_TOLSTTolerance Key for overdraw tolerance TEXTPSM-FM
BTXIDXST01Budge_text: Status Table for Indexing DocumentsPSM-FM
BTXLOIOT01Budge_text: Descriptions of Logical Information ObjectsPSM-FM
BUAVCEVENTEvent of availability controlPSM-FM
BUAVCTPROTTolerance Profile Texts for Availability ControlPSM-FM
BUCC_LIB_TLibrary Texts for Consistency ChecksPSM-FM
BUKF_CAT_TKey Figures - Category TextsPSM-FM
BUKF_KFCATKey Figures - Key Figure/Category relationPSM-FM
BUPROCESSTTexts of Internal Budgeting ProcessesPSM-FM
BUTECHORGTTexts for Original Applications (Budgeting)PSM-FM
BUVALTYPETTexts for Budgeting Value Type InstancesPSM-FM
FM2BLTRFLDFM2BL - Transfer Dimension fieldsPSM-FM
FMACTIVPERActivate Period Control BudgetingPSM-FM
FMAVCACTCDActivation of Change Documents for FMAVCT RecordsPSM-FM
FMBASOBJNRObject numbers for FM addressesPSM-FM
FMBGABLARTDefinition of Document Type for Adjustment DocumentPSM-FM
FMBGACORRSHistory for Input Tax Adjustments PCOsPSM-FM
FMBGADCTAXData from Backdated Tax Calculation for PCOsPSM-FM
FMBLEXTACBActivation of BL Ext for Value Type - BudgetsPSM-FM
FMBLEXTACCActivation of BL Ext for Value Type - Commitments / ActualsPSM-FM
FMBLEXTACTActivation of BL Ext for Budget CategoryPSM-FM
FMBLEXTFLASelection of fields to be moved in FI for BL Ext - FieldsPSM-FM
FMBLEXTFLDField Selection for Derivation Tool in BL Ext - Field NamePSM-FM
FMBLEXTFMASelection of fields to be moved in FI for BL Ext - FM AreasPSM-FM
FMBLEXTSTRField Selection for Derivation Tool in BL Ext - StructuresPSM-FM
FMBLREGCCORegularization per Fiscal Year and Compeny CodePSM-FM
FMBLREGGRURegualrization GroupsPSM-FM
FMBLREGLOGSafe the Runs of the Year-End Balancing ReportPSM-FM
FMBTGROUPTText for Budget Type GroupPSM-FM
FMBUDTYPETTexts for Budget TypesPSM-FM
FMBUSTATUSStatus and budget addresses settings on the version levelPSM-FM
FMCCFLOTHDLot for Commitment Carryforward (Approval Procedure)PSM-FM
FMCECVGRPTTexts for Cover GroupsPSM-FM
FMCLOSEOUTRules for Closing out ObligationsPSM-FM
FMCOMBMTX1Error Matrix for Combined Documents in CustomizingPSM-FM
FMCOMBMTX2Error Matrix for Combined DocumentsPSM-FM
FMCUPRPCOMAssignment of Field Profiles for Preposted Budget DocumentsPSM-FM
FMDIMSTATEDefinition of state for account assignment elementPSM-FM
FMFGF2FADT(FACTS II) Account Balance Definition TablePSM-FM
FMFGF2FOOTFACTS2 Bulk extract filePSM-FM
FMFGF2PRCTFACTS II Customizing - Program Report Category Text TablePSM-FM
FMFGRCNFLDReconciliation: selection and sort/group fields for rulePSM-FM
FMFGT_ALCTText Table for Agency Location Codes - U.S. Fed GovPSM-FM
FMFGT_SS01Payment Statistical Sampling Process Activation tablePSM-FM
FMFGT_SS02Payment Statistical Sampling Process RulesPSM-FM
FMFGT_SS03Statistical Sampling Clerk/Supervisor RelationshipPSM-FM
FMHIENODESHierarchy Nodes (Without Constant Part)PSM-FM
FMMACGPERCPercentage per cover group (Multi-annual budgeting)PSM-FM
FMMDCISUB1Value of Substring 1 of Commitment ItemPSM-FM
FMMDCISUB2Value of Substring 2 of Commitment ItemPSM-FM
FMMDCISUB3Value of Substring 3 of Commitment ItemPSM-FM
FMMDCISUB4Value of Substring 4 of Commitment ItemPSM-FM
FMMDCISUB5Value of Substring 5 of Commitment ItemPSM-FM
FMMDFCSUB1Value of Substring 1 of Funds CenterPSM-FM
FMMDFCSUB2Value of Substring 2 of Funds CenterPSM-FM
FMMDFCSUB3Value of Substring 3 of Funds CenterPSM-FM
FMMDFDSUB1Value of Substring 1 of FundPSM-FM
FMMDFDSUB2Value of Substring 2 of FundPSM-FM
FMMDFNSUB1Value of Substring 1 of Functional AreaPSM-FM
FMMDFNSUB2Value of Substring 2 of Functional AreaPSM-FM
FMMDFNSUB3Value of Substring 3 of Functional AreaPSM-FM
FMMDSUBDIVDefine Substrings of FM Master DataPSM-FM
FMMEASURETFM Funded Program Text TablePSM-FM
FMPEPLAY_HFMPEP - Layout Customizing Settings - HeaderPSM-FM
FMPEPLAY_TFMPEP - Layout Customizing Settings - Basic Data (Text)PSM-FM
FMPSO_PENDUser for Correction of Pending Day-End ClosingPSM-FM
FMPTCOMBAGAllowed combinations process / budget type group for statusPSM-FM
FMRELSTATEDefinition of release scenarioPSM-FM
FMREL_FUNDRelease settings for FundPSM-FM
FMRPWTCUSTDefine Withholding Tax CodesPSM-FM
FMSAPF048BNon-Archivable FI Documents (Check FM Payment Selection)PSM-FM
FMSHERLOCKClarification List (Payments to be Clarified)PSM-FM
FMSTATDEFTTexts for Budgeting StatusPSM-FM
FMTABADRHTCharacteristic Derivation: Header - TextsPSM-FM
FMTC_SCHNOTreasury Confirmation Schedule No statusPSM-FM
FUMA_EVENTFund Management EventsPSM-FM
PSBM_ALERTPS Budget Monitoring AlertsPSM-FM
PSBM_EVENTPS Budget Monitoring EventsPSM-FM
PSBM_RULESBudget Monitoring RulesPSM-FM
PSBM_TEXTSPS Budget Monitoring text objectsPSM-FM
PSMFPTYPETText table for customizing table PSMFPTYPEPSM-FM
TBPBWRET03Transfer: BW Query FM (Variable Assignment)PSM-FM
TBPBWRET20FM Plan Data Transfer Header TransferPSM-FM
TBPBWRET21FM Plan Data Transfer Document NumberPSM-FM
TBPBWRET30Header Data for Plan Data Transfer CancellationPSM-FM
TBPBWRET31Document Numbers for Plan Data Transfer CancellationPSM-FM
BUAVCACTGRPActivity groups for availability controlPSM-FM
BUAVCEVENTTTexts for Availability Control EventsPSM-FM
BUAVCTOLASSAssignment of tolerance limits for availability controlPSM-FM
BUCC_RULE_TRule Texts for Consistency ChecksPSM-FM
BUKF_DSRC_TKey Figures - Texts for Data SourcesPSM-FM
BUKF_KFDSRCKey Figures - Key Figure Datasources relationPSM-FM
BUKUTEXTCATBudget Text CategoriesPSM-FM
FMBCSA_USERUser specific Budget Control System activation settingsPSM-FM
FMBLREGGRUTRegualrization GroupsPSM-FM
FMBULEDGERSRelation between posting and budgeting ledgersPSM-FM
FMBUMANAGERManagement of budgeting enironment in FMPSM-FM
FMBWSETTINGControl BW Extractors for PSMPSM-FM
FMCECGADDRSCover Groups: Assigned Budget AddressesPSM-FM
FMCFBAPPUSEISPS: FYC Budget: Use Manual ApprovalPSM-FM
FMCVRULEGENGeneric Rules for Generating Cover PoolsPSM-FM
FMDERIVE001Derivation rule:Cost Element to Commitment ItemPSM-FM
FMDERIVE002Derivation rule:Cost Center/CE to Commitment Item/Funds Ctr/PSM-FM
FMDERIVE003Derivation rule:Cost Center to Commitment Item/Funds Ctr/FunPSM-FM
FMDERIVE004Derivation rule:Order/CE to Commitment Item/Funds Ctr/Fund/FPSM-FM
FMDERIVE005Derivation rule:Order to Commitment Item/Funds Ctr/Fund/FuncPSM-FM
FMDERIVE006Derivation rule:WBS Element/CE to Commitment Item/Funds Ctr/PSM-FM
FMDERIVE007Derivation rule:WBS Element to Commitment Item/Funds Ctr/FunPSM-FM
FMDERIVE008Profit Ctr/CE to Commit Item/Funds Center/Fund/FunctionPSM-FM
FMDERIVE009Derivation rule:Profit Center to Commitment Item/Funds Ctr/FPSM-FM
FMFGAPNEWCFConfiguration for new Accountable Property programPSM-FM
FMFGF2EDGRPSGL Accounts Edits 2, 3, 5, 10, 11 (FACTS II)PSM-FM
FMFGF2EDINVEdit 6 - Investment Authority (FACTS II)PSM-FM
FMFGF2EDSGLSGL Account Edits 4, 7, 12 (FACTS II)PSM-FM
FMFGF2PREDAPre-edit A - Authority (FACTS II)PSM-FM
FMFGF2PREDCPre-edit C - Expired/Unexpired (FACTS II)PSM-FM
FMFGRCNRULEReconciliation: Reconcilation Rule definitionPSM-FM
FMFGRCN_SAVSaved reconciliation report resultsPSM-FM
FMFG_BLSTATBudgetary Ledger StatusPSM-FM
FMFUNDTRANSFunds Transfer Request CustomizingPSM-FM
FMINVPAY_ITItems to post in the further documentPSM-FM
FMKAFF_CTRLFM-CO: Check Mode in FM for CO planning.PSM-FM
FMMDCISUB1TText of Substring 1 of Commitment ItemPSM-FM
FMMDCISUB2TText of Substring 2 of Commitment ItemPSM-FM
FMMDCISUB3TText of Substring 3 of Commitment ItemPSM-FM
FMMDCISUB4TText of Substring 4 of Commitment ItemPSM-FM
FMMDCISUB5TText of Substring 5 of Commitment ItemPSM-FM
FMMDFCSUB1TText of Substring 1 of Funds CenterPSM-FM
FMMDFCSUB2TText of Substring 2 of Funds CenterPSM-FM
FMMDFCSUB3TText of Substring 3 of Funds CenterPSM-FM
FMMDFDSUB1TText of Substring 1 of FundPSM-FM
FMMDFDSUB2TText of Substring 2 of FundPSM-FM
FMMDFNSUB1TText of Substring 1 of Functional AreaPSM-FM
FMMDFNSUB2TText of Substring 2 of Functional AreaPSM-FM
FMMDFNSUB3TText of Substring 3 of Functional AreaPSM-FM
FMMDSUBDIVTDefine Substrings of FM Master DataPSM-FM
FMPSOINTADDAdditional Data on Interest FormulaPSM-FM
FMPSO_TAGRPDay-End Closing - Closing GroupPSM-FM
FMRC_RC_PAYResults List: Documents: Bank/Clearing Acct Matching FM-FIPSM-FM
FMREL_FTYPEConsumable budget type for Fund TypePSM-FM
FMRPF_FIELDCharacteristics of Reporting Structure FieldPSM-FM
FMRPWTFCDYNDynamic Funds Center DeterminationPSM-FM
FMTC_SCHTOTLimit Treasury SchedulesPSM-FM
FMUSERGROUPUser maintenance for groupPSM-FM
PSBM_REPORTBudget Monitoring ReportsPSM-FM
PSO42_BLARTApprove and Post Control Automatically (With BLART)PSM-FM
PSOFST_FETXTexts for Field Selection String for RequestsPSM-FM
TBPBWRET00TTransfer: BW Query FM TextPSM-FM
TFMDC_ACTIVActivation of Document Chain FunctionPSM-FM
BUAVCACTGRPTActivity Group Texts for Availability ControlPSM-FM
BUKF_CATDSRCKey Figures - Category/Data source relationPSM-FM
BUKUTEXTCATTTexts for Budget Text CategoriesPSM-FM
BUPOSTFIELDSFields Which Can be Changed in Posted DocumentsPSM-FM
BUPPSTFIELDSFields Which Can be Changed in Preposted DocumentsPSM-FM
BUPROCESS_UIUser Interface ProcessPSM-FM
BURBBLEDGERSLedgers for Revenue Increasing the BudgetPSM-FM
FMALE_SETNUMFM Document Numbers to be Converted FI Line Item Table FMPSM-FM
FMAVCLDGRACTActivation of availability ledger for Funds ManagementPSM-FM
FMAVCLDGRATTAttributes of Availability Control Ledger (Funds Management)PSM-FM
FMAVCLDGRGATYear-Independent Attributes of Control Ledger (FM)PSM-FM
FMBGADTTRANSDocument Types for Postings in PCOPSM-FM
FMBS_CONTROLBudget structure settings on FM area and fiscal year levelPSM-FM
FMBS_HIE_ACTActivation of Hierarchical Budget StructurePSM-FM
FMBUDTXT_KEYBudget Text Key CustomizingPSM-FM
FMCUPRPCDACTActivation of Change History for Preposted DocumentsPSM-FM
FMDERIVEFUNCList of functions available in the FM Derivation toolsPSM-FM
FMDPEF_DISTRDistribution MethodsPSM-FM
FMEDDOCFORMSAssignment of Forms for Entry documentPSM-FM
FMEDDOCTYPEAAssign process to document typePSM-FM
FMEDFORMS_WDAssignment of Forms for Entry documentPSM-FM
FMFGRCNGROUPReconciliation Group for Reconciliation ToolPSM-FM
FMFGRCNRULETReconciliation: Reconcilation Rule textsPSM-FM
FMFGRCNSLICEData slice for Reconciliation ToolPSM-FM
FMFGTOLDCTYPDocument types for US Federal MM tolerancesPSM-FM
FMFG_YBA_AVCFMFG: Year of Budget Authority - AVCPSM-FM
FMHIEHEADERSHierarchy Nodes: Constant Parts ("Headers")PSM-FM
FMKF_REPTERMKey Figure Terms for Reporting Because of New Budget TablesPSM-FM
FMKF_TERM_RBKey Figures - FM TermsPSM-FM
FMLGD_H_CUSTNote to Payee ControlPSM-FM
FMLGD_H_TILGClearing Order for Additional ReceivablesPSM-FM
FMPEPLAY_COLFMPEP: layout customizing settings for columnsPSM-FM
FMPEPLAY_TABFMPEP - Layout Customizing Settings - TabstripsPSM-FM
FMPEP_ADM_SVSession Variants administrationPSM-FM
FMRBBOBJECTSMaster Data For Revenue Increasing the Budget: RIB ObjectsPSM-FM
FMRC_FMIFIITReconciliation of Lines from FMPSM-FM
FMRC_SEL_KEYClearing Reset: Keys of Cleared DocumentsPSM-FM
FMREAS_RULESMaintain Assignment Strategy for FM Area and Fiscal YearPSM-FM
FMSPLIT_AUTGAuthorization groups for Rule-Based Account DistributionsPSM-FM
FMSPLIT_DISTDistribution methods for Rule-Based Account DistributionsPSM-FM
FMSPLIT_RULEDistribution Rule for Rule-Based Account DistributionsPSM-FM
PSBM_RULES_TBudget Monitoring RulesPSM-FM
BPREP_DIM_ASSAssign Account AssignmentsPSM-FM
BUAVCKEDRENVTTexts for Strategy (Derivation Tool Environment)PSM-FM
BUBAS_CLUSTERCluster to store application logPSM-FM
BUCC_RULE_MSGConsistency Checks - Message of the rulePSM-FM
BUCC_RULE_OPDConsistency Checks - OperandsPSM-FM
BUKF_FG_FIELDKey Figures - Fields of field groupPSM-FM
BUKUTEXTTEMPLTemplates for Budget TextsPSM-FM
BUPROCESS_UITTexts for Budgeting Processes (User Interface - UI)PSM-FM
BURBBLEDGERSTLedger Text for Revenues Increasing the BudgetPSM-FM
BURBCALCRULESCalculation Formulas for Revenues Increasing the BudgetPSM-FM
FMALE_CSYSTEMDefinition of Central System in an FM ALE EnvironmentPSM-FM
FMAVCBUDFILTBAVC filter settings for FM budget values: valid budget typesPSM-FM
FMAVCBUDFILTHAVC filter settings for FM budget values: header entriesPSM-FM
FMAVCNODUMP01Calling Programs with do not cause AVC dump (note 1532323)PSM-FM
FMAVCUPDFILTHAVC Filter Settings for FM Posting Data: Header EntriesPSM-FM
FMAVCUPDFILTVAVC Filter Settings for Posting Data: Excluded Value TypesPSM-FM
FMAVC_RBE_FDEAVC Filter Definition for RBEPSM-FM
FMBCS_FMBL_CDEmpty table for change documents on FMBL incl. local. fieldsPSM-FM
FMBS_VERS_ASSBudget Addresses settings on the version levelPSM-FM
FMCC_CUST_LIBFM - Consistency checks - Assignment of librariesPSM-FM
FMCONSUM_FUNDConsumable budget type for FundPSM-FM
FMD1_F15_DATAF15 Interface - Documents (Data)PSM-FM
FMD1_F15_TVSLF15 Interface - Processing KeyPSM-FM
FMDERIVEENVIDAssignment Company Code to Derivation Tool StrategyPSM-FM
FMDERIVE_SETSSets for different StrategiesPSM-FM
FMDPEF_DISTRTText Table distributionsPSM-FM
FMEXPERT_MODEActivate Expert Mode for EA-PS ReportsPSM-FM
FMFGF2VERSIONFacts II Program Version NumberPSM-FM
FMFGRCNFACTORReconciliation: Factors in a reconciliation rulePSM-FM
FMFGRCNGROUPTReconciliation Group TextPSM-FM
FMFGRCNSLICETReconciliation data slice textPSM-FM
FMFGT_DIT_FBTList of DIT & FBT accounts for Treasury ConfirmationPSM-FM
FMFG_HEAD_INVHeader Data for Improper InvoicesPSM-FM
FMFG_PEROP_SDRetrieval Options - Period of Performance for SDPSM-FM
FMFG_PO_ZEKKNZEKKN data for all FI items referencing service POsPSM-FM
FMHIESETTINGSSettings for Budget HierarchiesPSM-FM
FMKF_REPTERM2Key Figure Terms for Reporting Because of New Budget TablesPSM-FM
FMLGD_H_GRPNRFolder Variants for Grouping TurnoverPSM-FM
FMLGD_H_VTYPXCheck Table for Posting Type and Account Assignment MethodPSM-FM
FMMEASURE_FGCField group criteria (Funded Program) using FM AreaPSM-FM
FMRCN_MAPPINGField mapping definitionPSM-FM
FMREAS_STRATSMaintain Assignment Strategy for FM Area and Fiscal YearPSM-FM
FMROLLUP_FUNDPreclosing Rollup: Transfer Rules for FundPSM-FM
FMRPF_FEATUREFeatures of Reporting StructurePSM-FM
FMRPWTDOCTYPEDocument Types for Revenue Postings from Withholding TaxPSM-FM
FMSPLIT_APROFAction Profile for Rule-Based Account DistributionsPSM-FM
FMSPLIT_DISTTDistribution method texts for Rule-Based Account Distribut'nPSM-FM
FMSPLIT_FPROFField Profile for Rule-Based Account DistributionsPSM-FM
FMSPLIT_GROUPRule Group for Rule-Based Account DistributionsPSM-FM
FMSPLIT_RULETDistribution Rule names for Rule-Based Account DistributionsPSM-FM
FMSPLIT_SPLITDistributions for Rule-Based Account DistributionsPSM-FM
FMTC_PMT_TYPEMapping table for Pmt Method to the Type of Pmt DME - TCPSM-FM
FMUSFGFACTS1A4Actual line item tablePSM-FM
FMUSFGFACTS1PPlan line items tablePSM-FM
FMUSFGFACTS2AActual line item tablePSM-FM
FMUSFGFACTS2PPlan line items tablePSM-FM
K9RKI48050002Derivation rule:Derive act. group from value type onlyPSM-FM
K9RKI48050003Derivation rule:Derivation using original CO transaction andPSM-FM
PSBM_REPORT_TBudget Monitoring ReportsPSM-FM
RECN_OA_SPLITRECN: Group Number of Organizazional Assignment SplitPSM-FM
T042F_FMFG_TCPmt Method Supp map to ALC and Pmt Office - US Treas ConfPSM-FM
BUKUTEXTTEMPLTTexts for Budget Text TemplatesPSM-FM
BURBCALCRULESTTexts on Calculation Rules for Revenues Increasing the Bud.PSM-FM
FMAVC_RBE_FDETText Table for AVC Filter Definition for RBEPSM-FM
FMBPCLOSE_FUNDPreclosing Rollup: Transfer Rules for FundPSM-FM
FMCCFBDGT_CUSTCustomizing settings: creation of budget during ccfPSM-FM
FMCONSUM_FTYPEConsumable budget type for Fund TypePSM-FM
FMCO_ACC_TO_FMLog Changes to Assignment of Account Assignments CO - FMPSM-FM
FMD1_F15_TNAMEF15 Interface - Separation Name of Subledger AccountsPSM-FM
FMD1_F15_TVSLFF15 Interface - Processing Key Field-DependencyPSM-FM
FMD1_F15_TVSLTF15 Interface - Processing Key NamePSM-FM
FMDERIVE_LOCKSReference to data container which contains the intervalsPSM-FM
FMDPEF_FSTS_NMField selection string for FMDPEFPSM-FM
FMDT_CHANGEDOCEmpty table for change document on DRULE derivation tablesPSM-FM
FMFGRCN_SUBTOTReconciliation: Subtotal textsPSM-FM
FMFG_BL_BALACCBudgetary Ledger balancing account for document splitPSM-FM
FMFG_PO_SUBSETZEKKN number to correct invoices for SESPSM-FM
FMFG_RE_PPA_EXRECN Condition: PPA Exclude FlagPSM-FM
FMFG_R_DERIV_FReports using FMFG Derivation: field namesPSM-FM
FMFG_R_DERIV_RReports using FMFG Derivation: Receiver fieldsPSM-FM
FMFG_YBA_DELTAFMFG: Year of Budget Authority - TimestampPSM-FM
FMFG_YBA_GLACCFMFG: Year of Budget Authority - G/L AccountsPSM-FM
FMINDEX_FIELDSApplication-Dependent Indices: FieldsPSM-FM
FMINDEX_HEADERApplication-Dependent Indices: HeaderPSM-FM
FMKF_DSRC_EVALKey Figures - Evaluation class of data sourcePSM-FM
FMLGD_H_VALTYPProcessing variantPSM-FM
FMOPENPER_FUNDControl Budgeting Periods per FundPSM-FM
FMPEPLAY_COL_TFMPEP - Layout Customizing Settings - Columns (Text)PSM-FM
FMPEPLAY_TAB_TFMPEP - Layout Customizing Settings - Tabstrips (Text)PSM-FM
FMPEP_UI_MODELDefine UI model for Multiple Budget Entry transactionPSM-FM
FMPEP_VARIANTHSession variants (header part) for transaction FMPEPPSM-FM
FMPEP_VARIANTLSession variants (line part) for transaction FMPEPPSM-FM
FMPSO_ACQU_TAXTable of Commitment Items that Represent Acquisition TaxesPSM-FM
FMRCN_MAPPINGTField mapping for recon tool textPSM-FM
FMROLLUP_FTYPEPreclosing Rollup: Transfer Rules for Fund TypePSM-FM
FMRPF_FIELDMAPField Mapping: Reporting Structure x DB TablePSM-FM
FMSPLIT_APROFTAction Profile texts for Rule-Based Account DistributionsPSM-FM
FMSPLIT_AUTG_TAuthorization groups for Rule-Based Account DistributionsPSM-FM
FMSPLIT_FPROFTField Profile texts for Rule-Based Account DistributionsPSM-FM
FMSPLIT_GROUPTRule Group texts for Rule-Based Account DistributionsPSM-FM
FMSPLIT_RULETPRule type for Rule-Based Account DistributionsPSM-FM
FMSPLIT_VALUESAssignment field values for Rule-Based Account DistributionPSM-FM
FMTC_CHK_RANGESchedule Check Ranges for US Federal Treasury ConfirmationPSM-FM
FMTRUSTFUND_PKCompany Code for Fiduciary FundsPSM-FM
FMUSFGF2_TRANSTransfer Agency and AccountsPSM-FM
PSBM_URULE_OBJBudget Monitoring User Rules ObjectsPSM-FM
PSBM_USER_RULEBudget Monitoring User RulesPSM-FM
TFMFG_DP_CLEARFMFG: Automatic Transfer of Down Pymts Referencing EFPSM-FM
BPREP_DIM_ASS_CAssign Account Assignments - Customer-Specific AssignmentsPSM-FM
BPREP_HRFPM_BCSVariants of Budget Creation for PBCPSM-FM
BUBAS_ACT_STOREActivate Storage of Application LogPSM-FM
BUBAS_LOG_STOREStored Application LogsPSM-FM
BUKF_DSRC_FIELDKey Figures - Data source fieldPSM-FM
BUKUTXTTEMPLVARVariables for Budget Text TemplatesPSM-FM
FMBLFILTER_USERExcludes a user going through BL core (only for testing)PSM-FM
FMBLSPLITLEDGERAssign split ledger to BL extensionPSM-FM
FMBPCLOSE_FTYPEPreclosing Rollup: Transfer Rules for Fund TypePSM-FM
FMCCFBDGT_CNTRLCustomizing settings: creation of budget during ccfPSM-FM
FMD1_F15_BEWIRTF15 Interface - Master Data ManagerPSM-FM
FMD1_F15_TKZNKRF15 Interface - Number Range for Cash Reference NumberPSM-FM
FMD1_F15_TWAERSF15 Interface - CurrencyPSM-FM
FMFGRCNPROVIDERReconciliation Tool Data ProviderPSM-FM
FMFGRCNSLICESELReconciliation data slice: Primary data selection criteriaPSM-FM
FMFGRCN_SUBTOTTReconciliation: Subtotal textsPSM-FM
FMFGRCN_SUB_GRPReconciliation: Groups for Subtotal textsPSM-FM
FMFG_BLART_EXCLDocument types excl. from BL source and posting type checkPSM-FM
FMFG_PO_CMMTSTRCommitment string lookup table for SES ZEKKN correctionPSM-FM
FMFG_REPOST_ERRErrors issued during SL repost for ECC 600 migrationPSM-FM
FMFG_RE_PMT_EXTRECN Condition:Payment Term ExtensionPSM-FM
FMFG_SAV_GLIDXASaved GLIDXA data for docs excluded from SL Repost for 600PSM-FM
FMFUNDTRANSYEARAdditional Documents for Funds Transfer to Diff. YearsPSM-FM
FMREAS_INDEX_BPIndex Table for Reassignment Tool via Budget PeriodPSM-FM
FMREAS_INDEX_CIReassignment Tool Index Table of Commitment ItemsPSM-FM
FMREAS_INDEX_FAIndex Table for Reassignment Tool Using the Functional AreaPSM-FM
FMREAS_INDEX_FCReassignment Tool Index Table of Commitment ItemsPSM-FM
FMREAS_INDEX_FDReassignment Tool Index Table of Commitment ItemsPSM-FM
FMREV_STGRD_ACTActivation of the Reversal Reason for Budget DocumentsPSM-FM
FMREV_STGRD_DEFAllowed Reversal Reasons for Budget DocumentsPSM-FM
FMRPF_STRUCTUREReporting Structure DefinitionPSM-FM
FMSPLIT_APROF_AActions in Rule-Based Account Distributions Action ProfilePSM-FM
FMSPLIT_FPROF_FFields in a Rule-Based Account Distributions Field ProfilePSM-FM
FMSPLIT_RULETPTRule type for Rule-Based Account DistributionsPSM-FM
FMUSFGF2_TRANSTTransfer Agency TextsPSM-FM
BUKF_FIELD_VALUEKey Figures - Data source fields checks per categoryPSM-FM
BUKUTXTTEMPLVARTTexts for Variables in Budget Text TemplatesPSM-FM
FAGL_R_FM_ACCASSReorganization: Account Assignment Elements per FM AreaPSM-FM
FIFM_MAA_PARK_IVFinal AA indicator - Final quantity - Parked invoicesPSM-FM
FMBLBALANCEFIELDBalancing fields for BL documentsPSM-FM
FMBLEXCLACCWSHOTExclude Accounts from Automatic Offset/Deletion ProcedurePSM-FM
FMBS_CONTROL_LDRBS settings FM area, fisc. year and posting ledgerPSM-FM
FMD1_F15_FIPO2BWF15 Interface - Commitment Item -> ManagerPSM-FM
FMD1_F15_TAO2VSLF15 Interface - Request Document Type -> Processing KeyPSM-FM
FMD1_F15_TMAHNKZF15 Interface - Dunning IndicatorPSM-FM
FMD1_F15_TMV2VSLF15 Interface - MV Document Type -> Processing KeyPSM-FM
FMDERIVE_TRIGGERTriggers update of tables for the derivation toolPSM-FM
FMDPEF_BLARTFSTSAssign Document Type to FieldstatusPSM-FM
FMDPEF_FSTS_NM_TTest table fied selection string for DPEFPSM-FM
FMFGF2_SGLATRVALFMFG2 - FACTS II SGL Account Attribute Allowable ValuesPSM-FM
FMFGRCNPROVIDERTReconciliation Tool Data Provider TextPSM-FM
FMFGRCN_SAV_ITEMSaved reconciliation match item dataPSM-FM
FMFGRCN_SUB_GRPTReconciliation: Groups for Subtotal textsPSM-FM
FMFG_ACT_CLI_DEPUS Federal activation of client dependant functionalityPSM-FM
FMFG_PEROP_SDACTPeriod of Performance for Sales & Distribution ActivationPSM-FM
FMFG_REPOST_CNTLDocument batching/control for SL Repost for ECC 600 migratioPSM-FM
FMFG_REPOST_RCLRReversed clearing documents for ECC 600 migrationPSM-FM
FMFG_R_DERIV_F_SReports using FMFG Derivation: Source fields to be clearedPSM-FM
FMFG_SAV_FACTS1ASaved FACTS1A data for docs excluded from SL Repost for 600PSM-FM
FMFG_SAV_FACTS2ASaved FACTS2A data for docs excluded from SL Repost for 600PSM-FM
FMFG_SAV_FMUSFGASaved FMUSFGA data for docs excluded from SL Repost for 600PSM-FM
FMHIE_CHGCHK_FLGActivate Checks for Hierarchy ChangePSM-FM
FMLGD_H_VG_01_01Budget Type 01: Customer Down PaymentPSM-FM
FMLGD_H_VG_02_01Posting Type 02: Vendor Down PaymentPSM-FM
FMLGD_H_VG_03_01Posting Type 03: G/L Account Debit PostingPSM-FM
FMLGD_H_VG_04_01Posting Type 04: G/L Account Credit PostingPSM-FM
FMLGD_H_VG_05_01Posting Type 05: Down Payment with General Request (01)PSM-FM
FMLGD_H_VG_05_02Posting Type 05:Vendor Down Payment with General Request(02)PSM-FM
FMLGD_H_VG_06_01Posting Type 06:Customer Down Payment with General RequestPSM-FM
FMPEP_FIELD_ATTRFMPEP: system table for field attributes handlingPSM-FM
FMPU_MIG_OPITEMSMigration of Payment Update: Doc. Bundle to Be ClosedPSM-FM
FMPU_MIG_RPITEMSMigration of Payment Update: Doc. Bundle to Be ReconstructedPSM-FM
FMRC07_WO_BUNDLEResults List Documents Bank/Clearing Account Matching FM-FIPSM-FM
FMRCN_ASSIGN_MAPassign Mapping to totals tablePSM-FM
FMSHERLOCKSTATUSValue Table for Processing Status of Clarification CasesPSM-FM
FMSHERLOCKSTATUTDescriptor for Clarification Status (processing status)PSM-FM
FMTABADRHFUNDTYPAssign FM Fund Category to Strategy EnvironmentPSM-FM
PSBM_USER_REPORTFM Budget Monitoring User ReportsPSM-FM
PSBM_USER_RULE_TBudget Monitoring User RulesPSM-FM
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