SAP Argentina (PY-AR) Tables

T5A1KELDA: Record VersionsPY-AR
T5A1LELDA: Record StructuresPY-AR
T5A1MELDA: Field ConversionPY-AR
T5A1NELDA: Value ConversionPY-AR
T5A1OELDA: Data Records CreatedPY-AR
T5A1PELDA: Data Medium AdministrationPY-AR
T5A1QELDA: Confirmed Data RecordsPY-AR
T5A1RELDA: SAP-Internal FieldsPY-AR
T5A1UCompany Employee Pension FundPY-AR
T5A2AProportionate Calculations of General Deduction AmountPY-AR
T5A2HTransfer Wage Types to Small or Large Relation Wage TypePY-AR
T5A2IRelation-Forming Wage TypesPY-AR
T5A2JIncome Tax According to Effective Pay ScalePY-AR
T5A3AFamily allowancePY-AR
T5A3TFamily Allowance TextsPY-AR
T5A71L16 Consolidation FilePY-AR
T5A72BGN(GKK) Consolidation FilePY-AR
T5A73BGN(BVA) Consolidation FilePY-AR
T5A74E18 Consolidation FilePY-AR
T5A7AField Properties of Payslip FieldsPY-AR
T5A7BTable of Period-Specific Statuses for Payslip CreationPY-AR
T5A7CTable of Person-Specific Statuses for Payslip CreationPY-AR
T5A7DPayslip Checking RulesPY-AR
T5A7EPayslip Validation RulesPY-AR
T5A7FDefine Comparison ConditionPY-AR
T5A7GPayslip AT Assignment Evaluation View Period TimePY-AR
T5A7ITransfer Payslip Tax Domestic (L16)PY-AR
T5A7JTransfer Payslip Tax Domestic (L16) (Customer Table)PY-AR
T5A7LPayslip: Actions/Action Reasons for Payslip CreationPY-AR
T5A7VPayslip: Variants for RPUELDA0PY-AR
T5A7WPayslip: Employer Assignment to CompanyPY-AR
T5A8ACivil Servant GroupPY-AR
T5A8BCivil Servant Group - TextsPY-AR
T5A8CCalculation Period and Year-Dependent SCB Pts DivisorPY-AR
T5A8DRevaluation Factor/NumberPY-AR
T5A8ERetirement CausePY-AR
T5A8FRetirement Cause - TextsPY-AR
T5A8GDeduction for Early RetirementPY-AR
T5A8HPRAT Customizing ConstantPY-AR
T5A8IKey Date for Total Pensionable Employment PeriodsPY-AR
T5A8JName of PRAT ConstantsPY-AR
T5A9CExport Wage Types for SubapplicationsPY-AR
T5A9DDefinition of Validity of Age Group RulesPY-AR
T5A9EDefinition of Event Intervals for Age Group RulesPY-AR
T5A9FDefinition of Full/Half Severance Pay Using Leaving ReasonsPY-AR
T5A9GCompany Number of UnionPY-AR
T5A9MMultiple Assignment for Municipal TaxPY-AR
T5A9NMultiple Assignment for Municipal Tax (Name)PY-AR
T5AB0Sick Leave Certificate: ELDA Opening and Closing RecordPY-AR
T5AB1Sick Leave Certificate: ELDA Record KBPY-AR
T5AGRProjection Rules (Income Report)PY-AR
T5AK0Wage GroupsPY-AR
T5AK1Standard Working HoursPY-AR
T5AK2Flat Rates for Hours LostPY-AR
T5AKBRHC Reference NumberPY-AR
T5APFImplementation for Dynamic Instance GenerationPY-AR
T5ARLAssignment of Organizations to Base Wage TypesPY-AR
T5AS0Usage Groups (Income Statistics)PY-AR
T5AS1Function Groups (Income Statistics)PY-AR
T5AS2Remuneration Element Type (Income Statistics)PY-AR
T5AU0Usage Types of Simulation ResultsPY-AR
PA0043HR Master Record: Infotype 0043 (Family Allowance - A)PY-AR
PA0484HR Master Record Infotype 0484 (Joint Taxation A)PY-AR
PA0574HR Master Record Infotype 0574PY-AR
PA0794HR Master Record Infotype 0794PY-AR
PA0797HR Master Record for Infotype 0797PY-AR
PA0813HR Master Record Infotype 0813PY-AR
PA0976HR Master Record: Infotype 0976PY-AR
PA0978HR Master Record for Infotype 0978PY-AR
PA0979HR Master Record for Infotype 0979PY-AR
T5AK1TText for Standard Working TimePY-AR
T5AKBTText Table for T5AKBPY-AR
T5AS0TDescription of Usage Groups (Income Statistics)PY-AR
T5AS1TDescription of Function Groups (Income Statistics)PY-AR
T5AS2TDescription of Remuneration Element Type (Income Statistics)PY-AR
T5AU0TUsage Types of Simulation Results (Text Table)PY-AR
P2RA_SPPayroll Results: Special PaymentsPY-AR
P2RA_STPayroll Result: Tax (Austria)PY-AR
P2RA_SVPayroll Result: Technical Social Insurance (A)PY-AR
P2RA_ABPDeltas for National Table Cluster PCPY-AR
P2RA_BZUPayroll Result: Organizational Assignments (A)PY-AR
P2RA_KUAPayroll Result: Short-Time Working SupportPY-AR
T5A2G_ADAssignment of Addresses to MunicipalitiesPY-AR
T5APBS01Joint Taxation: Tax-Levying AuthorityPY-AR
T5APBS02Joint Taxation: Types of Cash BenefitsPY-AR
T5APBS03Joint Taxation: Conversion of Wage Types - ImportPY-AR
T5APBS04Joint Taxation: Assignment of Infotypes to Wage TypesPY-AR
T5APBS05Joint Taxation: Conversion of Wage Types - Record StructurePY-AR
T5APBS06Pay scale reclassificationPY-AR
T5APBS07SI Public Sector: Correction Wage Types for Contrib. BasesPY-AR
T5APBS08SI Public Sector: Contribution Limits, RoundingPY-AR
T5APBS09Variable SI Percentages for Public SectorPY-AR
T5APBS10Properties for Attendence/Absence Types for SI Publ. SectorPY-AR
T5APBS11SI Public Sector: Sequence Tax Calculation Special PaymentPY-AR
T5APBS12SI Public Sector: Absence - Contribut. Type Group AssignmentPY-AR
T5APBS13SI Public Sector: Assign Insurance Institution to RegionPY-AR
T5APBS14SI Public Sector: SI Modifier - Percentages AssignmentPY-AR
T5APBS15Contrib.Types for RPCSVBA2PBS (*GRL, *GRS, *BTL, *BTS, *PRZ)PY-AR
T5APBS16Percentages for Valuation Module APSV2PY-AR
T5APBS17SI Public Sector: Correction Wage Type - Contr.Basis Assign.PY-AR
T5APBS18SI Public Sector: Contribution Limits, RoundingPY-AR
T5APBS19Assignment of Subtypes to Wage Types for SCB PtsPY-AR
T5APBS20Properties for Absence Types for FRSCPY-AR
T5APBS21Name of Law Used for CalculationPY-AR
T5APBS22Properties for Absence Types for FRSC (New)PY-AR
P2RA_DFRTPayroll Result for Other Payroll PeriodsPY-AR
T5A1O_REFELDA: Reference NumberPY-AR
T5APBS01TJoint Taxation: Tax-Levying Authority (Texts)PY-AR
T5APBS02TJoint Taxation: Types of Cash Benefits (Texts)PY-AR
P2RA_CMASSPayroll Result: Garnishment (A) - Net PartsPY-AR
P2RA_GRDLGPayroll Result: Garnishment (A) - BasesPY-AR
P2RA_GUTHAPayroll Result: Garnishment (A) - CreditPY-AR
P2RA_MASSEPayroll Result: Garnishment (A) - Net Parts with DifferencesPY-AR
P2RA_STAUSPayroll Result: Garnishment (A) - Compensation PaymentPY-AR
P2RA_STPFBPayroll Result: Garnishment (A) - Garnishable Amt (Mst.Data)PY-AR
P2RA_STPSOPayroll Result: Garnishment (A) - Special ConditionPY-AR
P2RA_SV_BIPayroll Result: Social Insurance (A)PY-AR
P2RA_SV_STHR-AT: Transfer Data SI -> Tax for Special PaymentsPY-AR
PC03_TSKEYTable Search: Entity Table of Individual SearchPY-AR
P03_KSJ_ADMAdministration of Municipal Tax Returns to FinanzOnlinePY-AR
T5APBS_F_APORGEntity Table for Return Values for Feature APORG SIPY-AR
T5APBS_F_APORGTText Table for Return Values for Feature APORG SIPY-AR
HRPAYAT_PAYRSRESSaves Wage Types from Simulated Payroll ResultsPY-AR
PC03_SE16N_CD_DATable Display: Change Documents - DataPY-AR
PC03_SE16N_CD_KETable Display: Change Documents - HeaderPY-AR
T5A8HRAT_CLCP_FTHRAT: Cust. Text Table for Pension Calculation (BAdI Filter)PY-AR
T5A8HRAT_CLCP_FVHRAT: Cust. Table for Pension Calculation (BAdI Filter)PY-AR
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