SAP Germany (PY-DE) Tables

T5DBEConstr. Ind.: Company Number Assignment to Social FundsPY-DE
T5D1JHealth Insurance Contribution RatesPY-DE
T5D1TSI Assessment ThresholdPY-DE
T5DBIConstruct. Pay: Effects of Short Indicators for Trans. DataPY-DE
T5DBJTexts for Construction Pay ConstantsPY-DE
T5DBKConstruction Pay ConstantsPY-DE
T5DBLConstruction Pay: Short Indicator Transaction DataPY-DE
T5D1USI ProcessingPY-DE
T5DBMConstruction Pay Expenses Tax EvaluationPY-DE
T5DBNConstruction Work KeyPY-DE
T5DBOConstruction Pay Expenses: Permissible EntriesPY-DE
T5DBPData for Year-End Bonus (Construction Industry)PY-DE
T5DBQTexts for Construction KeysPY-DE
T5DBRConstruction Industry: Flexible Working Hours ModelPY-DE
T5D19Assignment of Individual SI Contribution FundsPY-DE
T5DBHConstruction AttributesPY-DE
T5D0LHR: Derivation of Wage Types Dependent on ProcessingPY-DE
T5D0MHR: Processing Routines for the Derivation of Wage TypesPY-DE
T5D0NHR: Texts for Processing Routines for T5D0MPY-DE
T5D0OProcessing Category for AbsencesPY-DE
T5D0SGrouping of AbsencesPY-DE
T5D0TPay Scale Area GroupingsPY-DE
T5D10Procedure for Expected Due ContributionsPY-DE
T5DBFConstruction Industry LeavePY-DE
T5DBGTexts for Construction Pay ExpensesPY-DE
T5D12Reason for Exemption from Insurance LiabilityPY-DE
T5D16Advanced Payment - Statement of Contributions PaidPY-DE
T5D17Subsequent Administration of Locked HI FundsPY-DE
T5D18Processing of Assessment ThresholdsPY-DE
T5DBSFlexible Working Hours Models - TextsPY-DE
T5DBTConstruction Pay: Short Indicator Texts - Transaction DataPY-DE
T5D30Attributes for Reimbursing Employer ExpensesPY-DE
T5D31Professionals Pension Organization (PPO)PY-DE
T5D33ELENA: Employment Agencies' Key DirectoryPY-DE
T5D37Applications for ClassificationPY-DE
T5DDEConstr. Ind. Company Number Assignment SFP - From FYC2002/03PY-DE
T5DF2Control of Statement FunctionsPY-DE
T5D38Wage Type ClassificationPY-DE
T5D39Classification of SpecificationsPY-DE
T5D8EAccommodation, Infotype 30 (payments in kind)PY-DE
T5D8DWork IndicatorPY-DE
T5D3PHR Technical Assignments for Workers' Compensation Assoc.PY-DE
T5D3RHR-DEH: Entry of External DataPY-DE
T5DF9Permitted TablesPY-DE
T5D2UDerived Tax Wage Types with Additional Key FieldPY-DE
T5D2SDerived Tax Wage TypesPY-DE
T5DBUConstruction Industry: Statement Wage Types ExpensesPY-DE
T5DBVConstruction Pay: Cost Assignment: HostelsPY-DE
T5DBWConstruction Industry: Hostel ManagementPY-DE
T5DBXConstruction Pay: Incentive Wage ConnectionPY-DE
T5DBYConstruction Pay Data Center Numbers / SFP Data MediumPY-DE
T5DBZConstruction Pay: Cancell. Records (Keys) for SFP Data MediaPY-DE
T5D1VSI Processing RoutinesPY-DE
T5D1YSocial Insurance Divisions w/ Valid SAP Contribution GroupsPY-DE
T5D2IStADUEV Notifications: Transfer NumbersPY-DE
T5D2JStADUEV Form ControlPY-DE
T5D2OETNotif.: Asssignment - Cumulation Wage Type to Key FigurePY-DE
T5D2PETNotif.: Key FiguresPY-DE
T5D2QETNotif.: Totals Formation for Key FiguresPY-DE
T5D2RETStmt: Additional Data with Required TagPY-DE
T50BEHR-B2A: Assignment Returncode-GroupPY-DE
T5D8RLogging of Technical ConversionsPY-DE
T5D8SPayroll NumbersPY-DE
T50BGHRB2A: Manual Status SwitchPY-DE
T50BKHR-B2A: Constant TablePY-DE
T5D8VFunction ModelsPY-DE
T5D90Events at Start of Calc. Period for Leave/Sick Pay PremiumPY-DE
T5D91Models for Events at Start of Premium Calculation PeriodPY-DE
T5D92Models for Start of New Premium Calculation PeriodPY-DE
T50BSHR-B2A: Client-independent constants tablePY-DE
T50BVLogical Connections for Distributed ReportingPY-DE
T50FGStatement ParametersPY-DE
T50FHChangeable Fields in Interactive FormsPY-DE
T50FIMapping Level 1 (Fields and Structures)PY-DE
T50FJMapping Level 2 (Table Fields)PY-DE
T5D8QProperties of Rehabilitation ProgramsPY-DE
T5D8PPrograms for RehabilitationPY-DE
T50BDHR-B2A: Status ManagementPY-DE
T50BCHR-B2A: Transfer Format for CustomerPY-DE
T50BBHR-B2A: Standard Transfer FormatPY-DE
T50BAHR-B2A: Valid Transfer Formats and ClassesPY-DE
T5D8FNon-Monetary Remuneration: Meals, Infotype 0330PY-DE
T5D8GNon-Monetary Remuneration: Meals, Infotype 0330PY-DE
T5D8IAssignment of Exception Indicator to PositionPY-DE
T5D8JAssignment of Exception Indicator to Org. KeyPY-DE
T5D8KAssignment of Exception Indicator to Organizational UnitPY-DE
T5D8LAssignment of Exception Indicator to Supervisor AreaPY-DE
T5D8MPosition Table for College StatisticsPY-DE
T5D8NTable of Employment OfficesPY-DE
T5D8ORegional BoardPY-DE
T510OCost-of-Living Allowances -BAT-PY-DE
T510QCost-of-Living AllowancesPY-DE
T5DB2External Data for Breakdown of Trade Tax (Construction Ind.)PY-DE
T5DB4HR Construction Site FilePY-DE
T5DB5Construction Site File: Work Breakdown Structure ElementPY-DE
T5DB6Construction Site File: OrderPY-DE
T5DB7Team DescriptionPY-DE
T5DB8Construction Sector: Team Assignment to Work SitePY-DE
T5DB9Construction Pay Evaluation Records for Social Fund Proc.PY-DE
T5DBASocial Funds in the Building SectorPY-DE
T50BFHR-B2A: Method TablePY-DE
T5D0HAssign Fictitious Run Control to Fictitious RunPY-DE
P593RApplication Status: SI Reimbursement for RehabilitantsPY-DE
T5DBBSocial Funds Contributions for ConstructionPY-DE
T5DBCConstruction Industry: Partners in Work CooperativesPY-DE
T5DBDConstruction: Meal+Separation Allowances/Travel CostsPY-DE
T5DB1Trainee RemunerationPY-DE
T5DB0Construction Industry: Work CooperativesPY-DE
T515AFund CategoriesPY-DE
T535VCF TextsPY-DE
T5D0AAbsence AttributesPY-DE
T5D0CAbsence DistributionPY-DE
T5D0DPart Time Work During ParentalLeavePY-DE
T5D93Employment LocationsPY-DE
T5D94Assignment of Country Level to Employment LocationPY-DE
T5D0FFictitious Run ControlsPY-DE
T5D95Foreign Service BonusPY-DE
T5D96Basic Amounts: Bonus for Foreign Service BonusPY-DE
T5D0GFictitious RunsPY-DE
T5D97Supplement for Child Living AbroadPY-DE
T5DA6Semiretirement: Value Credit According to Labor LegislationPY-DE
T5DA7Dynamic Modification of Value CreditPY-DE
T5D0IFictitious Run Control: Wage Type AssignmentPY-DE
T5DP2Conversion of Infotype Fields -> PAISYPY-DE
T5D77Maximum Remuneration for Official HousingPY-DE
T5D82Pay Scale Information for Calculation of Minimum PensionPY-DE
T5D81Control Indicator Pension - TextsPY-DE
T5D8AName of ActivityPY-DE
T5DRBAVmG: Investment InstitutePY-DE
T5D80Tax Table Benefits PaymentPY-DE
T5D7ZAssignment of Exception Indicator to JobPY-DE
T5D7YAssignment of Exception Indicator(s) to Service TypesPY-DE
T5D7XAssignment of Exception Indicator to Variable KeyPY-DE
T5D7VDefinition of Exceptions in StatisticsPY-DE
T5D7UAssignment of Evaluation Area to Internal KeyPY-DE
T5D7TEvaluation Areas - Texts -PSG-PY-DE
T5D7SEvaluation Areas in StatisticsPY-DE
T5D83Payroll Number - Pension Insurance Institution (D)PY-DE
T5DR7AVmG: Processing RulesPY-DE
T5DR6AVmG: Processing RoutinesPY-DE
T5D78Official Housing RulePY-DE
T5D79Wage Type Control for Official Housing Gross AmountPY-DE
T5D7ACatalogs of Service TypesPY-DE
T5D7BTexts for Catalog of Service TypesPY-DE
T5D7CService TypesPY-DE
T5D7DService Type TextsPY-DE
T5DPSPAISY Sequential Record Numbers for Subrecord Type 15PY-DE
T5DR1AVmG: Investment TypesPY-DE
T5DR2AVmG: ModulesPY-DE
T5DR3AVmG: Contract ModelsPY-DE
T5D5LFamily-Related Bonus Classes and Career AssignmentPY-DE
T5DR5AVmG: Instances of Contract ModelsPY-DE
T5D7RModels for Controlling Vacation BonusPY-DE
T5DRZAVmG: Texts for Investment TypesPY-DE
T704EEntity Table for StatementsPY-DE
T5DRAAVmG: Assignment of Wage Types to Conversion GroupsPY-DE
T5D7EService CategoriesPY-DE
T5D7FService Category TextsPY-DE
T5DRCAVmG (BVV): Assignment Pay Scale to Contract ModelPY-DE
T5DRDAVmG: Permitted Modules for Contract ModelsPY-DE
T5DREBVV: Conversion Table for AVmGPY-DE
T5DRFBVV: Conversion of Modules Added ManuallyPY-DE
T5DRUAVmG: Texts for Conversion Wage Type GroupsPY-DE
T5DRVAVmG: Texts for Processing RulesPY-DE
T5DRWAVmG: Texts for Processing RoutinesPY-DE
T5DRXAVmG: Texts for Contract ModelsPY-DE
T704MControl Table for StatementsPY-DE
T5DR9AVmG: Conversion Wage Type GroupsPY-DE
T704NStatements Text TablePY-DE
T5D7QModels for Control of ContributionPY-DE
T5D7OGrouping Company Code/Service Type CatalogPY-DE
T5D7NDetermination of Hiring Level Model 8PY-DE
T5D7WException Indicator Texts in Statistics -PSG-PY-DE
T5D7MValue of Remuneration GroupsPY-DE
T5D7LAuxiliary Table for Higher Grouping and PromotionPY-DE
T5D7KParameters for Determining Proposed Pay SeniorityPY-DE
T5D7JControl of BDA and COLA Relevance (Basic Pay)PY-DE
T5D7ISpouse Component -Text-PY-DE
T5D7HSpouse Component - Exception and Reason -PY-DE
T5DR8AVmG: Processing TypesPY-DE
T5D7GVariants for Different Pay Scale ElementsPY-DE
T5DRYAVmG: Texts for ModulesPY-DE
T5D4UFile Numbers for E-Mail Procedure with Health Ins. FundsPY-DE
T5D8BUse of OrganizationsPY-DE
T5D8CSubject to ApprovalPY-DE
T5DR4AVmG: Specifications of ModulesPY-DE
T5D49Assignment SI Contribution Rates U1PY-DE
T5DP8Conversion of Infotype 0026 -> PAISYPY-DE
T5DP7Conversion of Infotype 0079 -> PAISYPY-DE
T5D5AOBSOLETE: Check Table for COLA Level/Partner IndicatorPY-DE
T5DP6Conversion of Infotype 0013 -> PAISYPY-DE
T5D4XAdministration CoNo Certificates E-Mail ProcedurePY-DE
T5D5BSupplementary Pension Public Sector: Employer TablePY-DE
T5D5CSupplementary Pension Public Sector: Payroll TablePY-DE
T5D4THIF Receiving Office for the E-Mail ProcedurePY-DE
T5D89Wage Type Models for Leave and Sick Pay PremiumPY-DE
T5D4SDEUEV: File CounterPY-DE
T5D4RDEUEV: Assignment to Recipient FundsPY-DE
T5D4VE-Mail Procedure Contribution Statement: Admin. of Seq. NosPY-DE
T5D4WHIF Receiving Office for E-Mail Procedure (Forwarding)PY-DE
T5D4QTexts for Person Group KeyPY-DE
T5DP9Conversion of HI Fund Infotypes 0013/0079 -> PAISYPY-DE
T5D4PPerson Group Key SIPY-DE
T5D88Function Models for Leave and Sick Pay PremiumPY-DE
T5D4YList of HI FundsPY-DE
T5D4ZHealth Insurance Fund List per Contribution StatementPY-DE
T5D4ODEUEV Permissible Name ExtensionsPY-DE
T5D47Correction of Contributions on Basis of Previous MonthPY-DE
T5DP5Conversion of Wage Type Infotype 0010 -> PAISYPY-DE
T5D5DSupplementary Pension Public Sector: Notification FieldsPY-DE
T5D5NSupplementary Pension Public Sector: Account Number TablePY-DE
T5D5RSupp. Pension Pub. Sector: Customizing fr Contrib. StatementPY-DE
T5D5TCase Group Catalog - TextsPY-DE
T5D5ZSupplementary Pension Public Sector: SPI DataPY-DE
T5D6HGarnishment Pension Scheme Age Pay ScalesPY-DE
T5D71Period CalculationPY-DE
T5D73Official HousingPY-DE
T5D74Employee AccommodationPY-DE
T5D75Employee Accommodation - Price per Square MeterPY-DE
T5D76Official Housing Rule - ModifiersPY-DE
T5D84Models for Maternity Pay SupplementPY-DE
T5D85Wage Types for Non-Rec. Payts of Maternity Pay SupplementPY-DE
T5D86Public Sector FunctionsPY-DE
T5D5GSupplementary Pension Public Sector: Combination TablePY-DE
T5D87Assignment of Public Sector Function ModelsPY-DE
T5D5FCase groupsPY-DE
T5D5HSupplementary Pension Public Sector: Taxing FeaturesPY-DE
T5DP4Assignment PAISY Company - Superordinate CompanyPY-DE
T5D5ESupplementary Pension Public Sector: Table of Notfctn ReasonPY-DE
T5D5IAssgmt: Contract Model -> Ins. Feature for Voluntary Ins.PY-DE
T5DP3Conversion of Wage Type Infotypes 0008/0011/0014 -> PAISYPY-DE
T5D5KCase Group CatalogPY-DE
PA0883HR Master Record for Infotype 0883PY-DE
T50BDTHR-B2A: Texts for Status ManagementPY-DE
T50BE2HR-B2A: External Return CodesPY-DE
T5D7QTFunction Model Texts: Special PaymentPY-DE
T5D93TEmployment Locations (Texts)PY-DE
T5D0FTFictitious Run Contol TextsPY-DE
T5D7LNNext Pay Scale Group for Higher/Lower GroupingPY-DE
PDBKNWConstruction Industry Social Fund Proced: Employee StatementPY-DE
PDBKRAConstruction Industry Social Fund Proced: RAMEL Data RecordsPY-DE
PDBKURConstruction Industry Social Fund Proced: URMEL Data RecordsPY-DE
T5D90TEvents at Start of Calc. Period for Leave/Sick Pay PremiumPY-DE
T50BATHR-B2A: Text for Document ClassesPY-DE
T5D7MNValue of Pay Scale GroupsPY-DE
T50BFCHR-B2A: Method TablePY-DE
T5D8PTPrograms for Rehabilitation (Texts)PY-DE
T5D86TPublic Sector Functions (Texts)PY-DE
T5D82TFunction Model Texts: Minimum PensionPY-DE
PDBKNEConstruction Industry Social Fund Proced: NEMEL Data RecordsPY-DE
PDBKLOConstruction Industry Social Fund Proced: LOMEL Data RecordsPY-DE
T510QNGuaranteed Payments: COLA/Family-Related BonusPY-DE
T5D8VTFunction Models (Text Table)PY-DE
T5D88TFunction Model Texts: Leave and Sick Pay PremiumPY-DE
T5D92TModels for Events at Start of Premium Calculation PeriodPY-DE
T5D7RTFunction Model Texts: Vacation BonusPY-DE
PDBKADCI: Social Fund Procedure: Records ManagementPY-DE
PDBKANConstruction Industry Social Fund Proced: ANMEL Data RecordsPY-DE
PDBKAUConstruction Industry Social Fund Proced: AUMEL Data RecordsPY-DE
PDBKBEConstr. Ind. Social Fund Procedure: BEMEL (PerNo) RecordsPY-DE
T50BKTHR-B2A: Text to Constant TablePY-DE
T5D84TFunction Model Texts: Supplement to Maternity PayPY-DE
T5D0GTFictitious Run TextsPY-DE
T5D8CEApproval obligationPY-DE
PA0191HR Master Record Infotype 0191 (BuildingTradeReimbursExpens)PY-DE
PA0192HR Master Record Infotype 0192 (Construction Pay Attributes)PY-DE
PA0215Construction Pay Transaction DataPY-DE
PA0230Personnel Master Data Infotype 0230/View 0008 PSGPY-DE
PA0231HR Master Record: Infotype 0231 / View 0001 (PSG)PY-DE
PA0237HR Master Record: Infotype 0237 / View for 0052 (PSG)PY-DE
PA0265HR Master Record Infotype 0265/Special Regulations PSGPY-DE
PA0266HR Master Record: Infotype 0266 / View 0027 (PSG)PY-DE
PA0271HR Master Record: Infotype 0271 (Public Sector Statistics)PY-DE
PA0304Additional Information: Basic PayPY-DE
PA0320Official HousingPY-DE
PA0321Employee AccommodationPY-DE
PA0322HR Master Record: Infotype 0322 (Pensions and Rel. Ben.)PY-DE
PA0189HR Master Record: Infotype 0189 (Construction Pay: Funds)PY-DE
PA0122HR Master Record: Infotype 0122 (Child Allowance Bonus D)PY-DE
PA0119HR Master Record: Infotype 0119 (Annual Income CA D)PY-DE
T5D8DEWork IndicatorPY-DE
T5D8BEUtilization of OrganizationsPY-DE
T5D4ELDEUEV Country CodesPY-DE
T5D8AEName of ActivityPY-DE
P01Y15PAISY: Management Table Subrecord Type 15PY-DE
T5D89TWage Type Models for Leave and Sick Pay Premium (Texts)PY-DE
T5D5GTInsurance Types for Supplementary Pension in Public SectorPY-DE
T5D5HTSP Tax ModelsPY-DE
T5D5LNPay Scale Assign. for Guaranteed Payts: COLA/Fam.-Rel BonusPY-DE
T5D71TFunction Model Texts for Period CalculationPY-DE
PA0790HR Master Record Infotype 0790PY-DE
PA0051HR Master Record Infotype 0051 (VBL/SPI Data)PY-DE
PA0118HR Master Record: Infotype 0118 (Child Allowance D)PY-DE
PA0326HR Master Rec.: Infotype 0326 (Imputation to Pension Payts)PY-DE
PA0329HR Master Record: Infotype 0329 (Sideline Job)PY-DE
PA0330Infotype 0330 (Non-Monetary Remuneration)PY-DE
PA0780HR Master Record Infotype 0780 (Sec. 53 Employer Data)PY-DE
PA0781HR Master Record Infotype 0781 (Sec. 53 Income Data)PY-DE
PA0782HR Master Record Infotype 0782PY-DE
PA0784HR Master Record Infotype 0784PY-DE
PA0785HR Master Record Infotype 0785PY-DE
PA0786HR Master Record Infotype 0786PY-DE
PA0787HR Master Record Infotype 0787PY-DE
PA0788HR Master Record Infotype 0788PY-DE
PA0789HR Master Record Infotype 0789PY-DE
PA0845HR Master Record Infotype 0845 (Work Relationships)PY-DE
PA0846Infotype 0846: ReimbursementsPY-DE
PA0882HR Master Record for Infotype 0882PY-DE
PA0884HR Master Record for Infotype 0884PY-DE
PA0942HR Master Record Infotype 0942PY-DE
PA0745ZFA Notifications in Public SectorPY-DE
PA0700HR Master Record for Infotype 0700PY-DE
PA0406HR-PSG: Infotype 0406 (Pension Information)PY-DE
PA0592HR Master Record: Infotype 0592 (Foreign Public Sector)PY-DE
PA0595HR Master Record Infotype 0595PY-DE
PA0597Personnel Master Record Infotype 0597PY-DE
PA0190HR Master Data Record Infotype 0190 (BuildingTradePrevERDat)PY-DE
PA0699Personnel Master Record Infotype 0699PY-DE
PA0650HR Master Record Infotype 0650PY-DE
PA0631HR Master Record for Infotype 0631PY-DE
PA0630HR Master Record for Infotype 0630PY-DE
PA0629HR Master Record for Infotype 0629PY-DE
PA0628HR Master Record for Infotype 0628PY-DE
T5D7SUMDefinition of Assignment of Statistics Rows to Totals RowPY-DE
T5D4ATSDEUEV Occupational Code 2010PY-DE
P2RD_ZTPayroll Result: Time Data for Reduced Hours CompensationPY-DE
PD3DBMEHR-DDU: Reporting Facts Data ModulePY-DE
P2RD_SPPayroll Results: Special PaymentsPY-DE
PD3DBKVDEUEV: Data Module Health InsurancePY-DE
PD3DBKSHR-DDU: Data Module - Miners'/Sailors' InsurancePY-DE
PD3DBGBHR-DDU: Data Module - Birth DetailsPY-DE
PD3DBEUHR-DDU: Data Module - European Insurance NumberPY-DE
PD3DBANHR-DDU: Address Data ModulePY-DE
PB2AMGRHR-B2A: Application DataPY-DE
P2RD_STPayroll Result: Tax (G)PY-DE
P2RD_SVPayroll Result: Social InsurancePY-DE
PD3DBNAHR-DDU: Name Data ModulePY-DE
PD3DBSOHR-DDU: Immediate Notification Data ModulePY-DE
P2RD_TLPayroll Results: Day String (D)PY-DE
PD3HISTStatus History Management for DEUEV NotificationsPY-DE
PD3FLAGHR-DDU: Notifications IndicatorPY-DE
PD3DSMEHR-DDU: Data Record NotficationPY-DE
PD3DSAPHR-DDU: Administration Record for NotificationsPY-DE
PD3DBUVDEUEV: Data Module DBUV - Accident InsurancePY-DE
PD3DBSVHR-DDU: Social Insurance Card Data ModulePY-DE
T5DPBS06Spec. and Non-Rec. Payts: Percentages for Cumul. Wage TypesPY-DE
T5DPBS0CCalculation Modules for Special and Non-Recurring PaymentsPY-DE
T5DPBS0BEntitlements for Special and Non-Recurring PaymentsPY-DE
T5DPBS07Special and Non-Recurring Payments: ConstantsPY-DE
T5DPBS08Spec. and Non-Rec. Payts, Fixed Amts for Each Pay Scale GrpPY-DE
T5DPBS0AAssignment of Models for Special and Non-Recurring PaymentsPY-DE
T5DPBS09Spec. and Non-Rec. Payts, Cumul. WTs for Each Pay Scale GrpPY-DE
T5DPBS05Groupings for Model Assignment for SNrPPY-DE
T5D32_GTWorkers' Compensation Associations Hazard Pay ScalesPY-DE
T5D32_UVWorkers' Compensation AssociationsPY-DE
P01T_LSTETStmt: General Employment Tax DataPY-DE
P01T_AGSAssignment of Postal Code to Municipality KeyPY-DE
T5DPBS01Models for Special Payments and Non-Recurring PaymentsPY-DE
T5DPBS02Entitlement Prerequisites for Special and Non-Recurr. PaytsPY-DE
T5DPBS03Modules for Calculating Special and Non-Recurring PaymentsPY-DE
T5DPBS04Reduction Variants for Special and Non-Recurring PaymentsPY-DE
T5DPBS0DFilter-Dependent Models of Special/Non-Recurring PaymentsPY-DE
T5DPBS0ESpec. and Non-Rec. Payments: Pay Scale-Dependent PercentagesPY-DE
T5DPBS3ETVoeD: COLA Class for Guaranteed Payment (Children)PY-DE
T5DPBS3DTVoeD: Structural AdjustmentPY-DE
T5DPBS3GAssignment of Absence to Absence CategoryPY-DE
T5DPBS3CTransfer to TVoeD: Assignment EEGrp/Subgrp Old/NewPY-DE
T5DPBS3BAssignment to Internal Pay Scale GroupPY-DE
T5DPBS3ATransfer to TVoeD: Assignment Pay Scale Type Old/NewPY-DE
T5DPBS2AZfA Error MessagesPY-DE
T5DPBS1GValidity of Variable Key for Each Pay Scale GroupPY-DE
T5DPBS1FVariable Key for Step IncreasePY-DE
T5DPBS1ERepayment Wage Types for Gross OverpaymentPY-DE
T5DPBS1DSelective Activation of Gross OverpaymentPY-DE
T5DPBS1CBasis for Activity with Higher Rate of PayPY-DE
T5DPBS1BDecision Value for Higher DutyPY-DE
T5DPBS1ADecision Value for Own PositionPY-DE
T5DPBS0FModels for Control of Annual Special Payment (TVoeD/TV-L)PY-DE
T5DPBS3FAbsence Categories for Pay Scale Level IncreasePY-DE
P2RD_ADRPayroll Results: AddressPY-DE
P2RD_DUVPayroll Result: DEUEV Master DataPY-DE
P2RD_ATZPayroll Result (D): SemiretirementPY-DE
P2RD_KUGPayroll Result: Reduced Hours CompensationPY-DE
P2RD_XITPayroll Results: Extended ITPY-DE
PB2ASTATHR-B2A: Status ManagementPY-DE
PB2ADATBHR-B2A: Transfer DataPY-DE
PB2ADATAHR-B2A: Transfer DataPY-DE
P2RD_STUTax Payment Interruption up to Payroll PeriodPY-DE
P2RD_STZPayroll Result: Tax (D) Additional DataPY-DE
P2RD_SVZPayroll Result: Supplementary Social InsurancePY-DE
P2RD_VBLPayroll Result: Supplementary Pension Public SectorPY-DE
T5DTM_URLAbsence Quota Types Specific to GermanyPY-DE
T7PBSCA1ACalculation ModulePY-DE
T7PBSNO1ANotification Definition TablePY-DE
T7PBSCA1BOverriding of Calculation Module by CustomerPY-DE
PDBKBESUMConstr. Ind. Social Fund Procedure: BEMEL Records (Total)PY-DE
P01E2_ADMELStAM Procedure: Administration DataPY-DE
T5DPBS3FTAbsence Categories for Pay Scale Level Increase (Texts)PY-DE
T5D8S_ZAVPayroll Numbers with Connection to UWLPY-DE
T7PBSNO2BAssignment of Report & Formular to NotificationPY-DE
T5DPBS2MQZfA: Settings for WebSphere MQPY-DE
T7PBSCA2ACalculation Time Calculation ModulePY-DE
T7PBSCA2BResults Calculation TimesPY-DE
T7PBSMD1CFieldgroup definitionPY-DE
T7PBSMD1DFields of fieldgroupPY-DE
T7PBSMD1EAssignment of Field group to Sub process scenarioPY-DE
T7PBSNO1BDefinition for Grouping of NotificationsPY-DE
T7PBSNO2AAssign Notification ID to notification groupPY-DE
T7PBSNO2CAssignment of Notification Group to RequestPY-DE
T7PBSNO5Adocument typePY-DE
T7PBSNO5BDefinition of notification packagesPY-DE
T7PBSNO6AGrouping of the notifications within a packagePY-DE
T7PBSCA3BAssgmt of Calculation Module Results to Customer Wage TypesPY-DE
T7PBSCA3AAssignment of Results Calculation Module to Wage TypesPY-DE
T7PBSCA2CResults of Calculation Points CustomerPY-DE
T7PBSCA2DIndicator Public Services RegulationPY-DE
T7PBSCA2EAssignmt of Public Serv. Regulation to Pay Scale Type/AreaPY-DE
T7PBSCA2FIndividual Texts Notice CreationPY-DE
T7PBSCA2GEntities Table of Domains for Table T7PBSCA2HPY-DE
T7PBSCA2HAlternative Texts for Fixed Value DomainsPY-DE
T7PBSCA2IPermitted Data Elements for Entering Own Quick Info TextsPY-DE
T7PBSCA2JEntry of Quick Info Texts (Depending on Data Element)PY-DE
T5D3A_MSLMembership Key for AI Data of CompanyPY-DE
T7PBSNO6BAssignment of package, documentationtype and Pro.ScenarioPY-DE
P01W_DBAEData Module: Statement of Earnings - RemunerationPY-DE
T5DPBS01TModels for Special Payments and Non-Recurring PaymentsPY-DE
T5DPBS02TEntitlement Prerequisites for Special and Non-Recurr. PaytsPY-DE
P01W_DBMUData Module: Statement of Earnings, Maternity PayPY-DE
T5DPBS03TModules for Calculating Special and Non-Recurring PaymentsPY-DE
P01W_DBNAData Module: NamePY-DE
T5DPBS04TReduction Variants for Special and Non-Recurring PaymentsPY-DE
P01T_VBEZEmployment Tax Statment: Pension BasisPY-DE
P01W_DBUNData Module: Statement of Earnings - Accident DataPY-DE
T5DPBS05TGroupings for Model Assignment for SNrPPY-DE
P01W_DBZEData Module: Statement of Earnings, Working Time, Sick ChildPY-DE
P01W_DBFZData Module: Stmt of Earnings - Absences w/o RemunerationPY-DE
P01W_DBFRData Module: Stmt of Earnings - Rel. from Work f. Sick ChildPY-DE
P01W_DBALData Module: Statement of Earnings - GeneralPY-DE
P01W_DBANData Module: AddressPY-DE
P01T_STKLETStmt: Tax Class DataPY-DE
P01T_LST2ETStmt: Addnl Data on Employment Tax StatementPY-DE
P01T_LST1ETStmt: Tax Bases on Employment Tax StatementPY-DE
P01W_DBEKData Module: Statement of Earnings for Sick ChildPY-DE
P01T_KISTETStmt: Church Tax DataPY-DE
P01T_KIFBETStmt: Tax Exemptions for ChildrenPY-DE
P01T_HINZETStmt: Additional AmountsPY-DE
P01T_FRBJEmployment Tax Statement: Tax-Free Annual AmountsPY-DE
P01W_DBZKData Module: Stmt of Earnings, Working Time for Sick PayPY-DE
P01W_DBKRData Module: Remuneration Statement for Sick PayPY-DE
P01W_DSLWData Module: General InformationPY-DE
T5D4Y_MAPMapping of Previous Months HI Fund List or Run NumberPY-DE
P2RD_NAMEPayroll Results: Name of EmployeePY-DE
P2RD_PERMPayroll Results: Personal FeaturesPY-DE
T5DPBS1ATText for Decision Value of Own PositionPY-DE
P2RD_SCRTPayroll Result: Tax CumulationPY-DE
T5DPBS1BTText for Decision Value for Higher DutyPY-DE
P2RD_STZMPayroll Res.: Tax (D) Add. Data Determined AutomaticallyPY-DE
T5DPBS1FTVariable Key for Step Increase (Texts)PY-DE
P2RD_DOWPPayroll Results; Additional Data WPBP (PSG)PY-DE
P2RD_DOC0Payroll Results; Additional Data C0 (PSG)PY-DE
T5DPBSZVPYPayroll ControlPY-DE
T7PBSNO1ATNotification Definition Table - TEXTPY-DE
T5DPBSZVSTNotification Record Structures for Data MediumPY-DE
T7PBSNO1BTDefinition for Grouping of Notifications - TextPY-DE
T5DPBSZVTYValid Notification Types: EntityPY-DE
T7PBSCA2BTResults Calculation Periods (Text)PY-DE
T7PBSCA2CTResults of Calculation Points Customer (Text)PY-DE
T5DB_SKBER(SF) Contribution Areas (Entity Table for P01B_SKBER)PY-DE
T7PBSNO5ATName of the documenttypesPY-DE
T7PBSNO5BTName of the packagesPY-DE
T7PBSCA2ATCalculation Times Calculation Module (Text)PY-DE
T5D8S_BANKBank Details for Payroll NumbersPY-DE
T7PBSCA2FTIndividual Texts Notice Creation - TextsPY-DE
T5D8S_ZAVTPayroll Numbers with Connection to BAS (TEXT)PY-DE
T5DPBSZVMEAssignment of Notification Events/Notification TypePY-DE
T5DPBSZVERValid Events Relevant for Notification: EntityPY-DE
T7PBSCA1ATCalculation Module (Text)PY-DE
T5DPBSZVBGSP Assessment and Other ThresholdsPY-DE
T5DPBSZVAVRing-Fencing of Supplementary Pension InstitutePY-DE
T5DPBSZVAGEmployer-Specific SettingsPY-DE
T5DPBSZVABTemporal Validity of Deregistration ReasonsPY-DE
T5DPBSZVPZPercentages and Contract ModelsPY-DE
T7PBSCA2DTIndicator Public Services Regulation - TextsPY-DE
T7PBSMD1CTText table for FieldgroupPY-DE
T5DPBSZVRZData Center InformationPY-DE
P01D3_DBMSDEUEV Confirmation: Data Module SI AdjustmentPY-DE
P01DS_DBANData Modules Address of DEUEV Immediate NotificationsPY-DE
P01DS_DBEUData Modules EU Insurance No. (DEUEV Immed. Notifications)PY-DE
P01EL_STATStatus Table for the ELENA Notification ProcedurePY-DE
P01EL_PROTLog Table for the ELENA ProcedurePY-DE
P01EL_MVDSData Record Multifunctional Remun. Rec. (MVDS) ELENAPY-DE
P01EL_HISTHistory Administration for the ELENA ProcedurePY-DE
P01EL_DSVVData Record Assignment of Insurance No./Process No. ELENAPY-DE
P01EL_DBZDData Module Additional Data of ELENA NotificationsPY-DE
P01EL_DBSEData Module Taxable One-Off Payment of ELENA NotificationsPY-DE
P01EL_DBSBData Module Tax-Exempt Payments of ELENA NotificationsPY-DE
P01EL_DBNAData Module Name of ELENA NotificationsPY-DE
P01EL_DBKEData Module Notice/Dismissal (DBKE) ELENAPY-DE
P01EL_DBHAData Module Homeworker for ELENA NotificationsPY-DE
P01EL_DBFZData Module Absence Times of ELENA NotificationsPY-DE
P01EL_DBFEData Module Error in ELENA ProcedurePY-DE
P01EL_DBENData Modules ELENA Basic Data for Employer and EmployeePY-DE
P01D3_FLAGDEUEV Confirmation: Notification IndicatorsPY-DE
P01PF_TILGGarnishment of Principle of Origin: Repayment AmountsPY-DE
P01D3_DBNADEUV Confirmation: Data Module - NamePY-DE
P01D3_DBUVDEUEV Confirmation: DBUV Data Module - Accident InsurancePY-DE
P01BV_MELDData Record for PPO Collection of ContributionsPY-DE
P01SV_DSIDAdministration Data Record IdentificationPY-DE
P01T_TRANSETStmt: Administration/Processing Data TicketsPY-DE
P01T_SVBEZETStmt: Other Pension PaymentsPY-DE
P01T_A_EXTETNotif.: External DataPY-DE
P01T_A_DATETNotif.: General Data for Employment Tax NotificationPY-DE
P01T_A_BTGETNotif.: Tax Amounts in Employment Tax NotificationPY-DE
P01T_A_ADSETNotif.: Status Administration/Employment Tax NotificationPY-DE
P01T_A_ADMETNotif.: Administration - Employment Tax NotificationPY-DE
P01T_ADMSTETStmt: Status Management - Employment Tax Statements (Old)PY-DE
P01T_ADMINETSmt: Administration of Employment Tax StatementPY-DE
P01D3_DSAPDEUEV Confirmation: Control Record for NotificationsPY-DE
P01D3_DSKKDEUEV Confirmation: Data Record HI Fund NotificationPY-DE
P01D3_DSMEDEUEV Confirmation: Notification Data RecordPY-DE
P01EL_DBASData Module Education/Training of ELENA NotificationsPY-DE
P01EL_DBANData Module Address of ELENA NotificationsPY-DE
P01EL_DBAGData Module Employer Details of ELENA NotificationsPY-DE
P01DS_DBGBData Modules Birth Details of DEUEV Immediate NotificationsPY-DE
P01DS_DBNAData Module Name of DEUEV Immediate NotificationsPY-DE
P01EE_DBAVData Module DBAV Request for Notif. of Preexisting ConditionPY-DE
P01DS_DBSOData Modules Immediate Notif. of DEUEV Immediate NotifsPY-DE
P01EE_DBANData Module DBAN AddressPY-DE
P01DS_DBVRModule DBVR of DEUEV Immediate NotificationsPY-DE
P01DS_DSMEDEUEV Immediate Notification: Data Record NotificationPY-DE
P01DS_HISTManagement of Status History for DEUEV Immediate NotifsPY-DE
P01EE_DBAEData Module DBAE RemunerationPY-DE
P01DS_STATControl Records for DEUEV Immediate NotificationsPY-DE
P01EA_STATStatus Table for Reimbursement ProcessPY-DE
P01E2_HISTELStAM Procedure: Table for Status HistoryPY-DE
P01EA_MELDData Record and Data Modules for the Reimbursement ProcessPY-DE
P01E2_INFTELStAM Procedure: Table with Data Changes for Infotype 0012PY-DE
P01EA_HISTHistory Administration for the Reimbursement ProcessPY-DE
P01E2_MELDELStAM: Notifications for the AdministratorPY-DE
P01EE_DBAWData Module DBAW Absences Without RemunerationPY-DE
P01DS_DBFEData Modules Error of DEUEV Confirmations (Immediate Notif.)PY-DE
P01EL_DBABData Module Alternative Place of Employment of ELENA Notif.PY-DE
P01EE_STATAdmin. Records for Data Exchange for Compensation BenefitsPY-DE
P01EE_HISTStatus History for Compensation Benefits NotificationsPY-DE
P01EE_DSLWData Record Benefits of Compensation Benefits NotificationPY-DE
P01EE_DBZEData Module DBZE Working Time Illness/InjuryPY-DE
P01EE_DBZAData Module DBZA Working TimePY-DE
P01EE_DBVOData Module DBVO Periods for Preexisting ConditionPY-DE
P01EE_DBUNData Module DBUN Work/School/Preschool AccidentPY-DE
P01EE_DBTKData Module DBTK Addit. Data of Transfer Reduced Hours Comp.PY-DE
P01EE_DBNAData Module DBNA NamePY-DE
P01EE_DBMUData Module DBMU Remuneration Statement Maternity AllowancePY-DE
P01EE_DBLTData Module DBLT Addit. Data Calculation of Transitional PayPY-DE
P01EE_DBHEData Module DBHE Amount of Compensation BenefitsPY-DE
P01EE_DBFRData Module DBFR Entry Release from Work Illness of ChildPY-DE
P01EE_DBFEData Modules Error of DEUEV Confirmations (Immediate Notif.)PY-DE
P01EE_DBBEData Module DBBE Amount fo Income Liable for ContributionsPY-DE
P01EA_DBFEData Module Error for Reimbursement ProcessPY-DE
P01BM_DBNAData Modules Name of PPO DEUEV NotificationsPY-DE
P01BM_DSMEData Records Notification of PPO DEUEV NotificationsPY-DE
P01BM_HISTManagement of Status History for PPO DEUEV NotificationsPY-DE
P01BM_STATControl Records for PPO DEUEV NotificationsPY-DE
P01EE_DBALData Module DBAL GeneralPY-DE
P01BN_BWXXData Record: Contribution StatementPY-DE
P01BN_DATAContrib. Statement: Estimate and Corr. Values of Prev. MonthPY-DE
P01BN_DBFEContribution Statement: Confirmed Error TextsPY-DE
PDPBSZVSUMTotals Record (Record Type 90), SPIPY-DE
P01BN_STATStatus Table for Contribution StatementsPY-DE
P01BV_DBFEError Data Module for PPO Contribution Collection Proced.PY-DE
P01BV_HISTHistory Admin. for PPO Contribution Survey ProcedurePY-DE
P01BV_KEANManagement of Employee IDPY-DE
P01BV_STATStatus Table for PPO Contribution Collect. Notif. ProcedurePY-DE
P01D3_DBANDEUEV Confirmation: Address Data ModulePY-DE
P01BM_DBMEData Modules Reporting Facts of PPO DEUEV NotificationsPY-DE
P01BM_DBGBData Modules Birth Details of PPO DEUEV NotificationsPY-DE
P01BM_DBFEData Modules - Errors from PPO DEUEV ConfirmationsPY-DE
PDPBSZVLOGLog Table for ZVE-PBS Notification ProcedurePY-DE
PDPBSZVDIFDifference (Record Type 70), ZVE-PBSPY-DE
P01BD_DBFEData Module Error in Notification Proc. Business Data Maint.PY-DE
P01BD_DBKAData Module Different Correspondence AddressPY-DE
PDPBSZVANMReg. for Compulsory Insurance (Record Type 30), ZVE-PBSPY-DE
PDPBSZVADRAddress (Record Type 81), ZVE-PBSPY-DE
P01BD_DSBDBusiness Data Maintenance Data RecordPY-DE
PDPBSZVADMAdministration Table for ZVE-PBS Notification ProcedurePY-DE
PDPBSZVABSPeriods (Record Type 60), ZVE-PBSPY-DE
PDPBSZVABMDereg. from Compulsory Insurance (Record Type 40), ZVE-PBSPY-DE
PDPBSZV363Estimated Tax-Free Contributions (Acc. to Sec.3 No.63)PY-DE
P01BD_HISTHistory Management for Business Data MaintenancePY-DE
P01BD_STATData Module Alternative Correspondence AddressPY-DE
P01BM_DBANAddress Data Modules for PPO DEUEV NotificationsPY-DE
P01BM_DBEUData Modules EU Insurance Number of PPO DEUEV NotificationsPY-DE
P01D3_DBBGDEUEV Confirmation: Data Module Income ThresholdPY-DE
P01D3_DBEUDEUEV Confirmation: Europ. Insurance Number Data ModulePY-DE
P01D3_DBFEDEUEV Confirmtion: Data Module - ErrorPY-DE
P01D3_DBKSDEUEV Confirmation: Miners'/Sailors' Insurance Data ModulePY-DE
P01ZS_MELDData Record and Data Modules for Paying Office ProcedurePY-DE
P01ZS_INFTAdministration of Master Data Status (Paying Office Proc.)PY-DE
P01ZS_HISTAdministration of the Paying Office Procedure HistoryPY-DE
P01ZS_DBFEError Data Module for Paying Office ProcedurePY-DE
P01BN_HISTManagement of History of Status Changes to Contr. StatementsPY-DE
P01ZS_STATStatus Table for Paying Office ProcedurePY-DE
P01ZS_AZVUManagement Record No. of Employer (Paying Office Procedure)PY-DE
PB2ADATSTRHR-B2A: Data Table for StringsPY-DE
P01ZS_AZKKManagement of HI Fund Record Number (Paying Office Proced.)PY-DE
P01D3_DBKVDEUEV Confirmation: Data Module Health InsurancePY-DE
P01D3_DBMEDEUEV Confirmation: Data Module - Reporting FactsPY-DE
P2RD_ANVWLPayroll Result: Garnishment D - Cap. Form. Paymt EmployeePY-DE
P2RD_APFBTPayroll Result: Garnishment D - Garnishable AmountPY-DE
T5D3S_EHVSAdditional Data Report Company for Earnings Structure SurveyPY-DE
P2RD_ZVBAUPayroll Result: Construction Pay Social Fund ProceduresPY-DE
P2RD_ZTBAUPayroll Result: Construction Pay Daily StatementPY-DE
P01D3_DBGBDEUEV Confirmation: Birth Details Data ModulePY-DE
P01D3_DBGZDEUEV Confirmation: Data Module Slide ZonePY-DE
P2RD_STLGAPayroll Result: Garnishment D - Spec. Cond. Wage TypesPY-DE
P2RD_STAUSPayroll Result: Garnishment D - Settlement PaymentPY-DE
P2RD_GUTHAPayroll Result: Garnishment D - Cluster Key DPPY-DE
P2RD_APFGRPayroll Result: Garnishment D - Garnishment BasesPY-DE
P01D3_DBMMDEUEV Confirmation: Data Module SHI Monthly DeclarationPY-DE
P01EL_DBGBData Module Birth Details of ELENA NotificationsPY-DE
T7PBSWBRP2GControl for Setting the Subprocess Scenario Status in SPSPY-DE
T7PBSWBRP2ADefinition of Selection Type for Proposed ProcessorPY-DE
T7PBSWBRP2HControl of Infotypes to Be Transferred from PWE to PAPY-DE
T7PBSWBRP4ADefine Meaning of Process ScenariosPY-DE
T7PBSWBRP2CNumber of Printouts in Process ScenarioPY-DE
T5DPBSZVZGTValid Reasons for Notification for SPI Group: TextPY-DE
T5DPBSZVZVESupplementary Pension InstitutePY-DE
T7PBSWBRP2DControl of Subprocesses for Background ProcessingPY-DE
T7PBSWBRP3AAssignment Between BAdI Return Value and User NamePY-DE
T7PBSWBRP2EOverall Status Change Based on Process and Overall StatusPY-DE
P01E2_TRANSRelationship Between GLBID/Proc. Data Ticket/Transfer TicketPY-DE
T7PBSWBRP1BDefinition of Processor Grouping KeysPY-DE
T7DEPBSNV0CAssignment Class for Generation Infotype 0883PY-DE
T7DEPBSNV0BAssignment of Calculation Reasons to Calculation TypesPY-DE
T7DEPBSNV0AAssignment of Calculation Types to Process ScenariosPY-DE
T7DEPBSNV07Booking of Retroactive Pension Insurance ResultsPY-DE
T7DEPBSNV06Deferment Types for Retroactive Pension InsurancePY-DE
T7DEPBSNV04Deferment Reasons Retroactive Pension InsurancePY-DE
T7DEPBSNV03Employment Types for Retroactive Pension InsurancePY-DE
T7DEPBSNV02Calculation Reasons for Retroactive Pension InsurancePY-DE
T7DEPBSNV01Calculation Types Retroactive Pension InsurancePY-DE
T7DEPBS25TRReason for Time Specification TypePY-DE
T7DEPBSNV08Control of Program for Paying/Posting/Printing RPIPY-DE
T7PBSWBRP4BAssignment of Business Scenario/Process Scenario to MeaningPY-DE
T7DEPBSNV05Suspension Types Entitlement Periods of Retro. Pension Ins.PY-DE
T7PBSWBRP1ADefinition of Control FeaturesPY-DE
T7DEPBSNV0DAssignment of Absence Types to Suspension TypesPY-DE
T5DPBSZVZGEDefinition of SPI Group: EntityPY-DE
T5DPBSZVTYTValid Notification Types: TextsPY-DE
T5D80_ABRSTAddress Data of Accounting OfficesPY-DE
T5DPBSZVBGTSP Assessment and Other Thresholds: TextPY-DE
T5DPBSZVAVTRing-Fencing of Supplementary Pension InstitutePY-DE
T5DPBSZVAGTEmployer-Specific Settings: TextPY-DE
T5DPBSZVAGEEmployer-Specific Settings: EntityPY-DE
T5DPBSZVABTValid Deregistration Reasons: TextsPY-DE
P01O_ZVB_RRTrigger of RA for Deferred Processing of Irregular PaymentsPY-DE
P01PF_RT_EPGarnishment Pr. of Origin: Results of Garnishment Calc.PY-DE
P2RD_ANVERSPayroll Result - Cluster RD: Structure for Imp. on PensionPY-DE
P01ZFA_ATTRAttributes of ZfA NotificationsPY-DE
PD3DBUV_DATDEUEV AI Data for Module DBUV - Accident InsurancePY-DE
PCSTM_DRAFTBW with IFbA: Statement DraftsPY-DE
T5DPBSZVERTValid Events Relevant for Notification: EntityPY-DE
T5D3A_ABWUVAlternative Determination of Responsible AI CarrierPY-DE
P01T_ELSTAMETStmt: ELStAM (as of 2012)PY-DE
T5D4X_ZERTRCertificate Request - Admin. Contrib. Statmt CertificatesPY-DE
T5DPBSZVSTTNotification Record Structures for Data Medium: TextPY-DE
T5D4ATS_VALDEUEV Occupational Code 2010 Input HelpPY-DE
T5DPBSZVRZTData Center Information: TextPY-DE
T5D4ATS_BRFDEUEV Occupational Code 2010 OccupationsPY-DE
T5DPBSZVPZTPercentages and Contract Models: TextPY-DE
T5DPBSZVPYTPayroll Control: TextPY-DE
T7DEPBSVLT0AAssignment of Calc. Reasons to Calc. Types for Severance PayPY-DE
T7DEPBSNV03TEmployment Types: Retroact. Pension Ins. - TextsPY-DE
PB2ADATEMAILHR-B2A: Data Table for Incoming E-MailsPY-DE
T7DEPBSNV04TDeferment Reasons: Retroactive Pension Insurance - TextsPY-DE
PDPBSZVANM_RSPI Confirmation: Registration (Record Type 30)PY-DE
T7DEPBSVLT01Calculation Types for Severance Pay When Changing EmployerPY-DE
T5DB_UREGELNLeave Regulations for IT 2006PY-DE
T7DEPBSNV05TSuspension Type Entitlement Period Retro. Pens. Ins. - TextsPY-DE
T7DEPBSVLT04Posting of Severance Payments for VersStaatsVPY-DE
T7DEPBSNV06TDeferment Types for Retroactive Pension Insurance - TextsPY-DE
T7DEPBSVLT03Control of Payment/Posting/Print for VersStaatsVPY-DE
T7DEPBSVLT02Calculation Reasons for Severance Pay (Change of Employer)PY-DE
P01ZFA_TRANSZfA: Status Table for TransferPY-DE
T7DEPBSVLT0BAssignment of Accounting Office to Public Sector EmployerPY-DE
T7DEPBSNV02TCalc. Reason for Retroact. Pension Ins. - TextsPY-DE
T5DPBS_VA_UBMaint. Payment (Req. Entry) for Entry Reason/Pension SchemePY-DE
P01E2_STATUSELStAM Procedure: Status TablePY-DE
P01E2_ELSTAMELStAM Procedure: Table of Change ListsPY-DE
T5D3A_ABWUVTTexts for Alternative Determination of AI CarrierPY-DE
T5DPBSZVMTSAEvents Relevant for Notif. -> Reasons for Notif., Rec. TypesPY-DE
PDPBSZVNAM_RSPI Confirmation: Name (Record Type 80)PY-DE
T7PBSWBRP1BTDefinition of User Name KeysPY-DE
T7PBSWBRP1ATDefinition of Control FeaturesPY-DE
PC01B2A_SVEMSI-Specific Storage E-Mails for Procedure for Returning DataPY-DE
T7DEPBSNV01TCalculation Types for Retroactive Pension Insurance - TextsPY-DE
T7PBSWBRP4ATControl of Infotypes to Be Transferred from PWE to PAPY-DE
T77PAY00_GPAAssignment of Subapplication SPA/GPA ParametersPY-DE
PDPBSZVADM_RSPI Confirmation: Administration TablePY-DE
PDPBSZVLOG_RSPI Confirmation: Log TablePY-DE
T7DEPBSVAVG02Conversion Values PensionPY-DE
T7DEPBSVLT02TTexts: Calc. Reasons for Severance Pay (Change of Employer)PY-DE
T7DEPBSVLT01TTexts: Calc. Types for Severance Pay for Change of EmployerPY-DE
P01ZFA_STATUSZfA: Status Management for NotificationsPY-DE
T5D4ATS_UMS35DEUEV Occupational Code 2010 Conversion Table Old(3)->New(5)PY-DE
P01SV_IT700_BAssignment IT 0700 Dynpro to Infotype StructurePY-DE
P01SV_MLDAUFRControl of Recalculation in SI ReportingPY-DE
P01W_ADMIN_01HR: Data Module: Administration for Health Insurance FundsPY-DE
T77PAY00_APPLSubapplications with BAdIPY-DE
P01SV_IT700_AAssignment Infotype Structure 0700 to Data ModulePY-DE
T5DB_KTARTGRPAbsence Quota Types Groups for IT 2006PY-DE
P01SV_MLDTRNSAssignment of Notifications to File CountersPY-DE
P01SV_B2ATRNSStatus Table Transfer to Social Insurance AgencyPY-DE
T7DEPBSVAVG01Current Pension Value (East, West)PY-DE
T7DEPBSVAVG03Annual Maximum Remuneration Point ValuesPY-DE
T7DEPBSVAVG04Average RemunerationPY-DE
T7DEPBSVAVG05Legal Basis for ReimbursementsPY-DE
T5DB_KTARTGRTTexts for Absence Quota Types Groups for IT 2006PY-DE
P01E2_MELD_STELStAM: Status of Notifications for the AdministratorPY-DE
T7DEPBSVAVG06Overriding of Texts from Tax Table for Pension PaymentPY-DE
P01E2_LIST_STStatus Table for ELStAM Procedure Change ListsPY-DE
PAPBSDENV_POINInput for Posting RunPY-DE
T5DB_ZUORDUREGAssignments for Leave Regulations for IT 2006PY-DE
PAPBSDENV_ANZREntitlement PeriodsPY-DE
T5DB_REISEZIELDestination for Expenses - Construction IndustryPY-DE
PDPBSDNEUG_UEBCarried Over to DNeuG: General HR Master RecordPY-DE
PDPBSTVOED_UEBTransfer to TVoeD: Personnel Master Record Before TransferPY-DE
T7DEPBSVAVGAGRRetirement Age Limit Calculation RulePY-DE
P01E2_TRANS_STStatus Table Transfer for ELStAM ProcedurePY-DE
PDPBSZVMDCARRSGrouped Data Medium Administration, SP ReportingPY-DE
PDPBSZV_PA0051ZVMP Employer to Be Overridden in IT0051 (Before ZVMP)PY-DE
P01ZFA_NN_KIDSZfA: Notifications Not Assigned - Child DataPY-DE
P01ZFA_NN_DATAZfA: Notifications Not AssignedPY-DE
T7PBS00TRF_DATPayscale Group-Dependent DataPY-DE
T5DB_KTARTATTTTexts for Attributes for Absence Quota Types for IT 2006PY-DE
T5DB_KTARTATTRAttributes for Absence Quota Types for IT 2006PY-DE
T7DEPBSVAVG05TLegal Basis for Reimbursements - TextsPY-DE
T7PBS00TRF_EVTPay Scale Events (Such as Standard Pay Increase)PY-DE
P01ZFA_NN_ATTRZfA: Attributes of Unassigned ZK01 NotificationsPY-DE
P01D3_DBUV_DATDEUEV Confirmation: Data for DBUV Data ModulePY-DE
T7DEPBSVAVGAGAAge and Calculation Rule of Retirement Age LimitPY-DE
P01E2_ABMELDUNGELStAM Procedure: Tables of Deregistration DataPY-DE
T7PBS00TRF_BASTLegal Basis (Text)PY-DE
P01E2_UMMELDUNGELStAM Procedure: Table of Change of Registration DataPY-DE
P01E2_ANMELDUNGELStAM Procedure: Table of Registration DataPY-DE
P01T_ADMIN_STATETStmt: Status Management Employment Tax StatementsPY-DE
T7DEPBSVAVGAGRTAge Limit Calculation Rule - TextsPY-DE
PAPBSDENV_POLOGStatus Information for Posting RunPY-DE
PAPBS00WBRP_LOGAction Log - Used for Logging in the PWEPY-DE
T5DB_REISEZIELTPY-DE-CI:Text Table Destination / Expenses: Const. IndustryPY-DE
P2RD_VERSORGUNGPayroll Result: Pension Payment (PS)PY-DE
HRPADDE_D_DN_CIDest. Rep. Data: Const. "Business Complete" InformationPY-DE
T7PBS00TRF_EVTTPay Scale Events (e.g. Standard Pay Increase) TEXTPY-DE
T7PBS00TRF_GRDLTPay Scale Basis or Statutory Basis: TextsPY-DE
T7PBS00TRF_GRDLGPay Scale Basis or Statutory BasisPY-DE
PAPBSDENV_PAYLOGRetroactive Pension Insurance Payment Runs PerformedPY-DE
P01O_TVOED_SZ_RREarlier December Data for RA Trigger: ASP TVoeD/TVAoeDPY-DE
PAPBSDEVA_VLTSV1Results Treaty on Sharing of Pension CostsPY-DE
PDEPBSVASEN_FSPAAssessed Employment PeriodsPY-DE
P01E2_LISTMTL_STELStAM: Status Table for Monthly Change ListsPY-DE
P01ZFA_NN_STATUSZfA: Status Management for ZKNN NotificationsPY-DE
HRPAYDEPBS_D_DNZDest. Rep. Data: Suppl.Pens. "Business Complete" InformationPY-DE
PDPBSZVDCARRIERSZVE-PBS Notification Procedure for Data Medium Admin.PY-DE
T7PBS00TRF_BETRGAmounts for Constants on Pay Scale Basis or Statutory BasisPY-DE
PAPBSDEVA_VLTSV3Status History for Reimbursements Acc. to Sec.10 VersStaatsVPY-DE
PAPBSDEVA_VLTSV4Reporting Data for Reimbursements Acc. to Sec.10 VersStaatsVPY-DE
PAPBSDENV_ANZR_DDynamized Entitlement Periods - ResultPY-DE
PAPBSDENV_RESULTResults/Payment Table Retroactive Pension InsurancePY-DE
PC01B2A_SVEMSTATSI-Specific Storage E-Mails for Procedure for Returning DataPY-DE
T7PBS00TRF_EVENTPay Scale Events (Such as Standard Pay Increase)PY-DE
T7PBS00TRF_DATESPayscale Group-Dependent DataPY-DE
PDEPBSVASEN_FSPBAssessed Employment Periods with Their Selection ClassPY-DE
PDEPBSVASEN_SIPASimulated Employment PeriodsPY-DE
PDEPBSVASEN_SIPBSimulated Employment Periods with Their Selection ClassPY-DE
PDPBSDNEUG_UEB_TCarried Over to DNeuG: Personnel Pay Scale InformationPY-DE
T7PBS00TRF_CONTTConstants for Pay Scale Basis or Statutory Basis TextsPY-DE
T7PBS00TRF_CONSTConstants for Pay Scale Basis or Statutory BasisPY-DE
PAPBSDEVA_VLTSV2Administration Table for Reimbursements Sec.10 VersStaatsVPY-DE
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