SAP Quality Inspection (QM-IM) Tables

TQ45Primary Packaging (Stability Study)QM-IM
TQ40Definition of sample typesQM-IM
TQ78Status-dependent processing table for insp. characteristicsQM-IM
TQ79Table with inspection point/user field combinationsQM-IM
QPRNSample drawing of phys. samplesQM-IM
TQ41Storage locations for physical samplesQM-IM
TQ84Confirmation profileQM-IM
QIWLTransfer table for QM subsystemsQM-IM
QPRSMaster record for phys. samplesQM-IM
TQ77Attributes for the Inspection CharacteristicQM-IM
TQ34Default values for inspection typeQM-IM
TQ06Procedure for Calculating the Quality ScoreQM-IM
TQ32Assignment of inspection type to originQM-IM
TQ73Origin of results dataQM-IM
TQ31Inspection Lot OriginsQM-IM
TQ30Inspection typesQM-IM
TQ74Recording configurationQM-IM
TQ12Ind. external numbering for test units in results recordingQM-IM
TQ33Relevant fields for originQM-IM
TQ76Processing status of inspection characteristicsQM-IM
TQ86Report category for defects recordingQM-IM
TQ42Physical sample containersQM-IM
QAPPInspection pointQM-IM
TQ46Screen Control Key for Physical-Sample TypeQM-IM
QASVSample specifications for inspection processingQM-IM
QAMVCharacteristic specifications for inspection processingQM-IM
QAMRCharacteristic results during inspection processingQM-IM
QAMBQM: Link Between Inspection Lot and Material DocumentQM-IM
QALTPartial lotQM-IM
QALSInspection lot recordQM-IM
QAKLResults table for value classesQM-IM
QASEResults table for the sample unitQM-IM
QASRSample results for inspection characteristicsQM-IM
TQ70Control table for results recordingQM-IM
TQ90QM Handheld: ApplicationsQM-IM
TQ43Storage ConditionsQM-IM
QEWLQM Handheld: Worklist for TransferQM-IM
QAVEInspection processing: Usage decisionQM-IM
TQ44Phys. sample typesQM-IM
QAESSample unit tableQM-IM
TQ70CFunction codes for navigation from the char.overview screenQM-IM
TQ46TDescriptions of Screen Control Keys for Phys.-Sample TypeQM-IM
TQ70FNavigation during results recordingQM-IM
TQ70SCharacteristic overview screen for results recordingQM-IM
TQ70EScreen-based processing tablesQM-IM
TQ73TTexts for origin of results dataQM-IM
TQHU2QM assignment of packing object for inspection lot originQM-IM
TQHU1QM control of HU postings (from QM view)QM-IM
TQMS2Objects for Multiple SpecificationsQM-IM
TQ90TQM Handheld: Application TextsQM-IM
TQ86TText table for report categoryQM-IM
TQ86AAssignment report category for work centerQM-IM
TQ84TText table for confirmation profileQM-IM
TQ79TKey words for inspeciton point user fieldsQM-IM
TQ78TTexts for the status-specific proc. table for insp. char.QM-IM
TQ77TText Tables for AttributesQM-IM
TQ76TTexts for the processing status of insp. characteristicsQM-IM
TQ74TRecording configurationQM-IM
TQMS1Types for Multiple Specification ObjectsQM-IM
TQ45TDescriptions of Primary Packaging (Stability Study)QM-IM
TQ44TDescriptions of Physical-Sample CategoriesQM-IM
QISTPEvaluation stepsQM-IM
QIMTHEvaluation methods QM STI interfaceQM-IM
QPRVKSample-drawing procedureQM-IM
QPRVPSample-drawing itemsQM-IM
T156QMovement Type: Material-Independent ControlQM-IM
TQ06TLanguage-specific texts for Table TQ06QM-IM
TQ07MQM: Inventory postings with usage decisionQM-IM
TQ12TTexts for the ind. for ext. numbering of units to be insp.QM-IM
TQ30TTexts for inspection typesQM-IM
TQ43TDescription of Storage ConditionsQM-IM
TQ42TTexts for phys. sample containersQM-IM
TQ41TTexts for storage locationsQM-IM
TQ40TText table for sample typeQM-IM
TQ32CLot creation allowed values for the originQM-IM
TQ31TDescriptions of Inspection Lot OriginsQM-IM
QISUBSubsytems for recording measured value data in QMQM-IM
QASRMSConfirmation Data for Multiple Specification SampleQM-IM
TQMS1TTexts for Types of Multiple Specification ObjectsQM-IM
TQEC30Settings for Copy Inspection Results Function/Operation UDQM-IM
TQMS2TTexts for Objects of Multiple SpecificationsQM-IM
QIMTHTTexts for evaluation methods: QM STI interfaceQM-IM
QISTPTTexts for evaluation stepsQM-IM
QISUBTText table subsystems for recording measured val. data in QMQM-IM
TQREOSQM: Archiving Parameter(s) for Physical SamplesQM-IM
QPRVKTHeader for sample drawing procedure textsQM-IM
QPRVPTItems for sample drawing procedure textsQM-IM
TQ32C_TTexts for lot creation indicatorQM-IM
QAMVRMSInsp. Specifications/Valuation for Multiple SpecificationsQM-IM
QAOBJMSMultiple Specifications - ObjectsQM-IM
QLOT_DSDigital Signature for Inspection LotsQM-IM
QSAMPLE_DSDigital Signature for SamplesQM-IM
QAOPERATIONRelation between Keyfields of PP and QMQM-IM
TQEC_MAPPINGProcess of Charac. Mapping When Copying Inspection ResultsQM-IM
TQEC_MAPPINGTText Table - Process of Charac. Mapping When Copying ResultsQM-IM
TQEC_SELECTIONData Selection Procedure for Copy Insp. Results FunctionQM-IM
TQEC_SELECTIONTText Table for Process of Data Selection for Copy of ResultsQM-IM
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