SAP Real Estate Management (RE) Tables

IVBKIncidental expenses collector-Document headerRE
IVBPLine Item (Settlement: Service Charge Collector) (Obsolete)RE
S401RE standard analysis partnerRE
S402Business entitiesRE
S406Rental unitsRE
S407Rental agreementsRE
S408Land registersRE
TDO6Land register type indicatorRE
TP14Business Partner: Address IDRE
TZR1Convert Roles between ApplicationsRE
TZR4Allocation of external roles to various application areasRE
ONRIACalculation unit object number indexRE
ONRIMRental unit object number indexRE
ONRIVRental agreement item object number indexRE
TDO6TText table for land registry indicatorRE
TFINDSAPscript: Search and replace strings in text modulesRE
TIA01Settlement variantsRE
TIA02Settlement periodsRE
TIA1TTexts for acct settlement variantsRE
TIANPMinimum amounts for adjustment of advance pmnts/flat-ratesRE
TIK01Condition types additional data for DARWIN Real EstateRE
TIK02Condition categoriesRE
TIK03Condition type - Condition category allocationRE
TIK04Excluded condition typesRE
TIK05Alternative reference areas for condition typesRE
TIK0BTexts for terms types (TIK02)RE
TILG1Vacancy reasonRE
TILGATexte TILG1 vacancy reasonsRE
TIPA1FI-FVVI: Parameters for tenancy law and adjustment typeRE
TIPABDarwin Real Est.: Comp.code-depend. parameters for rent adj.RE
TIPALRE: Tenancy Law/Country-Dependent Parameters for Rent Adj.RE
TIPARRent Adjustment: Rounding ParametersRE
TIPAZTable was replaced by TIPA1RE
TIPZBGeneral real estate installation parameters,
TIPZZReal estate installation parameters, comp.code-independentRE
TIS01Control of business activities: Real estate depend. activit.RE
TIS02Real estate status control: Set status and subsequent statusRE
TIV00Field status definitions for Real Estate object mgmtRE
TIV01External usage types of rental unitRE
TIV02Debit typesRE
TIV03Country-specific tenancy lawRE
TIV04Repr.list of rents surcharge/reductions featuresRE
TIV05Definition of Service Charge KeysRE
TIV06Service Charge Key Attributes for each Tenancy LawRE
TIV07Apportionment unit IDRE
TIV08Area typesRE
TIV09Room TypesRE
TIV0ARU Usage type ID'sRE
TIV0CDescription of country-specific tenancy lawRE
TIV0GSettlement factor nameRE
TIV0HTexts for TIV08 Area typesRE
TIV0ITexts for TIV09 Room typesRE
TIV10Bus. entity locationRE
TIV11Adjustment Method for Rent AdjustmentsRE
TIV12Parts of buildingRE
TIV13Internal usage types for rental unitRE
TIV14Reasons for Adjustment BlocksRE
TIV15Regional management - no longer usedRE
TIV16Maintenance districtRE
TIV17Darwin Real Estate: Storey names and storeysRE
TIV18Security deposit typesRE
TIV19Repres.list of rents size classesRE
TIV1AText Table for TIV11 (Adjustment Method for Rent Adjustment)RE
TIV1BTexts for building parts table (TIV12)RE
TIV1CInternal usage types for rental unit: TextsRE
TIV1DReasons for adjustment blocks: TextsRE
TIV1RLanguage table for security deposit types viewRE
TIV20Rep.list of rents master dataRE
TIV21Building age classesRE
TIV22Representative list of rents location classesRE
TIV23Fixtures/Fittings CategoriesRE
TIV24Surch./Reduct. for each Charact.Category and Area IntervalRE
TIV25Value table / Representative list of rentsRE
TIV26Real Estate Contract Type (Entities)RE
TIV27Value Table for Lease-Out Adjustment TypeRE
TIV28Corporate group type - Table no longer usedRE
TIV29Combination of adjustment type - usage cat./ext. usage typeRE
TIV2BLocation classes of representative list of rents - textsRE
TIV2CCharacteristics classes - NamesRE
TIV2FText table for Real Estate Contract Type (table TIV26)RE
TIV2GText Table for Lease-Out Adjustment Type (TIV27)RE
TIV2JRepresentative list of rents master textsRE
TIV2TText table for debit typesRE
TIV30Tenant service in a companyRE
TIV31Occupancy obligationRE
TIV32Elevator installation types for rental units-no longer usedRE
TIV34Water mains connection typesRE
TIV35Regional locationsRE
TIV36Main Usage TypesRE
TIV38Location on FloorRE
TIV39Reason for noticeRE
TIV3AOccupancy commitment textsRE
TIV3BTexts for table TIV32: Types of elevator installation in RURE
TIV3COut-of-date texts for TIV33: Media receptionRE
TIV3DTexts for TIV34: Water mains connection typesRE
TIV3FPredominant usage types textsRE
TIV3GLanguage table for floors (TIV37)RE
TIV3HLocation in storey - TextsRE
TIV3IReason for notice textsRE
TIV40Asset class assignment - Main usage typeRE
TIV41Lease-out notice rejection reasonRE
TIV42Rental agreement offer statusRE
TIV43Reasons for reduced percentage rate increaseRE
TIV44Transport connectionsRE
TIV45District LocationRE
TIV46Tax code for administration costs surcharge on IEARE
TIV47Posting rules for owner settlementRE
TIV48Allocation of condition types to settlement factorsRE
TIV4ARental agreement notice rejection reason textsRE
TIV4BRental agreement offer status textsRE
TIV4CTexts for TIV43: Reasons for reduced percent. rate increaseRE
TIV4DTraffic links - TextsRE
TIV4ESite textsRE
TIV50Heating Costs / Heating Systems Settlement CompanyRE
TIV51Cost elements according to accountancy firm/ heating systemsRE
TIV52Key conversion accountancy firm <-> partner cost elementsRE
TIV53Accountancy firm fuel typesRE
TIV54Fuel type + incidental expenses key as well (internal)RE
TIV55Key conversion fuel type DARWIN <-> Accountancy firmRE
TIV56Property typesRE
TIV57Quality of property locationRE
TIV58Property ground typeRE
TIV59Overall condition of propertyRE
TIV5AClassification of real estate objectsRE
TIV5BCost elements text table TIV51RE
TIV5DAccountancy firms fuel types - TextsRE
TIV5ETexts for fuel types (Darwin)RE
TIV5FText table for property typesRE
TIV5GTexts for the quality of property locationRE
TIV5HProperty ground type textsRE
TIV5ITexts for overall condition of propertyRE
TIV5TClassification of real estate objects (Text for TIV5A)RE
TIV60Real estate tax indicatorRE
TIV61Source of credit information - Institution providing info.RE
TIV62Credit standing for real estate applicationRE
TIV63Reasons for input tax optionRE
TIV64Periods of notice - replaced by TIVKUE2 and TIVKUE3RE
TIV65Non-Deductible Input Tax Acct AssignmentRE
TIV66Surcharge/reduction reasons for expert opinionRE
TIV67Flow Types for Service Charge KeyRE
TIV68Flow types/SCKey for vacancy with tenant serv. charge sett.RE
TIV69%-rates for index forwarding(depend.on tenancy law and loc.)RE
TIV6ANames of institutions supplying credit informationRE
TIV6BCredit standing of real estate applicant - TextsRE
TIV6CReasons for input tax opting text tableRE
TIV6FSurcharge/reduction types for expert report textsRE
TIV70Surcharge/reduction categoriesRE
TIV71Fixtures and fittings characteristicsRE
TIV72Fixtures and fittings objectsRE
TIV73Characteristics of fixtures/fittings objectsRE
TIV74Groups of fixture and fittings objectsRE
TIV75Usage of heating days for heating costs settlementRE
TIV76Area types for each external usage typeRE
TIV77Additional info. from SAP PS component per object typeRE
TIV78Additional info. from SAP PM component per object typeRE
TIV79Allocation of input tax correction accts in chart of acctsRE
TIV7AFixture and fitting feature textsRE
TIV7BNames of fixtures and fittings objectsRE
TIV7CDescriptions of fixture and fitting object characteristicsRE
TIV7DNames of fixture and fitting object groupsRE
TIV80Allocation of clearing accounts to cost accountsRE
TIV81Real estate object type - Status profile allocationRE
TIV82Allocate Cost Element Sets to RW Report GroupsRE
TIV83Condition of a real estate objectRE
TIV84Alloc.of non-ded.inp tax rev.acct to net rev.acct (SCS)RE
TIV85G/L acct/transaction category alloc. for down pmnts madeRE
TIV86Allocation of periodic fee types to condition typesRE
TIV87Allocation of calculation base for select.type/admin.cntrctRE
TIV88no longer usedRE
TIV89CH Rent adjustment: Adjustment to changed mortgage rate int.RE
TIV8AAssignment Cost Type - Flow Type Directly Assigned CostsRE
TIV8CCondition of a real estate object, textsRE
TIV8ZAllocate Events Management Contract to Fee TypesRE
TIV90Default-condition types for adjustment typeRE
TIV91Internal fee typesRE
TIV92External fee typesRE
TIV93Calculation types for calculating feesRE
TIV94Calculation base for calculating feesRE
TIV95Selection types for calculating feesRE
TIV96Calculation forms for management contractsRE
TIV97Events For Management ContractRE
TIV98Default values for business entitiesRE
TIV99Allocation of Event-Oriented Fees to Transaction TypesRE
TIV9AText table for internal fee typesRE
TIV9BText table for external fee typesRE
TIV9CText table for calculation typesRE
TIV9DText table for calculation basesRE
TIV9EText table for selection typesRE
TIV9FText table for calculation formsRE
TIV9GEvents for administration contracts text tableRE
TIV9HDefault Value Texts for Business EntitiesRE
TIV9IRE: Owner POR Data (Switzerland)RE
TIV9JRE: Control Data for POR Clearing Entries (Switzerland)RE
TIVA1Allocat.of rounding differences from incid.exp. sttlmntRE
TIVA2Regional Location Key for Heating Value DaysRE
TIVA3Tenancy law-dependent dataRE
TIVA4Heating Value Days for Heating Expenses SettlementRE
TIVA5REst. objects for IMKEY (as from Rel.3.0) client-independantRE
TIVA6Table No Longer Used (Replaced by T001R)RE
TIVA7Definition of correspondence applicationsRE
TIVA8Correspondence/Letter assignmentRE
TIVA9Land Register Sect. II Type of Charges and RestrictionsRE
TIVABRegional Location Key- Heating Value Days - TextsRE
TIVAEReal est. objects for IMKEY, textsRE
TIVAFCorrespondence area textsRE
TIVAGRE authorization groupsRE
TIVAIText reg. Sect.II Type of charges and restrictionsRE
TIVB1Day shiftRE
TIVB2Correspondence application - Correspondence activity alloc.RE
TIVB3Usage Types acc. to Development planRE
TIVB4Print control classes fix./fitting charact.RE
TIVB5Default Values for Selection acc. to Status of ObjectRE
TIVB7Priority for accommodation entitlement certificateRE
TIVB8Accomm.entitlemnt certif.: Special groups of peopleRE
TIVB9Additional information for accomm.entitlemnt certif.RE
TIVBADay shift (text for TIVB1)RE
TIVBCUsage type per development plan (texts)RE
TIVBDPrint control classes fix./fitting charact. (texts)RE
TIVBGLevel of priority for certificate of entitlement - textsRE
TIVBHAccomm.entitlement cert.: Special groups of people - TextsRE
TIVBIAdditional information for accomm.entitlement certificateRE
TIVC1Rental Request: Processing IndicatorRE
TIVC2Rental Request: Preselection IndicatorRE
TIVC3Rental Request Processing StatusRE
TIVC4Usage Type acc. to Area Usage PlanRE
TIVC5RE: Determine Factors for Account DeterminationRE
TIVC6Account Determination Key 4 for Lease-Out Accnt Determ.RE
TIVC7Accnt determination key for management ctrct accnt determ.RE
TIVC8Definition of bank procedure for tenantRE
TIVC9Bank procedureRE
TIVCAApplication: Processing indicator (text table)RE
TIVCBApplication: Preselection indicator (text table)RE
TIVCCApplication: Preselection indicator (text table)RE
TIVCDUsage type acc. to area usage plan (text)RE
TIVCFAccnt Determ. Key 4 for Lease-Out Accnt Det. - TextsRE
TIVCGAccnt determ. key 2 for mgt contract accnt det. - TextsRE
TIVFIRevenue elements for RE debit-side advance paymentsRE
TIVG1Municipality KeyRE
TIVG2Local SubdistrictRE
TIVGAMunicipality KeyRE
TIVGBLocal SubdistrictRE
TIVM1RA: Rent Adjustment ReasonsRE
TIVM2RA: Permitted Adjustment Methods for Each LO Adjustment TypeRE
TIVM3RA: Permitted Condition Types for Each Adjustment MethodRE
TIVM4RADJ: Reservations for Rent Adjustment ApprovalRE
TIVM5RA: Reasons for Rejecting a Rent AdjustmentRE
TIVM6RA: Rent Adjustment Reminder - CA for Reminder Proc./LevelRE
TIVM7RA: Reminder Procedure for Rent AdjustmentRE
TIVM8Logical Database Select Options UsedRE
TIVMARA: Text Table for TIVM1RE
TIVN1Defaults for Settlement Participation of Service Charge KeyRE
TIVN2Defaults for Settlement Participation of Condition TypeRE
TIVO1Rent Adjustment: Variables for RLR Control TableRE
TIVO2Rent Adjustment: Control Table for RRP AdjustmentRE
TIVP1Acquisition From Where (Application, Rental Agreement)RE
TIVP2Acquisition Reason (Application, Rental Agreement)RE
TIVP3Partner Acquisition: Why?RE
TIVPFRE default settlement profile per object typeRE
TIVS1Validation dates / logical field groupsRE
TIVSAName of logical field groups (Real Estate)RE
TIVSBSubstitution for Real Estate Management / Company codeRE
TIVT5Incidental expenses key textRE
TIVVAValidation for Real Esate Management / Company codeRE
TIVZWIncoming payment method attributesRE
TTXBRSAPscript: Letter list for search strings in text modulesRE
TVIRPReports for printing letters in DARWIN-Real EstateRE
TVROAAllocation of roles to partner / screen controlRE
TW12BRelationship table TW12 - RANTYPRE
TZB0CFlow category textsRE
TZD0ADarwin: Customer default values per trans. type for KNA1RE
TZE01Incoming Payment: Order of Evaluation CriteriaRE
TZE02Incoming Payments: Evaluation CriteriaRE
TZE03Incoming payments: Allocation tableRE
TZE04Incoming payments: Name of user-specific structureRE
TZE0BIncoming payments: Organizational criteria textsRE
TZK01Condition typesRE
TZK02Condition group, condition group - condition type allocationRE
TZK03Alloc.of VZZKOPO fields to field string items(MODIFY SCREEN)RE
TZK06Documentation key for condition type-dependent documentationRE
TZK09Relationship between condition typesRE
TZK0ACondition type texts (Table TZK01)RE
TZK0FText table for documentation key (TZK06)RE
TZS01Screen control: Possible control fields per module poolRE
TZS02Screen control: Field val.-specific cntrl customer settingRE
TZS03Screen control: Field val.-specific control default valuesRE
TZS12Sort strings for objectRE
TZS13Real estate objects acct settlement profile proposalRE
TZV10Entity table for address categoryRE
TZW02User <-> Determine messageRE
VILICICI Historical DataRE
VILIDICI Historical Data of D-BuildingRE
VILIRIRE Historical dataRE
VILISIRE Office dataRE
VIROZReal Estate: IPD reporting additional fieldsRE
VITXTRE: Correspondence - Company Code Standard TextRE
TFIND2SAPscript: Search for strings, copy modules, replace in copyRE
TIV05ZAssignment of Vendor Service Charge Keys to CustomerRE
TIV07ZAdditional Attributes of Settlement UnitRE
TIV100Real Estate direct input: Non-transferable fieldsRE
TIV70TSurch./reduction classes - Texts language-dep.RE
TIVAGTText Table for TIVAG (RE Authorization Groups)RE
TIVAR1Real Estate archiving residence timesRE
TIVAR2Executed Real Estate archivingRE
TIVC9TBank procedureRE
TIVM4TRA: Text Table for TIVM4RE
TIVM5TRA: Text Tables for TIVM5RE
TIVM7TRA: Text Table for TIVM7RE
TIVO1TRent Adjustment: Variables for RRL Substitution (Texts)RE
TIVP1TSource of ProspectRE
TIVP2TAcquisition Reason (Text Table)RE
TIVP3TPartner Acquisition: Why? (Text Table)RE
TIVRSMResubmission RulesRE
TIVTAXAssignment of Acquisition Tax IndicatorRE
TIVWA1Status of Apartment InspectionRE
TTXBFTCorrespondence Interface: Definition of Letter CategoriesRE
TVZ05BProcessing type for internal transaction (account statement)RE
TZW01TText table for TZW01 Application areas for resubmissionRE
VIAK01History of acct settlement runsRE
VIAK02Settlement Participation for Service Charge SettlementRE
VIAK03Settlement Unit Master RecordRE
VIAK04Allocation of Settlement Variants to Settlement UnitRE
VIAK05Allocation of rental units to calculation unitRE
VIAK06Calculation unit relationsRE
VIAK07Calculation unit option rateRE
VIAK08DME Settlement Units Master DataRE
VIAK09Assignment of Heating Systems to Calculation UnitsRE
VIAK10Fuel quantity on meter reading key-dateRE
VIAK11Inclusion of acct settlement results from D-tapeRE
VIAK12Acct settlement error logRE
VIAK13Apportionment Result for List Evaluation (SCSettlement)RE
VIAK14RA credit memo/receivable:now only used as structure!RE
VIAK16SCS: Identification Of Settlement With Log ReferenceRE
VIAK17Interface for settlement / transfer of advance paymentsRE
VIAK18Management fee surcharge for service charges settlementRE
VIAK19Costs Directly Assigned to Lease-OutRE
VIAK20RA credit memo/receivable (incid.exp.sttlmnt created)RE
VIAK21Split settlement factors for settlement variantRE
VIAK22Heat.oil supplyRE
VIAK23Service charges settlement: Participatn ID (set of part.RUs)RE
VIAK24Service charges settlement: Allocate RU to set of part. RUsRE
VIAK25Cost collector for SU (per settlement period)RE
VIAK26Master Settlement Unit: Participating Settlement UnitsRE
VIAKT5Rental units allocation IDRE
VIAKUVSales settlement historiesRE
VIAR01RE: REse@rch - Offered RE ObjectsRE
VIAR02RE: REse@rch - RE RequestsRE
VIAR03RE: REsearch - Offering/Searching Party (Web User)RE
VIARMVKey for archived lease-outsRE
VIBEAGOutflows for correction itemsRE
VIBEAMAllocate assets to correction itemsRE
VIBEBECorrection items for input tax treatmentRE
VIBEMEAssign rental units to correction itemsRE
VIBEOSOption/composite rates for correction itemsRE
VIBEPPFlow data - Planned items for real estate managementRE
VICN01Real Estate Contract: Contract DataRE
VICN02Real Estate Contract: Resubmission Data OLDRE
VICN03Real Estate Contract: Posting DistributionRE
VICN04RE Contract: Owner House BanksRE
VIDOCSReference Table for Real Estate DocumentsRE
VIEA01Cost elements for ownerRE
VIEA02Allocation of costs elements to owner cost elementsRE
VIEA03Administration information: Objects of owner settlementRE
VIEA05Owner acct settlement: Settlement identificationRE
VIEA06Management information: Owner for owner settlementRE
VIED01RE: Header for Memos on RE ObjectsRE
VIED02RE: Text Lines for Memos on RE ObjectsRE
VIEIGEOwners of real estate objectsRE
VIEIGTOLD, replaced by VIEIGE in 3.0RE
VIEPOSLine items for correction itemsRE
VIGB2AChanges in section 2 of land registerRE
VIGB3AChanges / deletions in section 3 of land registerRE
VIGBA1Section 1 of land registerRE
VIGBA2Section 2 of land registerRE
VIGBA3Section 3 of land registerRE
VIKOKOReal Estate condition headerRE
VIMI01Rental unit - Master dataRE
VIMI02Fixtures and Fittings Characteristics of a Rental UnitRE
VIMI03Occupancy type history for rental unitRE
VIMI04Old. replaced in 3.0 with VIMIMVRE
VIMI05Characteristics per rental requestRE
VIMI07Reported Sales for Sales-Based Lease-OutRE
VIMI08Apportionment units per rental unitRE
VIMI09Graded Lease-OutRE
VIMI10Rental agreement additional textRE
VIMI11Applications - Real Estate ManagementRE
VIMI12Rental requests in an applicationRE
VIMI13Co-applicant - LeasingRE
VIMI14RA: Adjustment block for terms typesRE
VIMI15Comparative group header dataRE
VIMI16RE: Records of a Rent Adjustment RunRE
VIMI17RE: Adjustment Run HeaderRE
VIMI18Rent Adjustment History for Lease-OutRE
VIMI19Fixt. + fitt. features for external comparative apartmentsRE
VIMI20Compar.accommod.:Assign RU or ext. comp.aprtmnt to accommod.RE
VIMI21Alloc. rental unit - comparative accomm. for rent adjustmentRE
VIMI22Assignment / Rental unit - rental request offersRE
VIMI23Determination of Year and Percent for Sls-Bsd LORE
VIMI24Percentage for Sales for Sales-Based Lease-OutRE
VIMI25Sales reportsRE
VIMI26Notice of rental agreementRE
VIMI27Modernization MeasureRE
VIMI28Sales settlement historiesRE
VIMI29Maintenance orders - Modernization measure allocationRE
VIMI30Allocation of WBS elements to modernization measureRE
VIMI31Allocation of rental units to modernization measureRE
VIMI32Other collateralRE
VIMI33Offers for a rental unit (-> VIMIMV)RE
VIMI34Determine year and percent for sales-based agreement (offer)RE
VIMI35Percent for sales for sales-based rental agrmnt (offer)RE
VIMI36Index-Linked Lease-Out OfferRE
VIMI37RA offer: Adjustment block for term typesRE
VIMI38Cost centers (RU / LO) Real EstateRE
VIMI39Tenant change; data for apartment inspectionRE
VIMI40Tenant change: Data on release of rental depositsRE
VIMI41Expert opinion on rent adjustmentRE
VIMI42Markup/markdown on expert opinionRE
VIMI43Allocation of expert opinion to rental unitsRE
VIMI44OLD, replaced by VIMI54 for 3.0RE
VIMI45OLD, replaced by VIMI55 for 3.0RE
VIMI46OLD, replaced by VIMI56 for 3.0RE
VIMI47Tenant change: Alloc.of maint.orders to sec.deposit releaseRE
VIMI54Real Estate: Time-dependent adjustment dataRE
VIMI55Index Data for Lease-Out (Time-Dependent)RE
VIMI56LO: Adjustment Block for Condition TypesRE
VIMIEVSupplementary lease-outsRE
VIMIIHInvoice HeaderRE
VIMIIPInvoice ItemsRE
VIMIK1RA Periods of notice: Period regulationRE
VIMIK2RA periods of notice: Deadline regulationRE
VIMIRAInstalments for Lease-OutRE
VIMIRDLog for Real Estate invoice printRE
VIMITHRental agreement number and doc.number for printing invoicesRE
VIMIUHSales-Based LO: Contractual Sales Lease-Outs HeaderRE
VIMIUISales-Based Grading Lease-Out ItemsRE
VIMIWBAccomm.entitlement certif. for application and LORE
VIOB01Business entitiesRE
VIOB02Property master dataRE
VIOB03Real estate building masterRE
VIOB04Buildings: Fixtures and fittings characteristicsRE
VIOB05Building option rateRE
VIOB06Property option rateRE
VIOB07Business entity option rateRE
VIOB09Areas for each Rental Unit (Obsolete)RE
VIOB10Number of rooms per rental unitRE
VIOB11Assignment of rooms to rental unitsRE
VIOB12Areas per rental requestRE
VIOB13No. of rooms per rental requestRE
VIOB14Areas for Building (Obsolete)RE
VIOB15Areas for propertiesRE
VIOB17Rent request: LocationsRE
VIOB18Comparative apartments for rent adjustment, external accomm.RE
VIOB19Rent request: Storey table upto 15.07.94RE
VIOB20Fixtures and fittings objects for buildingRE
VIOB21Fixtures and fittings objects for roomRE
VIOB23Area per roomRE
VIOB24Rental units per usage type (plan)RE
VIOB27Relationship between properties and buildingsRE
VIOB28OLD, replaced by VIOB39 for 3.0RE
VIOB29OLD, replaced by VIOB39 for 3.0RE
VIOB30Rent request: Storey tableRE
VIOB35Productive HoldingsRE
VIOB37Relationship between real estate objects and SAP-FI-AARE
VIOB38Relationship between Real Estate objects and SAP-PSRE
VIOB39Relationship between Real Estate objects and SAP-PMRE
VIOB40Time-dependent areas of real estate obj.: Newest entryRE
VIOB41History of time-dependent areas of real estate objectsRE
VIOB42RE: Real Estate Object in PortfolioRE
VIOBOVAssignment Table for Real Estate to Standard ObjectsRE
VIRN01RE: Renewal Rules for ContractRE
VIRN02RE: Date Scheduling of Renewals by ContractRE
VIRS01RE: Resubmission - Object RulesRE
VIRS02RE: Resubmission - Object Rule ParameterRE
VIRS03RE: Resubmission - Object Data FlowRE
VISLIDDebit position historyRE
VITAXALine items for correction itemsRE
VITAXDTax Shares per Real Estate Account AssignmentRE
VITAXROutflows for correction itemsRE
VITAXUTax transfer posting for advance payments with jurisdictionRE
VIVSTBDocument reference for input tax treatmentRE
VIVSTIInput tax treatment interface: Records not yet updatedRE
VIVW01Management contract: General dataRE
VIVW02Management contract: Periodic fee typesRE
VIVW03Management contract: Calculation forms with selectionsRE
VIVW04Management contract: Settlement periods for fee typesRE
VIVW05Management contract: Managed objectsRE
VIVW06Management contract: Event-driven fee typesRE
VIVW07Allocation periods: Real estate obj. to management contractRE
VIVW08Events for management contractsRE
VIVW09Postings for management costs settlementsRE
VIVW10Interface advance paymentsRE
VIWEGBRelation table between buildings and assetsRE
VIWEGRRelation table between property and assetsRE
VIWI01Cost Efficiency Analysis Total CostsRE
VIWI02Cost Efficiency Analysis Finance PlanRE
VIWI03Cost Efficiency Analysis Current ExpenditureRE
VIWI04Cost Efficiency Analysis Average Rent/ChargesRE
VIWI05Cost Efficiency Analysis Current ExpenditureRE
VIWIGKCost Efficiency Analysis Total CostsRE
VIWIRTCost Efficiency Analysis Basic TableRE
VIWIV1Simplified CEA: Property and Building DescriptionRE
VIWIV2Simplified CEA: Calculation of Total CostsRE
VIWIV3Simplified CEA: Finance Plan Outside FundsRE
VIWIV4Simplified CEA: Finance Plan Internal ActivitiesRE
VIZA01Meter for incidental expenses consumptionRE
VIZA02Meter readings from incid.expenses consumption metersRE
VIZNKOAssignment RE Object <-> Account Assignment IDRE
VIZNRNAssignment: Real Estate numbers <-> IMKEY <-> INTRENORE
VVNOPTRE Transfer Table Option RatesRE
VZWDVLBuffer for sends within Financial Assets ManagementRE
BDSRE26BDS: Relationship InstancesRE
TIVAR01RE: REse@rch - Object CategoryRE
TIVAR02RE: REse@rch - Group of a Rental ObjectRE
TIVAR03RE: REse@rch - CharacteristicsRE
TIVAR04RE: REse@rch - Type of Parking Space for RE ObjectRE
TIVAR05RE: REse@rch - District Location (Rental Request)RE
TIVAR06RE: REse@rch - Transport ConnectionRE
TIVAR99Application: Fields Status Control with Category CriteriumRE
TIVBW01RE: Settings for Extracting Imminent VacanciesRE
TIVCN01Resubmission RulesRE
TIVCN02Resubmission - Signatory Definition of a RuleRE
TIVCN03Resubmission - Reasons for ResubmissionRE
TIVCN04Object in Portfolio - Valid StatusesRE
TIVCN05RE Contract: Relationship between Contract and ObjectsRE
TIVCN06RE Contract: Product Category <-> AcctDet. ApplicationRE
TIVCN07Assignment Contract Type <-> Object CategoryRE
TIVCN08Account Determination Key 2 for General Contract AcctDet.RE
TIVCN09Renewal Rules - Header DataRE
TIVCN10Renewal Rules - Renewal PeriodsRE
TIVKATEDefinition of CategoriesRE
TIVKUE1Basic table for periods of noticeRE
TIVKUE2Period regulation - periods of noticeRE
TIVKUE3Deadline regulation - periods of noticeRE
TIVMA01RE: Rent Adj. - Assignment Index Series -> Forecast SeriesRE
TIVRSMTResubmission Rules - TextsRE
TIVT033Validat.Table for Acct Determin. "for Acct to be Replaced"RE
TIVWA1TStatus of Apartment InspectionRE
TVZ05BTProcessing type for internal trans. (acct statement) textsRE
VIAK22THeat.oil supply textsRE
VIAROBJArchived real estate objectsRE
VICNSCSReal Estate Contract: Service Charge KeyRE
VIGBFLSParcels of land for propertyRE
VIGBSTDReal estate register of land registerRE
VIGBUCHLand registerRE
VIGBZABAppreciations/deprecations for land register listRE
BDSPHF26BDS: Files of Physical Information ObjectsRE
BPOBIMMOBusiness Partner - Object Relationship: Real EstateRE
TIVAR01TRE: REse@rch - Text Table for TIVAR01RE
TIVAR02TRE: REse@rch - Text Table for TIVAR02RE
TIVAR03TRE: REse@rch - Text Table for TIVAR03RE
TIVAR04TRE: REse@rch - Text Table for TIVAR04TRE
TIVAR05TRE: REse@rch - Text Table for TIVAR05RE
TIVAR06TRE: REse@rch - Text Table for TIVAR06RE
TIVBOLLOParameters Imposta di BolloRE
TIVCN01TResubmission - Text Table for TIVCN01RE
TIVCN02TResubmission - Text Table for TIVCN02RE
TIVCN03TResubmission - Text Table for TIVCN03RE
TIVCN04TObject in Portfolio - Text Table for TIVCN04RE
TIVCN05TReal Estate Contract: Text Table for TIVCN05RE
TIVCN08TAccount Determ. Key 2 for Gen. Contract AcctDet - TextsRE
TIVCN09TRenewal Rules - Text Table for TIVCN09RE
TIVKATETDefinition of Categories: Text TablesRE
TIVKUE2VNotice Periods for Period Regulation - Tenant ViewRE
TIVKUE3VNotice Periods for Deadline Regulation - Tenant ViewRE
TIVLICADICI Calculation coefficient for D-BuildingRE
TIVLICLXICI Class codes textsRE
TIVLICPAICI Payment instalmentRE
TIVLICRUICI Use grouping codesRE
TIVLICRXICI Use grouping codes textsRE
TIVLICTGICI cadastral categoriesRE
TIVLICTXICI cadastral categories textsRE
TIVLIRTRAnagrafica tributiRE
TIVROZ01IPD: Classification of participantRE
TIVROZ02IPD: Ownership structureRE
TIVROZ03IPD: Type of retail trade objectRE
TIVROZ04IPD: Region (only for usage type office > 50%)RE
TIVROZ05IPD: Office typeRE
TIVROZ06IPD: Commercial object typeRE
TIVROZ07IPD: Location of commercial objectRE
TIVROZ08IPD: Link to commercial objectRE
TIVROZ09IPD: Type of resid. object (only for usage type apart.> 50%)RE
TIVROZ0AIPD: Classification of participantRE
TIVROZ0BIPD: Ownership structureRE
TIVROZ0CIPD: Type of retail trade objectRE
TIVROZ0DIPD: Type of retail trade objectRE
TIVROZ0EIPD: Type of retail trade objectRE
TIVROZ0FIPD: Commercial object typeRE
TIVROZ0GIPD: Commercial object typeRE
TIVROZ0HIPD: Link to commercial objectRE
TIVROZ0IIPD: Type of resid. object (only for usage type apart.> 50%)RE
TIVROZ10IPD: Rent category (only for usage type apartment > 50%)RE
TIVROZ11IPD: Valuation methodRE
TIVROZ1AIPD: Type of resid. object (only for usage type apart.> 50%)RE
TIVROZ1BIPD: Valuation methodRE
TIVSCS01Settlement CategoryRE
TIVWEB01RE: Web Link - Buttons/Link for Navigation BarsRE
TIVWEB02RE: Web Link - Control F1Bs for ProgramRE
TZTXTS01Word processing: Form lettersRE
VIAKBKPFDocument Header from Service Charge Settlement for InterfaceRE
VIAKBSEGDocument Line Item from SCS for InterfaceRE
VIRPALV0ALV: Used Database TablesRE
VIRPALV1ALV: Used Fields and SourcesRE
VIRPALV2ALV: Selection CriteriaRE
VIRPALV3ALV: Data Table Allocation to Object TableRE
VIRPALV4ALV: Text Table and DomainsRE
VIRPALV5ALV: Text Table FieldsRE
VIRPALV6ALV: Field Catalog ModificationsRE
VIRPS406Rental unitsRE
VIRPS407Rental agreementsRE
VISPRTL3RE: Assignment of TCODEs to Business Objects (SPRTL3)RE
VVNVSTBELegacy Data Transfer: Transf.Table Input Tax Correct. ValuesRE
BDSCHKF26BDS: File Name for Last Check-OutRE
BDSCHKO26BDS: Check Out Data for Physical Information ObjectRE
BDSCONT26BDS: Table for Document Contents (Import/Export)RE
BDSLOIO26BDS: Instances of Logical Information ObjectsRE
BDSLOPR26BDS: Attribute Values of Logical Information ObjectsRE
BDSLORE26BDS: Outgoing Relationships of Logical Information ObjectsRE
BDSLORI26BDS: Incoming Relationships of Logical Information ObjectsRE
BDSPHHR26BDS: Outgoing Hyperlinks from Physical ObjectsRE
BDSPHIO26BDS: Instances of Physical Information ObjectsRE
BDSPHNM26BDS: Use of Target Anchors in Physical ObjectsRE
BDSPHPR26BDS: Attributes of Physical Information ObjectsRE
BDSPHRE26BDS: Outgoing Relationships of Physical Information ObjectsRE
BDSPHRI26BDS: Incoming Relationships of Physical Information ObjectsRE
BDSREPR26BDS: Relationship AttributesRE
RFVIBK01ABank Procedure Test Data - A-RecordRE
RFVIBK01CBank Procedure Test Data - C-RecordRE
RFVIBK01EBank Procedure Test Data: E-RecordRE
RFVIBK01VBank Procedure Test Data - C-Record - File ExtensionRE
TIVCNADJTContract Type <-> Adjustment Type AssignmentRE
TIVCPOI02Partner Assignment in the Includes of the OI Print StructureRE
TIVSCS01TTexts on Settlement CategoryRE
TIVSKZ2UEConversion of Statistical Key Figures for Apportionment UnitRE
TIVWEB01TRE: Web Link - Text Table for TIVWEB01RE
VICNSCSAUReal Estate Contract: Settlement UnitRE
VICNSCSPPReal Estate Contract: Liability ReservesRE
VICNSCSRHReal Estate Contract: Service Charge Settlement HeaderRE
VICNSCSRPReal Estate Contract: Service Charge Settlement ItemRE
BDSLOIOT26BDS: Descriptions of Logical Information ObjectsRE
BDS_CONN26BDS: Link Table Default for Undefined ClassRE
RFVIAUSZUGTest Data for RE Multicash Statement DataRE
RFVIUMSATZTest Data for RE Multicash Sales DataRE
TIVCORRGRPDefinition of Correspondence GroupRE
VIMIMEHEADRE: Header Data for MIME ObjectRE
VIMIMELINERE: Data Lines of a MIME objectRE
VIMIMVKATEText Module in Dependence of Category and Rental AgreementRE
VZZKOPO_DMAmount fields for VZZKOPO in original currencyRE
TIVCORRGRPTCorrespondence Group NameRE
TIVTAXSCS_CZTax Code for SSC Receivable Dependent on Cost Element (CZ)RE
TIVA7_SAP_FUNCCorresp.Applic.: Assigned FMs for Differ. CharacteristicsRE
TIVCORRGRPDTLSCorresp.Group: Assignment of Corr.Applic. and Corr.ActivityRE
TIVA7_CUST_FUNCrresp.Applic.: Assigned FMs for Differ. Characteristics"RE
TIVA7_HELP_INFODefinition of Correspondence ApplicationsRE
TIVRCTYPCORRGRPDefault Correspondence Group for Rental Agreement TypeRE
TIV_OB_SETTINGSSettings for RE Object BrowserRE
TIV_OB_WORKLISTTable for Saving the List with Work ListsRE
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SAP Basic Data Tables

TIVJUMP01REMD Direct Entry: Transaction DeterminationRE-BD
TIVJUMP02REMD Direct Entry: OK Code DeterminationRE-BD

SAP Rental Tables

VIAR05RE: REsearch - Favorites Offers/Requests Per UserRE-RT
VIAR04RE: REsearch - Rental Request - OfferRE-RT
TIPZBSRInstallation Parameters for Real Estate: Sales SettlementRE-RT
TIVAR07RE: REsearch - Conversion of RU-feature->Offer obj. -FeatureRE-RT
TIVAR08RE: REsearch - Preassignment For Offer Object/Rental RequestRE-RT
TIVAR09RE: REsearch - Set Status for Permitted ProcessesRE-RT
TIVAR10RE: REsearch - Relationship Status of Rental Request - OfferRE-RT
TIVAR16RE: REsearch - Parameters With Approximate EvaluationRE-RT
TIVAR11RE: REsearch - Transactions For Rental RequestRE-RT
TIVAR13RE: REsearch - Types of REsearch UsersRE-RT

Full List of SAP Rental Tables

SAP Flexible Real Estate Management Tables

TIG00Basic Settings CRERE-FX
TIG20Room TypesRE-FX
VIBDRORental ObjectRE-FX
VICNCNReal Estate ContractRE-FX
VIAJATAdjustment MeasureRE-FX
VIBDBEBusiness EntityRE-FX
VICARGRegistration EntryRE-FX
VIBDAOArchitectural ObjectRE-FX

Full List of SAP Flexible Real Estate Management Tables