SAP SCM Basis (SCM-BAS) Tables

CPVINFRPurchasing info record and production version assignmentSCM-BAS
CPV_MPVUsed production version for Multiple PVSCM-BAS
APODELTAATP: POSGUID Copied to a Second R/3 SystemSCM-BAS
CIFPOMAPMapping Table NR/POS/ET <-> APO GUID (Purch. Ord. Docs)SCM-BAS
CIFRVMAPMapping Table NR/POS/ET <-> APO GUID (Sales Orders)SCM-BAS
CIF_IMAXMaximum Vectors for Target System and Publishing TypeSCM-BAS
CIF_IMODBasis Table of Integration Model for APO InterfaceSCM-BAS
CIF_IMPOIntegration Model Reference Table for OrdersSCM-BAS
CAVEIBDOCCAVE: Inbound Document ProcessingSCM-BAS
CIFAPLSETApplication-Specific Settings, Target System-DependentSCM-BAS
CIFBALSELApplication Log: CIF Extension for Log SelectionSCM-BAS
CIFCPINFOControl Table for APO-CIF CP Change TransferSCM-BAS
CIFERRLOGError Recording in Enhanced CIF Error HandlingSCM-BAS
CIFOPMODETransfer Modes for Relevant Logical SystemSCM-BAS
CIFORDMAPMapping Table Order No. <-> APO-GUID (Plan/Prod. Orders)SCM-BAS
CIFRFCDESRFC Destinations for CIF Dialog ApplicationsSCM-BAS
CIFSELOPTDefinition of the Selection Options for Publishing TypesSCM-BAS
CIFSLSMAPMapping Table NR/POS/ET <-> APO GUID (Sales Orders)SCM-BAS
CIF_CHANNTable for Locking Channels to Target SystemsSCM-BAS
CIF_IMATPIntegration Model Reference Table for ATP CheckSCM-BAS
CIF_IMBTCIntegration Model Reference Table for BatchesSCM-BAS
CIF_IMCHRIntegration Model Reference Table for CharacteristicsSCM-BAS
CIF_IMCLAIntegration Model Reference Tables for ClassesSCM-BAS
CIF_IMCUSIntegration Model Reference Table for CustomersSCM-BAS
CIF_IMECMInt. Model Reference Table for Engineering Change ManagementSCM-BAS
CIF_IMFCCIntegration Model Reference Table for Requirements ReductionSCM-BAS
CIF_IMFFFIM Reference Table for FFF ClassesSCM-BAS
CIF_IMGSTIntegration Model Reference Table for Quota Info. StructuresSCM-BAS
CIF_IMKSCInt. Model Reference Table for Product Allocation ProcedureSCM-BAS
CIF_IMLOTIntegration Model Reference Table for Inspection LotsSCM-BAS
CIF_IMMATIntegration Model Reference Table for MaterialSCM-BAS
CIF_IMMSLIntegration Model Reference Table for Consumption DataSCM-BAS
CIF_IMORDIntegration Model Reference Table for Production OrdersSCM-BAS
CIF_IMPCMIntegration Model Reference Table for Production CampaignsSCM-BAS
CIF_IMPIRIMod Reference Table for Planned Independent RequirementSCM-BAS
CIF_IMPLOIntegration Model Reference Table for Planned OrdersSCM-BAS
CIF_IMPLTIntegration Model Reference Table for PlantsSCM-BAS
CIF_IMPPMInt. Model Reference Table for Production Process ModelSCM-BAS
CIF_IMPPRInt. Mod. Reference Table for Planning ProductsSCM-BAS
CIF_IMPROIMod Reference Table for Retail PromotionSCM-BAS
CIF_IMRESIntegration Model Reference Table for CapacitySCM-BAS
CIF_IMRSVIntegration Model Reference Table for ReservationsSCM-BAS
CIF_IMSHPIntegration Model Reference Table for ShipmentsSCM-BAS
CIF_IMSLSIntegration Model Reference Table for Sales OrdersSCM-BAS
CIF_IMSSDIntegration Model Reference Table for Simple DiscontinuationSCM-BAS
CIF_IMSTGIMod Reference Table for Setup GroupsSCM-BAS
CIF_IMSUSIMod Reference Table for SupersessionSCM-BAS
CIF_IMVENIntegration Model Reference Table for VendorsSCM-BAS
CIF_IMVMIMapping Table for Scheduling Sales OrderSCM-BAS
CIF_TCO43Enhancements for TCO43 in Plug-InSCM-BAS
CIF_VMISDConfirmation of Sales Area Data and Order Category for VMISCM-BAS
CRTO_BADISystem Table with Functions for Defining Filter ValuesSCM-BAS
CIFALOGCNFConfiguration of the CIF Application LogSCM-BAS
CIFAPLSET2Application-Specific Settings, Target System-IndependentSCM-BAS
CIFERRCTRLControl for Enhanced CIF Error HandlingSCM-BAS
CIFGPARAMSGlobal Parameters for CIFSCM-BAS
CIFIMODGENCustomizing the Automatic Generation of Integration ModelsSCM-BAS
CIFOBJINFCControl Table for APO-CIF Filter Objects, Client-DependentSCM-BAS
CIFOBJINFOControl Table for APO-CIF Filter Objects, Client-IndependentSCM-BAS
CIFTXTPOOLTable for Storing Additional Integration Model TextsSCM-BAS
CIFVENTYPEAssignment of Vendor Account Group to APO Location TypeSCM-BAS
CIF_CLBLANRelease CIF from CL ApplicationsSCM-BAS
CIF_IMAMPLIntegration Model Table for Approved Manufacturer Parts ListSCM-BAS
CIF_IMCHARIntegration Model Reference Table for ClassificationSCM-BAS
CIF_IMCHRGIntegration Model Reference Table for Batch Master DataSCM-BAS
CIF_IMCTBWIntegration Model Reference Table for Data SourceSCM-BAS
CIF_IMCUVTIMod Reference Table for Planning TableSCM-BAS
CIF_IMFESRIMod Reference Table for Str. Elements and Supply RelsSCM-BAS
CIF_IMIPPEIMod Reference Table for IPPESCM-BAS
CIF_IMIPRTIMod Reference Table for IPPE Runtime ObjectSCM-BAS
CIF_IMMARCIntegration Model Reference Table for Stock in TransitSCM-BAS
CIF_IMMARDIntegration Model Reference Table for Storage Location StockSCM-BAS
CIF_IMMBOMIMod Reference Table for Material BOM'sSCM-BAS
CIF_IMMCHBIntegration Model Reference Table for Batch StocksSCM-BAS
CIF_IMMKOLInt. Model Reference Table for Consignment Stock for VendorSCM-BAS
CIF_IMMRPAIntegration Model Reference Table for MRP AreasSCM-BAS
CIF_IMMSKAIntegration Model Reference Table for Sales Order StockSCM-BAS
CIF_IMMSKUInt. Model Reference Table for Special Stocks at CustomerSCM-BAS
CIF_IMMSLBInt. Model Reference Table for Special Stocks at VendorSCM-BAS
CIF_IMMSPRIntegration Model Reference Table for Project StocksSCM-BAS
CIF_IMNETWInt. Mod. Reference Table for NetworksSCM-BAS
CIF_IMPMODInt. Mod. Reference Table for Maintenance OrdersSCM-BAS
CIF_IMPVBEIMod Reference Table for Production Supply AreaSCM-BAS
CIF_IMSDLSInt. Mod. Reference Table for Sales Scheduling Agmnt ItemsSCM-BAS
CIF_IMSPNTIM Reference Table for Shipping PointsSCM-BAS
CIF_IMSRCCImod Reference Table for ContractsSCM-BAS
CIF_IMSRCDIMod Reference Table for Scheduling AgreementsSCM-BAS
CIF_IMSRCIIMod Reference Table for Purchasing Info RecordsSCM-BAS
CIF_IMVCLPIntegration Model Reference Table for VMI Customer MaterialSCM-BAS
CIF_MTCFGSDefault Values for Configuration Relevance for SAP APOSCM-BAS
CIF_TMRPDSMRP DS: Customizing to Activate MRP based DSSCM-BAS
CIF_UPDCNTManagement of Change Status for an Order in CIFSCM-BAS
CRCIFKAPIDObject IDs for Changed CapacitiesSCM-BAS
CIFSTKUCOUNTCIF Update Counter Table for StocksSCM-BAS
CIF_IMMTMRPAIntegration Model Reference Table for MaterialSCM-BAS
CIF_IMOD_TEMPTemporary Data Storage for CIF Integration ModelsSCM-BAS
CIF_IMRESTMEQIntegration Model Reference Table for EquipmentSCM-BAS
CIF_IMRESTMFLIntegration Model Reference Table for Functional LocationSCM-BAS
CIF_PREF_INDXCluster Table for Storing User SettingsSCM-BAS
ICH_D_MWO_PPNManufactoringWorkOrderProductionProgress controlSCM-BAS
CIF_MAP_HANDLETable: Conversion of Object ID to Unique HandleSCM-BAS
CIF_MD_CHANGESChanges to BOM, Routing and Production VersionSCM-BAS
CIF_PPM_CHANGEDPPM: Change Transfer - Changed Production VersionsSCM-BAS
CIF_LAYPREF_INDXCluster Table for Storing Layout SettingsSCM-BAS
CIF_MAP_REP_LAYTTable for Converting Report Name to Unique IDSCM-BAS
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