SAP Basic Functions (SD-BF) Tables

B024Shipping pointSD-BF
B200Overall Status - Credit CheckSD-BF
FPLABilling PlanSD-BF
FPLTBilling Plan: DatesSD-BF
KNMTCustomer-Material Info Record Data TableSD-BF
KNVHCustomer HierarchiesSD-BF
NACHDetailed output dataSD-BF
QTCHProduct Allocation: Feature DirectorySD-BF
QTVBProduct Allocation: Allocation used by Customer OrderSD-BF
T180Screen Sequence Control: Transaction Default ValuesSD-BF
T190Product Allocation: ControllingSD-BF
T459Availability Check: Requirements and Planning TypesSD-BF
T684Condition Exclusion GroupsSD-BF
T689Download Profile for the ConditionsSD-BF
TFRMForm Routines for Requirements/Formulas/Data TransportsSD-BF
THITCustomer Hierarchy TypesSD-BF
TSKDCustomer TaxesSD-BF
TSPAOrganizational Unit: Sales DivisionsSD-BF
TTABTax Table Dependent Parameters (Foreign Key)SD-BF
TTBDDirectory of text module for documentsSD-BF
TTXBfields that serve as base for maximum taxSD-BF
TTXFstatus transition diagram for tax document during pricingSD-BF
TTXGText Processing: Text ID GroupsSD-BF
TTXMlist of tax lawsSD-BF
TTXXtable to determine which tax law is usedSD-BF
TTXZSD Text Processing: Access SequencesSD-BF
TVBRContact Person: Frequency of VisitsSD-BF
TVFOSubsequent Functions and RequirementsSD-BF
TVHBSales Document: Screen Sequence GroupSD-BF
TVHFSales Document: Field Selection GroupsSD-BF
TVKGSales Documents: Reasons for CancellationSD-BF
TVKOOrganizational Unit: Sales OrganizationsSD-BF
TVLZValidity Period CategorySD-BF
TVM1Material Pricing Group 1SD-BF
TVM2Material Pricing Group 2SD-BF
TVM3Material Pricing Group 3SD-BF
TVM4Material Pricing Group 4SD-BF
TVM5Material Pricing Group 5SD-BF
TVP0Contact Person: Attribute 10SD-BF
TVP2Contact Person: Attribute 2SD-BF
TVP3Contact Person: Attribute 3SD-BF
TVP4Contact Person: Attribute 4SD-BF
TVP5Contact Person: Attribute 5SD-BF
TVP6Contact Person: Attribute 6SD-BF
TVP7Contact Person: Attribute 7SD-BF
TVP8Contact Person: Attribute 8SD-BF
TVP9Contact Person: Attribute 9SD-BF
TVPAPartner: Partner Types (Entities)SD-BF
TVPGPartner Function GroupsSD-BF
TVSASD Documents: Processing GroupsSD-BF
TVSFSD: Statistics Groups for Document Types and Item CategoriesSD-BF
TVTAOrganizational Unit: Sales Area(s)SD-BF
TVTBBilling Plan: Date DescriptionSD-BF
TVTWOrganizational Unit: Distribution ChannelsSD-BF
TVV1Customer Group 1SD-BF
TVV2Customer Group 2SD-BF
TVV3Customer Group 3SD-BF
TVV4Customer Group 4SD-BF
TVV5Customer Group 5SD-BF
VBBESales Requirements: Individual RecordsSD-BF
VBBSSales Requirement Totals RecordSD-BF
VBFASales Document FlowSD-BF
VBPASales Document: PartnerSD-BF
VBSKCollective Processing for a Sales Document HeaderSD-BF
VBSSCollective Processing: Sales DocumentsSD-BF
VBUKSales Document: Header Status and Administrative DataSD-BF
VBUPSales Document: Item StatusSD-BF
KOND3Conditions: Campaign Determination - Data PartSD-BF
T024PCredit Management: Credit RepresentativesSD-BF
T180AReporting: Access Types according to FieldSD-BF
T180BReporting: Totals VariantsSD-BF
T180GReporting: Totals Variants for each Display VariantSD-BF
T180PReporting: Display Variants: Selection Fields per Variant(s)SD-BF
T180SReporting: Display Variants: FieldsSD-BF
T180WReporting: Window SelectionSD-BF
T190HProduct Allocation: Planning Structure for this StepSD-BF
T190OProduct Allocation: Definition of Product Allocation ObjectSD-BF
T190SProduct Allocation: Definition ProcedureSD-BF
T190VProduct allocations: Consumption period in an info structureSD-BF
T459TAvailability Check: Requirement and Planning Types: TextsSD-BF
T684GCondition Exclusion Groups: Condition TypesSD-BF
T684SCondition Exclusion: Procedure AssignmentSD-BF
T684TCondition exclusion: TextsSD-BF
T685BCondition Types: Additional Data for Sending OutputSD-BF
T685NConditions: Types, Additional Data for Free-Goods DiscountSD-BF
T685PWFMC: Valid printing parameters of an applicationSD-BF
T689KReference: Download Profile - Pricing ProceduresSD-BF
T689TText Table for T689SD-BF
T691DCredit groups for document typesSD-BF
T691ECredit Groups Document Type DescriptionSD-BF
T691FControl of Automatic Credit ControlSD-BF
T691GControl of Automatic Credit Control: DescriptionSD-BF
T691HDocument Value Class (Credit Management)SD-BF
T691IDocument Value Class for Credit ManagementSD-BF
T691JDocument Value Class Description for Credit ManagementSD-BF
T691KForms of payment guaranteeSD-BF
T691LDescription of payment guarantee formsSD-BF
T691MPayment guarantee procedureSD-BF
T691NDescription of payment guarantee procedureSD-BF
T691OControl for payment guarantee procedureSD-BF
T691PCustomer payment guarantee procedureSD-BF
T691QDescription of customer payment guarantee procedureSD-BF
T691RDocument payment guarantee procedureSD-BF
T691SDescription of document guarantee procedureSD-BF
T691UDetermination of payment guarantee procedureSD-BF
TALLGHelp Structure for Pool MSTTALLGSD-BF
TFPLABilling Plan TypeSD-BF
TFPLBBilling Plan Type: DescriptionSD-BF
TFPLTDate Type for Billing Plan TypeSD-BF
TFPLUDate Type in Billing Plan: DescriptionSD-BF
TFRC1VOFM Cusomizing: Group and Number RangesSD-BF
TFRC2VOFM Customizing: Characteristic Errors of a GroupSD-BF
TFRC3Application AssignmentsSD-BF
TFRMTFORM Routines for Reqs./Formulae/Data Transports: TextsSD-BF
THIOZCustomer Hierarchies: Allowed Organizational AssignmentsSD-BF
THITTTexts for Customer Hierarchy TypesSD-BF
THIZUCustomer Hierarchy: Allowed Account Group AssignmentsSD-BF
TINGURules for updating the index in SD documentsSD-BF
TNAD1Output Control: Printers by Sales OrganizationSD-BF
TNAD2Output Control: Printers for Sales Org/Dist.Chan/DivisionSD-BF
TNAD3Output Control: Printers by Sales OfficeSD-BF
TNAD4Output Control: Printers by Sales GroupSD-BF
TNAD5Output Control: Printers by Shipping PointSD-BF
TNAD7Output Control: Printer per Storage LocationSD-BF
TNADPWFMC: Valid printing parametersSD-BF
TNADROutput Control: do not use, will be deletedSD-BF
TNADUOutput Determination: Printer per UserSD-BF
TNAPNOutput Control: Output By Partner FunctionSD-BF
TNAPRProcessing programs for outputSD-BF
TNATICondition Types: Output TitleSD-BF
TNLSTDescription of Nielsen IndicatorsSD-BF
TPAERBusiness Partner: Functions in Partner Determination Proced.SD-BF
TPARTBusiness Partner Functions: TextsSD-BF
TPAUMBusiness partner: Language conversion for partner functionsSD-BF
TPTDASD: Exclusion of Item Categories for Printing SD DocumentsSD-BF
TRSE1Reset objects to be made productiveSD-BF
TRSE2Reset objects to be made productive: TextsSD-BF
TRSETReset Data Before Production Start-upSD-BF
TSEGETime Segment EventsSD-BF
TSEGHTime Segment HeaderSD-BF
TSEGRTime Segment Relationships Between EventsSD-BF
TSKDTCustomer Taxes: TextsSD-BF
TSPATOrganizational Unit: Sales Divisions: TextsSD-BF
TTBDTTexts: Directory of function modules for documentsSD-BF
TTXBTfields that serve as base (desriptions)SD-BF
TTXGTText processing: Text ID groups: TextsSD-BF
TTXZIText Processing: Copying Control for Access SequencesSD-BF
TTXZTWord processing: Access sequence textsSD-BF
TVARKArchiving Control for Sales Activities in Sales SupportSD-BF
TVARLArchiving Control for DeliverySD-BF
TVARNSelection parameters for archiving in sales and distributionSD-BF
TVBRTContact person: Frequency of visits: TextsSD-BF
TVBSTSD Documents: Processing Status: TextsSD-BF
TVBVKOrganizational Unit: Sales Groups per Sales OfficeSD-BF
TVCPTSales docs: Texts for modules from TVCPA,TVCPF,TVCPL,TTXVRSD-BF
TVGMOView Control: Exceptions for Move-CorrespondingSD-BF
TVGMSView Control: Error MessagesSD-BF
TVGRTOrganizational Unit: Sales Groups: TextsSD-BF
TVGVIView Control: View DefinitionSD-BF
TVGZUView Control: Special Table AccessSD-BF
TVHBTSD documents: Screen sequence group textsSD-BF
TVHFTSD Documents: Field Selection Group TextsSD-BF
TVKBTOrganizational Unit: Sales Offices: TextsSD-BF
TVKBZOrg.Unit: Sales Office: Assignment to Organizational UnitSD-BF
TVKGROrganizational Unit: Sales GroupsSD-BF
TVKGTSales Documents: Reasons for Cancellation: TextsSD-BF
TVKOSOrganizational Unit: Divisions per Sales OrganizationSD-BF
TVKOTOrganizational Unit: Sales Organizations: TextsSD-BF
TVKOVOrg. Unit: Distribution Channels per Sales OrganizationSD-BF
TVKWZOrg.Unit: Allowed Plants per Sales OrganizationSD-BF
TVLZTValidity Period Category: TextsSD-BF
TVM1TMaterial pricing group 1: DescriptionSD-BF
TVM2TMaterial Pricing Group 2: DescriptionSD-BF
TVM3TMaterial pricing group 3: DescriptionSD-BF
TVM4TMaterial pricing group 4: DescriptionSD-BF
TVM5TMaterial pricing group 5: DescriptionSD-BF
TVP0TContact person attribute 10: TextsSD-BF
TVP2TContact person attribute 2: TextsSD-BF
TVP3TContact person attribute 3: TextsSD-BF
TVP4TContact person attribute 4: TextsSD-BF
TVP5TContact person attribute 5: TextsSD-BF
TVP6TContact person attribute 6: TextsSD-BF
TVP7TContact person attribute 7: TextsSD-BF
TVP8TContact person attribute 8:TextsSD-BF
TVP9TContact person attribute 9: TextsSD-BF
TVPAGBusiness Partner: GroupsSD-BF
TVPATBusiness partners: Control in sales documentsSD-BF
TVSATSD document processing groups: TextsSD-BF
TVSFTSD: Statistics Groups for Doc Types/Item Categories: TextsSD-BF
TVSTTOrganizational Unit: Shipping Points: TextsSD-BF
TVSWZShipping Points per PlantSD-BF
TVTBTSales Documents: Order Reasons: TextsSD-BF
TVTWTOrganizational Unit: Distribution Channels: TextsSD-BF
TVV1TCustomer group 1: DescriptionSD-BF
TVV2TCustomer group 2: DescriptionSD-BF
TVV3TCustomer group 3: DescriptionSD-BF
TVV4TCustomer group 4: DescriptionSD-BF
TVV5TCustomer group 5: DescriptionSD-BF
VBKOFSD index: Open sales activities by partner functionSD-BF
VBKPASD index: Sales activities by partner functionSD-BF
VBPA2Sales document: Partner (used several times)SD-BF
VBPA3Tax Numbers for One-Time CustomersSD-BF
VFPLABilling PlanSD-BF
VFPLTBilling Plan: DatesSD-BF
VZLOGLog Analysis of x/y TablesSD-BF
FPLTPOBilling Plan: DatesSD-BF
T190HTProduct Allocation: Text for Planning HierarchySD-BF
T190OTProduct Allocation: Text for Product Allocation ObjectSD-BF
T190STProduct Allocation: DefinitionSD-BF
TNADPTWFMC: Valid printing parameters, text tableSD-BF
TTXMTTlist of tax laws (description)SD-BF
VEDAPOContract DataSD-BF
BAPIPICProduct info (screens) for ATP information in the internetSD-BF
KONBBYHBonus Buys: HeaderSD-BF
KONBBYTBonus Buys: TextSD-BF
KOTN201Sales Org./Distr.Channel/Bonus Buy/Material/Sales UnitSD-BF
PARITEMItems of a ProductAvailabilityRequirementSD-BF
RVTXOBJSD Text Determination: Allowed Text ObjectsSD-BF
T000ATPBasic Settings for Availability CheckSD-BF
TREQPRFRequirements ProfileSD-BF
TTSTRSDWorking Times in SD/WSSD-BF
TVKMLOGControl Logging of Credit ValuesSD-BF
AIC_VBRKArchiving SD_VBRK: Customizing for Index (secondary)SD-BF
BBY_USEDBonus Buy: Stores/Bonus Buys/Deletion IndicatorSD-BF
LATP_ENQPersistent Lock Records for ATP in R/3 from External SystemsSD-BF
LATQ_ENQPersistent Lock Records for Product AllocationSD-BF
PAYSP_HLPayment Service Provider DataSD-BF
TPACHECKChecking Table Directory for Check Modules of SD PartnerSD-BF
TREQPRFTRequirements Profile: TextsSD-BF
TSEGEADRTime Segment Address for EventSD-BF
TSEGWS01WS Application-specific Additional Data for Date SegmentSD-BF
CMPB_ASGNCampaign AssignmentSD-BF
KONBBYPRQBonus Buys: PrerequisitesSD-BF
KONMATGRPMaterial Grouping: HeaderSD-BF
LEDPROAPLAssignment of Profiles to Various ApplicationsSD-BF
LEDPROFILDefinition of Print Profile NamesSD-BF
SDPROTCALSD Monitor: Value Table for Protocol CallersSD-BF
SDPROTTYPValue Table for SD Log TypesSD-BF
TPAFILTERFilter Table for Displaying Partner Subscription 1000 (V09C)SD-BF
TTSEGDURALogical Duration of Time SegmentSD-BF
TTSEGEVTYTime Segment for Event TypeSD-BF
TTSEGLOCATime Segment Location TimeSD-BF
TTSEGMAPPTime Segment: Map to TimesSD-BF
TTSEGOBJETime Segment Object for Date HeaderSD-BF
TTSEGPROJTime Segment ProjectSD-BF
TTSEGTPLDTime Segment: Default Template for ObjectSD-BF
TTSEGTPLETime Segment Event TemplateSD-BF
TTSEGTPLHTime Segment Template HeaderSD-BF
TTSEGTPLRTime Segment Template for Application RelationshipSD-BF
TTSEGTPLVTime Segment for Template ViewsSD-BF
TTSEGVERTTime Segment Version TypesSD-BF
UTSEGDATATime Segment Data Container TemplateSD-BF
ARCID_VBRKArchiving SD_VBRK: Index TableSD-BF
KONMATGRPPMaterial Grouping: ItemsSD-BF
KONMATGRPTMaterial Grouping: TextSD-BF
KONMATGRPXMaterial Grouping: ExceptionsSD-BF
LEDPROFILTDefinition of Print Profile Names and their UsageSD-BF
SDPROTCALTSD Monitor: Value Table for Protocol CallersSD-BF
SDPROTTYPTValue table for SD protocol types: TextsSD-BF
TTSEGDURATText for Logical Duration in Time SegmentSD-BF
TTSEGEVTYTTime Segment Text for Event TypeSD-BF
TTSEGLOCATTime Segment Text for Location TimeSD-BF
TTSEGOBJETTime Segment Object for Date HeaderSD-BF
TTSEGPROJTTime Segment Text for ProjectSD-BF
TTSEGTIMETTime Segment Text for TimeSD-BF
TTSEGTPLHTTime Segment Text for Template HeaderSD-BF
TTSEGTPLVTTime Segment Texts for Template ViewsSD-BF
TTSEGVERTTTexts for Time Segment Version TypesSD-BF
ARCID_P_VBRKArchiving SD_VBRK: Index table (primary)SD-BF
ARCID_S_VBRKArchiving SD_VBRK: Index table (secondary)SD-BF
SEPA_CUST_SDSEPA Mandate Management: Customizing SDSD-BF
SMI_MESSAGESSMI Customizable MessagesSD-BF
LEDRUCKPROFILAssignment of a Printer to an ObjectSD-BF
SMI_AGREEMENTSSMI Scheduling AgreementsSD-BF
TPACHECKASSIGNChecking Module Assignments in SD Partner ProcessingSD-BF
VFPRCC_PROFILEDefinition of the Pricing UI ProfileSD-BF
ARCID_CUST_VBRKArchiving SD_VBRK: Customizing for Index (secondary)SD-BF
CPEC_SD_FA_PROCCPE in SD: Determination of Procedure for Formula AssemblySD-BF
CPEC_SD_VALFORMArea of Validity for Commodity Pricing Formula in SDSD-BF
CPEC_SD_VALRULEArea of Validity for Commodity Pricing Term Rule in SDSD-BF
CPEC_SD_VALTERMArea of Validity for Commodity Pricing Term in SDSD-BF
SLS_C_PAYSP_PTSPayment Service Provider Payment Transaction StatusSD-BF
VFPRCC_TREE_NCGPricing View - Tree Node ConfigurationSD-BF
VFPRCC_TREE_TXTPricing View - Tree Node TextSD-BF
VFPRCC_VIEW_DETPricing View DeterminationSD-BF
VFPRCC_VIEW_FCGPricing View - Field ConfigurationSD-BF
VFPRCC_VIEW_REGPricing View DefinitionSD-BF
CPEC_SD_BLOCKINGCPE Billing Blocks: Assignment to SD Blocking ReasonSD-BF
CPED_KNUMVTOGUIDCPE Caller - Mapping KNUMV and Document Item to GUIDSD-BF
TPACHECKRELATIONDependency Graph for Check Modules in SD Partner ProcessingSD-BF
VFPRCC_COND2VIEWPricing Condition Type to View MappingSD-BF
VFPRCC_PRCE2VIEWPricing Elements to View MappingSD-BF
VFPRCC_TREE_NCGCPricing View - Tree Node ConfigurationSD-BF
VFPRCC_TREE_TXTCPricing View - Tree Node TextSD-BF
VFPRCC_TREE_WCGCPricing View - Tree Width in PercentSD-BF
VFPRCC_VIEW_ASGNPricing View - Allowed View AssignmentSD-BF
VFPRCC_VIEW_FCGCPricing View - Field ConfigurationSD-BF
VFPRCC_VIEW_TXTCPricing View Name OverrideSD-BF
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