SAP Sales (SD-SLS) Tables

B090SEPA Mandate - Payment MethodSD-SLS
S467Indirect Order UpdateSD-SLS
S468IS Beverage EM, Purchasing Information System EmptiesSD-SLS
T176Sales Documents: Customer Order TypesSD-SLS
T184Sales Documents: Item Category DeterminationSD-SLS
T476Parameterization of the Configuration EditorSD-SLS
T663Delivery interval:Sched.agreements for component suppliersSD-SLS
TCSPCross-Selling Profile: DefinitionSD-SLS
TPRGDate display formatSD-SLS
TPVDProduct Proposal: Definition of Customer ProcedureSD-SLS
TPVHProduct Proposal: Definition of Source IndicatorSD-SLS
TPVVProduct Proposal: Definition of Transaction ProcedureSD-SLS
TVAGSales Documents: Rejection ReasonsSD-SLS
TVAKSales Document TypesSD-SLS
TVAPSales Document: Item CategoriesSD-SLS
TVASAction Procedure for End of ContractSD-SLS
TVAUSales Documents: Order ReasonsSD-SLS
TVAVContact Person: Buying HabitsSD-SLS
TVDCDelivery Times:CategoriesSD-SLS
TVEPSales Document: Schedule Line CategoriesSD-SLS
TVETSched.line types for sched.agreements (e.g.backlog, provis.)SD-SLS
TVKRCancellation RulesSD-SLS
TVKSCancellation procedures for contractsSD-SLS
TVLVCheck table for release orders: Usage IDSD-SLS
TVRGRule table for indirect date determination for contractsSD-SLS
TVSUMaterial Substitution: ReasonsSD-SLS
TVUVIncompletion Control: ProceduresSD-SLS
TVVDContract Data ProfileSD-SLS
TVZPPlanning Delivery Schedule InstructionsSD-SLS
TVZSDelivery Schedule Splitting RulesSD-SLS
TVZZAssign Splitting Rules to Planning Dlv.Schedule InstructionsSD-SLS
VBAGSales Document: Release Data by Schedule Line in Sch.Agrmt.SD-SLS
VBAKSales Document: Header DataSD-SLS
VBAPSales Document: Item DataSD-SLS
VBEHSchedule line historySD-SLS
VBEPSales Document: Schedule Line DataSD-SLS
VBKDSales Document: Business DataSD-SLS
VBLBSales document: Release order dataSD-SLS
VBPKSales Document: Product Proposal HeaderSD-SLS
VBPVSales Document: Product ProposalSD-SLS
VBSNChange status relating to scheduling agreementsSD-SLS
VBSPSD Document Item for Models of Material StructuresSD-SLS
VBUVSales Document: Incompletion LogSD-SLS
VEDAContract DataSD-SLS
PVINXIndex of New Sales Documents for Product ProposalSD-SLS
S467ES467 - Structure InformationSD-SLS
S468ES468 - Structure InformationSD-SLS
T176TSales Documents: Customer Order Types: TextsSD-SLS
T180CReporting: Totals Variants: TextsSD-SLS
T180MCustomizing List: ModificationSD-SLS
T180TReporting: Display Variants - TextsSD-SLS
T180UReporting: Display Variants - HeadingsSD-SLS
T180VReporting: Default ValuesSD-SLS
T181DCustomizing List: Assign Work StructureSD-SLS
T181FCustomizing Lists: Inactive FunctionsSD-SLS
T181GGeneration SpecificationsSD-SLS
T181OCustomizing Lists: Assign Transaction and ReportSD-SLS
T181SCustomizing List: Possible Display GroupsSD-SLS
T181VCustomizing List: Default ValuesSD-SLS
T181ZCustomizing Lists: Reasonable AccessesSD-SLS
T182AAllocate Reporting Edit Routines to SAPscript ElementsSD-SLS
T182BStructure of Info View in SD ReportingSD-SLS
T182CAllocate Report > (User, View)SD-SLS
T182DAllocate Report > (View, Form)SD-SLS
T182EControl Table for Customer StatisticsSD-SLS
T476TParameterization of the Configuration EditorSD-SLS
T661KInternal and External Conditions AssignmentSD-SLS
T661TDifference Tolerances for External and Internal ConditionsSD-SLS
T661WDetermination of Sold-to Party for EDI DlvSched/JITSD-SLS
T663ADealing with errors:Scheduling agreements with rel.ordersSD-SLS
T664ASpecial processing for deliveries for ext.agentsSD-SLS
T665ASpecial Processing for Self-BillingSD-SLS
TCSPFCross-Selling: Profile DeterminationSD-SLS
TCSPTCross-Selling Profile: Definition: TextsSD-SLS
TERRFErroneous Data for First Data TransferSD-SLS
TMVFTAvailability check control: TextsSD-SLS
TMVFUScope of Availability Check (Default Values)SD-SLS
TPVDTProduct Proposal: Texts for Customer ProcedureSD-SLS
TPVHTProduct Proposal: Texts for Source IndicatorSD-SLS
TPVMSProduct Proposal: Materials SortingSD-SLS
TPVSBProduct Proposal: Batch Procedure DeterminationSD-SLS
TPVSMProduct Proposal: Procedure DefinitionSD-SLS
TPVSOProduct Proposal: Online Procedure DeterminationSD-SLS
TPVVTProduct Proposal: Transaction TextsSD-SLS
TPVZUProduct Proposal: Access Sequence DefinitionSD-SLS
TVAGTRejection Reasons for Sales Documents: TextsSD-SLS
TVAKTSales Document Types: TextsSD-SLS
TVAKZSales Documents: Allowed Order Types per Sales Org.SD-SLS
TVAPTSales document item categories: TextsSD-SLS
TVARASales Document Archiving ControlSD-SLS
TVASBAction Procedure: TextsSD-SLS
TVASPSales Documents: Blocking ReasonsSD-SLS
TVASTSales Document Blocking Reasons: TextsSD-SLS
TVAUKCost Center DeterminationSD-SLS
TVAUTSales Documents: Order Reasons: TextsSD-SLS
TVAVTContact Person: Buying Habits: TextsSD-SLS
TVBUROrganizational Unit: Sales OfficesSD-SLS
TVCPASales Documents: Copying ControlSD-SLS
TVDCTDelivery Times: TextsSD-SLS
TVEPZSales Document: Schedule Line Category DeterminationSD-SLS
TVETTSchedule line types for sched.agreements: TextsSD-SLS
TVKRTDescriptions of Cancellation RulesSD-SLS
TVKSTCancellation Procedures for Agreements; TextsSD-SLS
TVKUSCancellation ProceduresSD-SLS
TVKVTPricing Procedures: Procedure: TextsSD-SLS
TVLVTRelease order usage ID: TextsSD-SLS
TVRGTRules for Indirect Date Determination: DescriptionsSD-SLS
TVSUTMaterial Substitution: Texts for ReasonsSD-SLS
TVUVFIncompletion Control: FieldsSD-SLS
TVUVGIncompletion Control - Object CategoriesSD-SLS
TVUVOIncompletion Control: Object Category TextsSD-SLS
TVUVSIncompletion Control: Status GroupsSD-SLS
TVUVTIncompletion Control: Texts for ProceduresSD-SLS
TVVDTContract Profile: TextsSD-SLS
TVVFSVariant Matching Procedure: ProceduresSD-SLS
TVVFTVariant Determination Procedure: TextsSD-SLS
TVVFZVariant Matching Procedure: Time ControlSD-SLS
TVVWTItem Usage TextsSD-SLS
TVZPTPlanng Dely Sched.Instructions Descripn (TVZP)SD-SLS
TVZSTDlv.Sched.Splitting Rule Descript. (TVZS)SD-SLS
VAKCRSales Index: Orders in Credit ManagementSD-SLS
VAKGUSales Index: Quotation ValiditySD-SLS
VAKPASales Index: Orders by Partner FunctionSD-SLS
VAPMASales Index: Order Items by MaterialSD-SLS
VBKFZCumulative Quantity CorrectionsSD-SLS
VBMUESales Document: Characteristic OverviewSD-SLS
VBREFSD Object Link to Item ReferencesSD-SLS
VEPVGDelivery Due IndexSD-SLS
VETVGDelivery Due Index for Stock TransferSD-SLS
VKDFSSD Index: Billing InitiatorSD-SLS
VLPKMScheduling agreements by customer materialSD-SLS
T182BTStructure of an Info View in ReportingSD-SLS
TCAVARCarrier-URL-Connection: Substitution of VariablesSD-SLS
TPVMSTProduct Proposal: Materials Sorting: TextsSD-SLS
TPVSMTProduct Proposal: Texts for Procedure DefinitionSD-SLS
TVGRPBGroup Referencing Requirement: Sales Document TypeSD-SLS
TVGRPFGroup Referencing Requirement: FieldsSD-SLS
TVGRPSGroup referencing requirement: ProceduresSD-SLS
TVGRPTGroup Referencing Requirement: TextsSD-SLS
TVRMASRepairs Procedure: ProceduresSD-SLS
TVRMATRepairs Procedure: TextsSD-SLS
TVRMAVRepairs Procedure: TimesSD-SLS
TVSTATDisplay/Maintain Status in Sales OverviewSD-SLS
TVUVFCIncompletion Control: Function CodesSD-SLS
VBMUETSales Document: Characteristic Overview DescriptionSD-SLS
VBMUEZSales Document: Characteristic Overview AssignmentsSD-SLS
TVBPROCBusiness Transaction for ATPSD-SLS
TVRMAVKRepair Procedure: ActionsSD-SLS
TVRMAVTRepair Procedure: Action TextsSD-SLS
TVUVFCTIncompletion Control: Function Code TextsSD-SLS
VCRSELACross Selling AnalysisSD-SLS
ESD_TOPRMaintenance of Tolerance ProfilesSD-SLS
TVBPROCTATP: Texts for Business TransactionSD-SLS
TVIND_CRSales Documents: Update Credit Index VAKCRSD-SLS
SDVARIANTUser-specific Selection Variants for Portal RolesSD-SLS
VAPPE_ASGNAssignment of Predefined Price Element to Sales Doc. TypeSD-SLS
LORD_OBJECTLean Order: Interface ObjectsSD-SLS
VCRSELA_RESCross Selling Analysis: ResultsSD-SLS
ERP_SLS_LINKWorklist Subset LinkSD-SLS
LORD_MAPPINGMapping Table for Lean Order InterfaceSD-SLS
LORD_XSTRINGLean Order: Temporary container for DOC/RTL content, XSTRINGSD-SLS
SLS_TMPL_KEYSales: Template KeySD-SLS
TSD_FUNC_ACTActivation of additional functionality in SDSD-SLS
LORDC_INTFOBJLean Order: Interface ObjectsSD-SLS
LORDC_MAPPINGMapping Table for Lean Order InterfaceSD-SLS
SLS_TMPL_HEADSales: Template HeadSD-SLS
SLS_TMPL_ITEMSales: Template ItemSD-SLS
ERP_SLS_SA_LOCPortal Targets Sales AssistantSD-SLS
LORD_OIF_SETUPClient-wide settings of Configurable Sales UISD-SLS
ERP_SLS_SA_LOCTPortal Targets DescriptionSD-SLS
LORD_MAPPING_ROMapping Table for Lean Order Interface (read-only)SD-SLS
PUR_B2B_TESTINGTesting tool for B2B serviceSD-SLS
FIORI_COMMON_CUSCommon oData Customizing SettingSD-SLS
LORD_GAF_EWB_MAPObsolete, do not use!SD-SLS
LORD_GAF_EWB_OBJObject types for LO GAF Enhancement WorkbenchSD-SLS
LORD_GAF_EWB_TABSources for cust fields of object types for LO GAF EWBSD-SLS
LORD_OIF_MAP_GRPLO OIF maps Object Type/Field to FPM special groupsSD-SLS
LORD_OIF_MAP_OVSLO OIF maps Object Type/Field to OVSSD-SLS
LORD_SCENARIO_ITLean Order: Text for Scenario IDSD-SLS
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