SAP ASAP (AcceleratedSAP) (SV-ASA) Tables

SATTUSEAttribute Types Included in Object TypesSV-ASA
SIAROLEIA: Role for RoadmapSV-ASA
SIAROLRASAP Role for SAP Review ProgramSV-ASA
SMAPBP0Solution Map: Best PracticeSV-ASA
SMAPPA0Solution Map: Partner productSV-ASA
SMAPPD0Solution Map: Product informationSV-ASA
SMAPPI0Solution Map: Performance Indicator (Header)SV-ASA
SMAPPR0Solution Map: Process category, main process, processSV-ASA
SQACITFCI template project to filter assignmentSV-ASA
SQAKONFQuestion Repository Configuration GroupsSV-ASA
SREVDOCDocument Classes for SAP Review ProgramSV-ASA
SREVTOPTopic (Category) for SAP Review ProgramSV-ASA
IALINKSTTexts for URL assignmentsSV-ASA
SASAPDOMDominant/Subordinate Flag for ProcessesSV-ASA
SATTEXITExit Modules for the General Attribute StoreSV-ASA
SFLAVORTIA: Texttable for flavor of roadmapSV-ASA
SIAROLETIA: Texttable for role of roadmapSV-ASA
SIAROLRTIA: Text Table for Roadmap RoleSV-ASA
SMAPBP0TSolution Map: Best Practice (Text)SV-ASA
SMAPPA0TSolution Map: Partner product (text)SV-ASA
SMAPPD0TSolution Map: Product information (text)SV-ASA
SMAPPI0TSolution Map: Performance Indicator (Text)SV-ASA
SMAPPR0TSolution Map: Process category, main process, process (txt)SV-ASA
SQACITOTCI template object type assignmentSV-ASA
SQADB01AAssignment of R/3 Question ID to ASAP IDSV-ASA
SQADB01SGlossary Search Terms for QuestionsSV-ASA
SQADB01TQuestion short textSV-ASA
SQADBCATQuestion CategoriesSV-ASA
SQADBCONQuestion ContextsSV-ASA
SQAKONFCConfiguration Group ContentsSV-ASA
SQAKONFGConfiguration SubgroupsSV-ASA
SQAKONFTConfiguration Group TextsSV-ASA
SREVDOCTText Table for Document Classes for the SAP Review ProgramSV-ASA
SREVSUBCFocus Elements (Subcategories) for SAP Review ProgramSV-ASA
SREVTOPTText Table for SAP Review Program Topic (Category)SV-ASA
SROADMAPIA: Roadmap With Type and FlavorSV-ASA
SSUBJECTIA: Subject Areas for RoadmapSV-ASA
STPCYCLEAssignment of Test Plan to CycleSV-ASA
TCUSTEMPCustomizing templates entity tableSV-ASA
TNODEREVStructure Item Table for Review StructuresSV-ASA
TOBJECTTObjects assigned to a templateSV-ASA
IATNODE01Node Table for Implementation AssistantSV-ASA
SASACONT1ASAP: Table for Document Content (Import/Export)SV-ASA
SASAPIAKWIA: Assignment Table: Subject for Roadmap/KW Technical NameSV-ASA
SASAPIALPUser Parameters for ASAP TransactionsSV-ASA
SASAPIAPDImplementation Assistant: Project DurationSV-ASA
SASAPIAPPImplementation Assistant: Project PrecursorsSV-ASA
SFLAVOREXAttribute Repository: Invalid Flavor ValuesSV-ASA
SFLAVORINAttribute Repository: Valid Flavor ValuesSV-ASA
SIAROLEEXAttribute Repository for Ref. Objects: Invalid Role ValuesSV-ASA
SIAROLEINAttribute Rep. for Reference Objects: Valid Role ValuesSV-ASA
SMAPCOMP0Solution Map: ComponentSV-ASA
SMAPDOCNOSolution Map: Doc. ID number statusSV-ASA
SMAPTNODESolution Map: Node tableSV-ASA
SPERSFCATPersonalization Table for ALV Tree Field CatalogSV-ASA
SPERSFLTRPersonalization Table for Filter Values in Review ProgramSV-ASA
SPERSQADBPersonalization Table for Review Question Filter ValuesSV-ASA
SPERSSORTPersonalization Table for ALV Tree Sort Order TablesSV-ASA
SQABRANCHIndustry sector values tableSV-ASA
SQADB02CHDecision selectionsSV-ASA
SQADB03CHDecision Question AnswersSV-ASA
SQADB04CHDecision question answersSV-ASA
SQADBCATTCategory Short TextsSV-ASA
SQADBCONTContext Short TextsSV-ASA
SREVSUBCTText Table for SAP Review Program Focus ElementsSV-ASA
SROADMAPTIA: Texttable for roadmap from typ and flavorSV-ASA
SROADROLEIA: Valid Roles for RoadmapSV-ASA
SROADSUBJIA: Valid Roles for RoadmapSV-ASA
SROADTYPTIA: Texttable for roadmaptypSV-ASA
SSUBJECTTIA: Texttable for subject of roadmapSV-ASA
TCUSTEMPCTemplate country assignmentSV-ASA
TNODEREVRReferences for Review StructuresSV-ASA
TNODEREVTStructure Item Descriptions for Review StructuresSV-ASA
IALINKTRANLinks with TransactionsSV-ASA
IALINKURLSLinks with Web AddressesSV-ASA
IATNODE01RGeneral Structure Storage ReferencesSV-ASA
IATNODE01TNode Names for Implementation AssistantSV-ASA
MERGEUSERSTemplates: Silly usersSV-ASA
SAPHASFILTSolution Architect/IA: Assign Filter to PhaseSV-ASA
SASAPCUDOCASAP Tools: Customer DocumentsSV-ASA
SASAPCUURLASAP Tools: Customer-Specific URLsSV-ASA
SATRELEASERelease for Attribute ArchiveSV-ASA
SBRANCHEEXAttribute Repository for Ref. Objects: Invalid Ind. ValuesSV-ASA
SBRANCHEINAttribute Store for Reference Objects: Valid Industry ValuesSV-ASA
SCOUNTRYEXAttribute Rep. for Reference Objects: Invalid Country ValuesSV-ASA
SCOUNTRYINAttribute Store for Reference Objects: Valid Country ValuesSV-ASA
SMAPBP0APPSolution Map: Best Practice - ApplicabilitySV-ASA
SMAPCOMP0TSolution Map: Component (Text)SV-ASA
SMAPPR0COVSolution Map: Process - % coverage (SAP/Partner)SV-ASA
SMAPTNODERSolution Map: Node referencesSV-ASA
SMAPTNODETSolution Map: Node textsSV-ASA
SQABRANCHTIndustry sector table tableSV-ASA
SQADB01CATAssignment of Categories to QuestionsSV-ASA
SQADB01CONValidity of Questions: +/- signSV-ASA
SQADB01COVValidity of Questions: Single valuesSV-ASA
SQADB01DOCDocuments for Review QuestionsSV-ASA
SQADB01REVAdditional Attributes for SAP Review Program QuestionsSV-ASA
SQADB02CHTSelection short textSV-ASA
SQADB04PROProject - Answer set assignmentSV-ASA
SRELEASEEXAttrib. Repository for Ref. Objects: Invalid Release ValuesSV-ASA
SRELEASEINAttribute Repository for Ref. Objects: Valid Release ValuesSV-ASA
SROADMAPEXAttribute Rep. for Reference Objects: Valid Role ValuesSV-ASA
SROADMAPINAttribute Rep. for Reference Objects: Valid Role ValuesSV-ASA
SSUBJECTEXAttribute Rep. for Ref. Objects: Invalid Subj. Areas ValuesSV-ASA
SSUBJECTINAttribute Rep. for Ref. Objects: Valid Subject Area ValuesSV-ASA
TTREEBRAEXAttribute Repository for Structure Nodes: Invalid IndustrySV-ASA
TTREEBRAINAttribute Repository for Sturcture Nodes: Valid IndustrySV-ASA
TTREECOUEXAttribute Repository for Structure Nodes: Invalid CountriesSV-ASA
TTREECOUINAttribute Repository for Structure Nodes: Valid CountriesSV-ASA
TTREEFLAEXAttribute Repository for Hierarchy Nodes: Invalid FlavorsSV-ASA
TTREEFLAINAttribute Repository for Hierarchy Nodes: Valid FlavorsSV-ASA
TTREERELEXAttribute Repository for Hierarchy Nodes: Invalid ReleaseSV-ASA
TTREERELINAttribute Repository for Hierarchy Nodes: Valid ReleaseSV-ASA
TTREEROAEXAttribute Repository for Structure Nodes: Invalid RoadmapSV-ASA
TTREEROAINAttribute Repository for Structure Nodes: Valid RoadmapSV-ASA
TTREEROLEXAttribute Repository for Structure Nodes: Invalid RoleSV-ASA
TTREEROLINAttribute Repository for Structure Nodes: Valid RoleSV-ASA
TTREESUBEXAttribute Rep. for Structure Nodes: Invalid Subject AreaSV-ASA
TTREESUBINAttribute Repository for Structure Nodes: Valid Subject AreaSV-ASA
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