SAP Web Channel: Applications Tables

WEC_SOBJECTWEC Auth: Objects used in WEC AuthorizationsWEC-APP
WEC_SEC_QTNWeb Channel Security QuestionsWEC-APP
WEC_SEC_QTNTWeb Channel Security Questions TextWEC-APP
WEC_SOBJECTTWEC Auth : Object DescriptionWEC-APP
WECD_PERS_USERUser PersonalizationWEC-APP
ERPD_WEC_BP_CPCheckout Profile for a customerWEC-APP
COMC_WEC_AGR_DWeb channel: Web Descriptions for web channel UA RolesWEC-APP
COMC_WEC_PSPIDPayment Service Provider IdentificationWEC-APP
COMC_WEC_BP_CPGCheckout Profile GroupsWEC-APP

Full List of SAP Web Channel: Applications Tables

SAP Web Channel Builder Tables

COM_WCB_CFG_WFWCB Configuration Approval Status DetailsWEC-WCB
COM_WCB_WRKFLOWSWCB Configuration Approval WorkflowsWEC-WCB

SAP Web Channel Framework Tables

COM_WECWCMPHFCOM_WECWCM: Physical information object incoming relationshiWEC-FRW
COM_WECWCMPHPRCOM_WECWCM: Checkout data for physical information objectWEC-FRW
COM_WECWCMLORICOM_WECWCM: Outgoing Relationships of Logical Information ObWEC-FRW
COM_WECWCMPHNMCOM_WECWCM: Outgoing Links of Physical Information ObjectsWEC-FRW
COM_WECWCMLORECOM_WECWCM: Attributes of Outgoing Relationships for LOIOsWEC-FRW
COM_WECWCMLOPRCOM_WECWCM: Logical information object descriptionsWEC-FRW
COM_WECWCMLOIOCOM_WECWCM: Logical information object instancesWEC-FRW
COM_WECWCMPHIOCOM_WECWCM: Physical information object instancesWEC-FRW
COM_WECWCMCHKOCOM_WECWCM: Files of Physical Information ObjectsWEC-FRW
COM_WECWCMCHKFCOM_WECWCM: Outgoing hyperlinks from physical objectsWEC-FRW

Full List of SAP Web Channel Framework Tables

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