SAP Table - ALM_ME_D997

SAP TableALM_ME_D997
DescriptionUser-specific settings
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassA
Main CategoryPlant Maintenance
Sub CategoryMaintenance Processing

SAP Maintenance Processing Tables

TQBTTScreen category text table for subscreenPM-WOC
T356A_TPriority type textsPM-WOC
T350ICombination of order type and PM activity type allowedPM-WOC
TQTABSNotification: Contol table tabstrip function codePM-WOC
TPAER_PMPartner Functions in Partner Schema (PM) with Copy FlagPM-WOC
TQSCRTNotification: Text table heading tabstripPM-WOC
ALM_ME_CALCMPRFTAccounting Indicator Profile DescriptionPM-WOC
MSAM_CFUNLOCPRFSelection Settings for Master Data - Functional LocationPM-WOC
QMFEQuality notification - itemsPM-WOC

Full List of SAP Maintenance Processing Tables