SAP Table - AMRH

DescriptionApplication Monitor: Hierarchy acc. to TCODE/REPORT
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassS
Main CategoryBasis Components
Sub CategoryUse Subcomponents

SAP Use Subcomponents Tables

GVD_SQLTEXTCopy of GV$SQLTEXT (currently not provided with snapshots)BC-CCM
BTC_CRITPROFILESSelection Criteria: Selection ProfilesBC-CCM
GVD_SGADYNFREEOracle monitoring: Snapshot table for GV$SGA_DYNAMIC_FREE_MBC-CCM
SAPWLCOLPASAP Workload: Parameters for Workload and Collector ControlBC-CCM
TCNETTASKTable for net tasksBC-CCM
ARCH_ETXTDescription for lock objects of archivingBC-CCM
TFRT_SRCH_CHART1Typeface Repo - Search table codepoint in TrueType fontBC-CCM
ALTOOLDPAlert: Name of tool dispatchersBC-CCM
TSL7TSyslog new assessment for monitoringBC-CCM
ALCLASTOOLAlert: Assignment of tools to object classBC-CCM

Full List of SAP Use Subcomponents Tables