SAP Table - AMSP

DescriptionSQL trace position info in application monitor
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassS
Main CategoryBasis Components
Sub CategoryUse Subcomponents

SAP Use Subcomponents Tables

GVD_SQLTEXTCopy of GV$SQLTEXT (currently not provided with snapshots)BC-CCM
GST04SRVRSList of all R/3 instances with DBBC-CCM
SLGSMSystem Log Statistics by MessageBC-CCM
GVD_SGADYNCOMPOracle monitoring: Snapshot table for GV$SGA_DYNAMIC_COMPONBC-CCM
ORA_SNAPSHOTMaster data of an oracle monitor snapshotBC-CCM
SAPWLSERVSAP Workload: Table of active serversBC-CCM
ASTAT_OKTXShort Texts for SAP Functions for Appl.-Triggered StatisticsBC-CCM
AIND_STR2Archive information structure: system informationBC-CCM
TSP09ASpool: ABAP based printer driversBC-CCM
GVD_LATCHHOLDERCopy of GV$LATCHHOLDER (currently not provided with snapsh)BC-CCM

Full List of SAP Use Subcomponents Tables