SAP Table - ANLU

DescriptionAsset Master Record: User Fields
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassA
Main CategoryFinancial Accounting
Sub CategoryAsset Accounting

SAP Asset Accounting Tables

T087VText table asset group number / asset groupFI-AA
T093_ACCOBJAccount Assignment Objects in Asset AccountingFI-AA
TFAAD_BSN_FUNCValidation of Business Function Switches for FI-AAFI-AA
T086Sort version ReportingFI-AA
T090LUnit-of-production method of depreciationFI-AA
TABWAsset transaction typesFI-AA
T094BAllowed base years per index seriesFI-AA
T090NSGMulti-Level Method - Start of ValidityFI-AA
FIAAPTD_COL16VALResidual amounts to be reported in col16 for remaining yearsFI-AA
T093GTTexts for Cross-System Depreciation AreasFI-AA

Full List of SAP Asset Accounting Tables