SAP Table - BPVK

DescriptionDocument Header for Parked Documents
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassA
Main CategoryFinancial Accounting
Sub CategoryFunds Management

SAP Funds Management Tables

TREGField Status Groups for Funds ReservationsFI-FM
FMVORTRCmmt items for carryover item category of totals recordsFI-FM
FMITTotals Table for Funds ManagementFI-FM
FMCVCHECKSDYRestrictions in the Rule Maintenance for Cover EligibilityFI-FM
FMRESFIELDSControllable Fields Earmarked FundsFI-FM
TRE01Copy Template when Creating Funds ReservationsFI-FM
FMRESLOCKSPossible Earmarked Fund BlocksFI-FM
FMCFAASTR-FM: Commitments/Budget Carried Forward (Interim Storage)FI-FM
TBP4BAssignment of Budget Subtypes to Budget TypesFI-FM
FMCFC0Default Settings for Fiscal Year ChangeFI-FM

Full List of SAP Funds Management Tables