SAP Table - BSIS

DescriptionAccounting: Secondary Index for G/L Accounts
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassA
Main CategoryFinancial Accounting

SAP Financial Accounting Tables

T059TTexts for Minority IndicatorsFI
BWFI_AEDA2BW FI: Log Table for Changed Transaction FiguresFI
TFMCMatchcode Fields for Database IndexFI
T048KIndicator for Periodic Account StatementsFI
TTXF1Word Processing: Linking of Texts with Document TypesFI
TAX_APPLIApplications for Tax ServicesFI
ACCRCUSTAccrual/Deferral ProfileFI
SLPBLog Table for ValuationFI
T076KFI-EDI: Additional Account AssignmentsFI
ARIX_BSISFI_DOCUMNT: Line-Oriented Index for Archiving G/L AccountsFI

Full List of SAP Financial Accounting Tables