SAP Table - CATO

DescriptionCATT - Static TCD data from CATF log
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassL
Main CategoryBasis Components
Sub CategoryTest Workbench

SAP Test Workbench Tables

ECLOG_FAIL_MSGGeneral Message Parts in FAILURE ObjectBC-TWB
DEMO_SCUSTOMCreate Control Table Flight CustomersBC-TWB
CATCUCATT integration of external test toolBC-TWB
SATCCHKCOMPShort Desc.: Check Result Management: Software ComponentBC-TWB
ETALLPAIRS_HEADHeader Data of AllPairs ObjectsBC-TWB
ECSTAT_TC_EXECOverview of Execution of Test Configurations and Var.BC-TWB
ECSCR_ARGNOT USED - Assign Command Parameters to eCATT ParametersBC-TWB
ECSTAT_FGROUPTDescriptions for Test DriversBC-TWB
AMIDTLog IDs (Global Performance Analysis)BC-TWB
ISSUE_ATTRIBIssue Managment: Message AttributesBC-TWB

Full List of SAP Test Workbench Tables