SAP Table - CNV_10940_PARA

SAP TableCNV_10940_PARA
DescriptionStoring parameters and select options
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassA
Main CategoryCross-Application Components

SAP Cross-Application Components Tables

TOBSOLETECUSTObsolete Customizing ValuesCA
NDISYSTEMSSystems and Their Types and ReleasesCA
CRMRELTABInformation for Reselection of Table ContentsCA
J_8A3T0015target format determinationCA
SDEPMENT_SEARCHDepartments: Search HelpCA
CNVCMIS_M_VMVLDCMIS: Generated Pooltable for Matchcode ID VMVL -DCA
PAOCFEC_MAP_Ccode mapping (customer specific)CA
J_8A3T0021LARS Rendition Server ID and Profile assignmentCA
FRE_DB_PROCYCProcurement cycleCA

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