SAP Table - CNV_20100_DATAB

SAP TableCNV_20100_DATAB
DescriptionTemporary storage of old CSKB-DATAB/DATBI values
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassL
Main CategoryCross-Application Components
Sub CategoryGeneral Application Functions

SAP General Application Functions Tables

RENLOIOT01Rendering: Descriptions of Logical Information ObjectsCA-GTF
ITC_EXCPN_TYPEPunch Exception TypesCA-GTF
RPDPHHR03DMWB: Outgoing Hyperlinks From Physical ObjectsCA-GTF
ITC_ORG_CFG_MAPiTime Clock Admin Org Configuration SettingCA-GTF
BSSP_NOTE_LOIOTNotes: Incoming Relationships of Logical Information ObjectCA-GTF
TXW_C_GLOGlobal settings (fields from structure TXW_GLOBAL)CA-GTF
RPDPHF04DMWB: Files of Physical Information ObjectsCA-GTF
TXW_S_LFC1Retrieve archived Vendor master (transaction figures) dataCA-GTF
WFMFC_TAGHIST_TStore tagged historyCA-GTF
CRMC_IC_HBTPRF_TText table for heartbeat profileCA-GTF

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