SAP Table - CNV_20551_AN_RUP

SAP TableCNV_20551_AN_RUP
DescriptionAnalysis of intransp. fields: Rule (params)
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassS
Main CategoryCross-Application Components
Sub CategoryGeneral Application Functions

SAP General Application Functions Tables

TBAC_DCS_CTYDefinition Contract Specification LOF CommodityCA-GTF
CRMD_IC_XMLSTRTXXML storage for IC applicationsCA-GTF
T77HAP_ASSIGNExternal Objectes Assigned to Template ElementsCA-GTF
RPRPHRI03PRO: Incoming Relationships of Physical InformationCA-GTF
CNV_20425_AASUMEWU conversion: Table for asset totals at account levelCA-GTF
TFISCATCOCDCompany Codes without LogCA-GTF
WFAC_FIELD_SEL_TField selection text tableCA-GTF
WFMFC_GROUP_PARAForecast Group ParametersCA-GTF
CNV_10020_PATHDetermination paths: Header dataCA-GTF

Full List of SAP General Application Functions Tables