SAP Table - DPR_PC

DescriptionProject Charter
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassA
Main CategoryPortfolio and Project Management
Sub CategoryProject Management

SAP Project Management Tables

DPR_CI_FGRP_FLDcProjects: Assignment of Customer Fields to Field GroupsPPM-PRO
DPR_FIN_GECCO_CUAccounting Integration Using Cost Collector in ERP SystemPPM-PRO
DPR_CP_SYSTEM_TTexts: Test Systems in Control PlanPPM-PRO
EVE_EXTRACT_SECOExtract Layout: Secondary Object TypesPPM-PRO
OLR3_FRAMES_TLanguage-Dependent Frame Description in Detail ScreenPPM-PRO
DPR_CP_TOOLTools, Machines, Etc. in Control PlanPPM-PRO
EVE_XML_PERS_DBPersistence Table for XML DataPPM-PRO
DPR_FC_CONDConditions for Determining Field Control InformationPPM-PRO
OLR3_PROXY_CLAssignment of Obj. Cat.and Name of Proxy Class in ERP SystemPPM-PRO
DPR_FIN_XML_PERSPersistence Table for XML DataPPM-PRO

Full List of SAP Project Management Tables