SAP Table - EDE6T

DescriptionIDOC: Text table for process codes for inbound statuses
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassE
Main CategoryBasis Components
Sub CategoryMiddleware

SAP Middleware Tables

ARFCSSTATEDescription of ARFC Call Status (Send)BC-MID
TBICUTTexts for TBICU: Job names for data copyingBC-MID
QDIST009tRFC Queue Description (Outbound Queue)BC-MID
TBLSYSDESTRFC Destination of Logical SystemBC-MID
QDISTMAPAssignment Table of Distributed GET QueuesBC-MID
ICFHANDTREEDescription of Handler in ICF HierarchyBC-MID
TBDSESerialization groupsBC-MID
TBD20ALE: data for IDoc projection filterBC-MID
EDIDOValue table for IDoc typesBC-MID
TBD33Dependencies between methods and message typesBC-MID

Full List of SAP Middleware Tables