SAP Table - EKPB

Description"Material Provided" Item in Purchasing Document
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassA
Main CategoryMaterials Management
Sub CategoryPurchasing

SAP Purchasing Tables

TMAN7Trigger Conditions - Message ApplicationsMM-PUR
AMPLTable of Approved Manufacturer PartsMM-PUR
WRFT_POHF_CHCKObsolete: Please do not useMM-PUR
BBP_ES_CNDMAPSRVMapping of ES Conditions to ERP Service ConditionsMM-PUR
EBABGSettlement Runs Subsequent Settlement, Interval ScalesMM-PUR
T6B3TSubsequent Settlement: BV Comparison/Agreement Types, TextsMM-PUR
TMKKGroup for Calculation Schema (Vendor)MM-PUR
TMPPFControl Profile for Manufacturer Part Number ManagementMM-PUR
WRF_PSCD_DLIT_SHDate Line: Dates, Shadow TableMM-PUR
T6B5User Parameters Subsequent SettlementMM-PUR

Full List of SAP Purchasing Tables