SAP Table - ERG001

SAP TableERG001
DescriptionStatistics ergonomics version for Q teams
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassL
Main CategoryBasis Components
Sub CategoryDocumentation and Translation Tools

SAP Documentation and Translation Tools Tables

DITAT_D_TMCNTTransfer table for a (buildable) map's contentBC-DOC
LXE_T002TLanguages in the Translation EnvironmentBC-DOC
TERM6Header for Individual EntriesBC-DOC
LXE_PHFLXE: Incoming Relationships of Physical Information ObjectsBC-DOC
TRNL_AUTHTTexts for Translation AuthorizationsBC-DOC
STERM_REFReferences to Term EntriesBC-DOC
DITAT_D_POFLHDPhysical objects fixed-length header dataBC-DOC
SKWPLTFOperating Systems of Application and Presentation ServersBC-DOC
TERMPParameters of Transaction TERMBC-DOC

Full List of SAP Documentation and Translation Tools Tables