SAP Table - F4COLS

DescriptionColumn selection in F4
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassL
Main CategoryBasis Components
Sub CategoryDocumentation and Translation Tools

SAP Documentation and Translation Tools Tables

LXE_PCX_HD_LPCX Objects: Header DataBC-DOC
TMAS_OLA_D_ASR7Accumulated results of successful analysesBC-DOC
LXE_COLLList of all Collections with their AttributesBC-DOC
LXE_PCZ_HD_FPCZ Objects: Header DataBC-DOC
TERMBAuthorizations for Transaction TERMBC-DOC
TPMONITranslation Performance MonitorBC-DOC
LXEPROFTranslation Authorization ProfilesBC-DOC
LXE_PCX_HD_UPCX Objects: Header DataBC-DOC
LXE_KTP_REL_DEPSwitch table for release dependent KTP translation logicBC-DOC
LXE_PP___4Proposal PoolBC-DOC

Full List of SAP Documentation and Translation Tools Tables