SAP Table - FBRC0060

SAP TableFBRC0060
DescriptionReconciliation Processes: User Settings
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassA
Main CategoryFinancial Accounting
Sub CategoryGeneral Ledger Accounting

SAP General Ledger Accounting Tables

TACAC_OBJTYPTText Table for Accrual Object TypesFI-GL
FAGL_GCDPC_XBRLGCD-Structure: Element RelationshipsFI-GL
FAGL_ORG_INFO_CTNew General Ledger: Configuration Information (Crcy Type)FI-GL
FAGL_R_PL_OBJLSTReorganization: Object ListFI-GL
FAGL_MIG_TOTALSLog Table for Building Balances in New G/LFI-GL
FBRC1200CMessage Template GroupsFI-GL
T011_XBRLFinancial Statement VersionsFI-GL
ACEPSPPSELSelect Options Periodic Posting RunFI-GL
FAGL_RMIGR_LOG2Report Migration: Log HeaderFI-GL
TACE_TRNSFERTYPESelection Methods for Data Transfer to the Accrual EngineFI-GL

Full List of SAP General Ledger Accounting Tables