SAP Table - FDT_ADMN_0114

SAP TableFDT_ADMN_0114
DescriptionFDT: Transport table for FDT_ADMN_0119 - Documentat (Langu)
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassC
Main CategoryBasis Components
Sub CategoryBasis Services / Communication Interfaces

SAP Basis Services / Communication Interfaces Tables

TBRF200BRF: Where-Used List of BRF Objects in BRF ObjectsBC-SRV
BDSCHKO7BDS: Check out Data for a Physical Information ObjectBC-SRV
ADR2Telephone Numbers (Business Address Services)BC-SRV
FSYSLOREPRFile System:: Attributes of Outgoing Rels. of LOIOsBC-SRV
FDT_DOBJ_0001TFDT: Data Object TypeBC-SRV
TB300BP: Control for Reading Addresses via butadrsearchBC-SRV
SRMAISCNTName of Integration ScenarioBC-SRV
SRRESPONSRouting: ResponsibilityBC-SRV
ADRCITYPRTPostal districtsBC-SRV
BDS_CONN09BDS: Link Table Default for Undefined ClassesBC-SRV

Full List of SAP Basis Services / Communication Interfaces Tables