SAP Table - FDT_DOBJ_0200S

DescriptionFDT: Data Object Structure - Elements
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassS
Main CategoryBasis Components
Sub CategoryBasis Services / Communication Interfaces

SAP Basis Services / Communication Interfaces Tables

STXFIMPSmart Forms: Generate at UpgradeBC-SRV
CCUPEAKLGConcurrent User Measurement: Global Peak List, Max. 5 PeaksBC-SRV
TTXOTShort Texts for Text ObjectsBC-SRV
TBRF142BRF: Value Request from Structures and Internal TablesBC-SRV
FDT_ACTN_6210SFDT: Action Raise Event Container DataBC-SRV
FDT_ACTN_6200FDT: Action - Raise EventBC-SRV
TIMECUDUTTexts for Symbolic Name of DurationBC-SRV
TBRF331BRF: Filter Values for Action BAdIBC-SRV
TSAD8Groups of Persons (Business Address Services)BC-SRV
SALRTCCNTTAlerts: Container Text TableBC-SRV

Full List of SAP Basis Services / Communication Interfaces Tables