SAP Table - FDT_EXPR_1100T

DescriptionFDT: Expression - Range OLD
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassS
Main CategoryBasis Components
Sub CategoryBasis Services / Communication Interfaces

SAP Basis Services / Communication Interfaces Tables

CREP_TREEKPRO CMS: Content Repositories (TREE)BC-SRV
SALVTMSExpiration, batchBC-SRV
FDT_EXPR_9001AFDT: Expression - Loop ConditionsBC-SRV
FDT_EXPR_9000FDT: Expression - LoopBC-SRV
STXSOBJTSmart Styles: Texts for Paragraph and Character FormatsBC-SRV
FDT_EXPR_9001SFDT: Expression - Loop ConditionsBC-SRV
TPTUCOBJTTexts for UIA Objects (Enhancement Layer)BC-SRV
FDT_RLST_1200AFDT: Ruleset - Ruleset Variable InitializationBC-SRV
ADR6E-Mail Addresses (Business Address Services)BC-SRV
FDT_EXPR_2201FDT: Expression - DB Lookup FieldsBC-SRV

Full List of SAP Basis Services / Communication Interfaces Tables