SAP Table - FDT_EXPR_1302T

DescriptionFDT: Expression - Boolean Logic (user defined)
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassS
Main CategoryBasis Components
Sub CategoryBasis Services / Communication Interfaces

SAP Basis Services / Communication Interfaces Tables

TBTFFONTMAPFont Mapping Table (Customer Table)BC-SRV
SRMURLSRM: Administration Table for URLsBC-SRV
TOAIDDoc. ID / file name generationBC-SRV
FDT_EXTY_0200FDT: Transport table for FDT_EXTY_0201 - Transport ObjectBC-SRV
SRMMOD02SRM Model: Instances of Logical Information ObjectsBC-SRV
FDT_EXPR_1303TFDT: Expression - Boolean Logic (AND/OR Operands)BC-SRV
FDT_ADMN_0117AFDT: Transport table for FDT_ADMN_0116 - Documenta (ID only)BC-SRV
FDT_BCF_CLIENTFDT: Client for creation of BCF content objectsBC-SRV
SRMRGPARTSPartial Results from Rule Elements for Record No. GenerationBC-SRV
STXFTXTASAP Smart Forms: Texts - AdministrationBC-SRV

Full List of SAP Basis Services / Communication Interfaces Tables