SAP Table - FERC_R0

DescriptionExecution history
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassA
Main CategoryFinancial Accounting

SAP Financial Accounting Tables

T033TFI Depreciation AreaFI
FUD_MSG01_CFIN UI Decoupling - Transformation of MessagesFI
VBWF10Release Approval Paths (Texts)FI
F107_TPROVH_TProvisions ContentFI
FIN_AR_QRY_CACHEFIN-AR: Cache for CPU-Intensive Database QueriesFI
TACC_ACPAK_MAPAssignment of Account to Accounting Principle Assignment KeyFI
J_1GIMDual Accounting Systems: Account mappingFI
TFI02TOpen FI: Function Key Text for Each Call EventFI
AVITAdvice Header: User-Definable TextFI
TFTMVTable for Program VersionsFI

Full List of SAP Financial Accounting Tables