SAP Table - FM01G

SAP TableFM01G
DescriptionFM Areas: Availability Control Settings
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassC
Main CategoryFinancial Accounting
Sub CategoryFunds Management

SAP Funds Management Tables

FMKRGTPAssignment Table: Criterion Category to Crit.Cat.GroupFI-FM
FM01HYear-Independent Assignment of Hierarchy Variants to FM AreaFI-FM
FMS200PParallelling of RFFMS200FI-FM
FMMDSTTText for Field Selection StringFI-FM
FMHICTRFIFB: DB Table for Hierarchy Relations in a CenterFI-FM
FMWF_AMGRPAmount Groups for FM Role DefinitionFI-FM
FMFIPGRTBudget Structure Template, TextsFI-FM
FMRSCDATAEarmarked Funds DataFI-FM
TFB05Free Financial TransactionsFI-FM
FMIPPlan Line Items Table for Funds ManagementFI-FM

Full List of SAP Funds Management Tables