SAP Table - FMIC

DescriptionObject table 2
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassA
Main CategoryFinancial Accounting
Sub CategoryFunds Management

SAP Funds Management Tables

FMED00Preparation of Commitment ItemsFI-FM
TKBLATDocument type text tableFI-FM
TKBBATTexts for Document TypesFI-FM
FMRESACCMVRULERules for Account Assignment TransferFI-FM
BPJVPrel.entry - annual valuesFI-FM
KBLPWDocument item amounts in different currenciesFI-FM
FMCNAIFM Line Items with Active CCN LogicFI-FM
TVA02Variant for Transfers from Reference Documents for Fds RsvnFI-FM
FMCFRULEFM - Carryforward Parameters (FYC)FI-FM
FM01_STAssign Field Selection String -> FM AreaFI-FM

Full List of SAP Funds Management Tables