SAP Table - FMMM2

DescriptionTransaction Type Control
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassC
Main CategoryFinancial Accounting
Sub CategoryFunds Management

SAP Funds Management Tables

FMUDBSEGPPart.Payt Item for Customer Invoice of a Rev. Incr. the BgtFI-FM
FMFRGASGNAssign Transactions to Release Approval GroupsFI-FM
FMHVMTXTTBudget Memo Texts, language dependentFI-FM
FMFCTRFunds Center Master RecordFI-FM
FMRSCDATAEarmarked Funds DataFI-FM
FMKRGTPAssignment Table: Criterion Category to Crit.Cat.GroupFI-FM
TBPFPTCommitment Type Profile TextsFI-FM
FMPPCommitment Item in Chart of Commitment ItemsFI-FM
FMCFAB_TRTR-FM: Commitments/Budget Carried Forward (Sender+Receiver)FI-FM
FMFCPOFIFM: Commitment Summarization ItemFI-FM

Full List of SAP Funds Management Tables