SAP Table - HRP7600

SAP TableHRP7600
DescriptionDB Table for Infotype 7600
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassC
Main CategoryProduct Lifecycle Management
Sub CategoryPLM Web User Interface

SAP PLM Web User Interface Tables

HRP7600DB Table for Infotype 7600PLM-WUI
EDESK_C_GROUPSCustomizing for User Groups in Engineering DesktopPLM-WUI
EDESK_C_BOMCREACCustomizing for Classic BOM Creation in E-DesktopPLM-WUI
EDESK_C_PARA_VALCustomizing for Parameter Values in Engineering DesktopPLM-WUI
EDESK_C_DOCUPDATCustomizing for Document Update in Engineering DesktopPLM-WUI
HRP7601DB Table for Infotype 7601PLM-WUI
EDESKCOMMPIOMAPEDESK Integration: Structure MappingPLM-WUI
EDESK_MONITORE-Desktop: Table for Monitoring Database Table DRAWPLM-WUI
EDESK_C_SYSTEMSCustomizing of CAD Systems in Engineering DesktopPLM-WUI

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