SAP Table - HRT5021

SAP TableHRT5021
DescriptionTable Part Infotype 5021
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassC
Main CategoryCross-Application Components
Sub CategoryGeneral Application Functions

SAP General Application Functions Tables

WFMEM_VALIDPAIRSMaintain key and value pairs for field level validationCA-GTF
T77HAP_C_WFEAppraisal Category - Allowed WF EventsCA-GTF
TBANK_PP_IF_IMPImport Parameters of the Interface MethodsCA-GTF
TBCA_RELPROC_CUSCustomizing Type of Release ProcedureCA-GTF
WFA_EMPERROTEmployee Work Rule RotationCA-GTF
THM012Description for Classification CodeCA-GTF
BSSP_NOTE_LORINotes: Outgoing Relationships of Logical Information ObjectCA-GTF
RMPS_CUTOFF_CUSTDoD: Set Cut-Off Period for Rule Type 'Time'CA-GTF
WFATM_TWMAPTime Wage Type MappingCA-GTF
RMPS_RESUB_PATSYResubmission TemplateCA-GTF

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