SAP Table - IWB_BF_F4

DescriptionValue Table for Business Functions (for IWB_BF_EHP_IOH)
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassE
Main CategoryKnowledge Management
Sub CategoryKnowledge Warehouse

SAP Knowledge Warehouse Tables

IWCOMP_RESKW System Results for Comparision of ContentKM-KW
ACL_ACTGREACL: Activities in RolesKM-KW
IWTESTUSERKEN: KEN user in test modeKM-KW
IWB7LOIOTSAP KW: Description of Logical Info ObjectsKM-KW
CUSTNODERGeneral Structure Storage ReferencesKM-KW
SLS_TTYQUTPAW - Test Type Qualifications (temp)KM-KW
IWB1LOIOTKEN: Description of Logical Information ObjectsKM-KW
IWB1CONT1KEN: Document Contents Table (Import/Export)KM-KW
IWB5PHHRKW: Outgoing Hyperlinks from Physical ObjectsKM-KW
TXMLLOREKEN: Outgoing Links of Logical Information ObjectsKM-KW

Full List of SAP Knowledge Warehouse Tables