SAP Table - IWB_BF_F4

DescriptionValue Table for Business Functions (for IWB_BF_EHP_IOH)
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassE
Main CategoryKnowledge Management
Sub CategoryKnowledge Warehouse

SAP Knowledge Warehouse Tables

KWPWLOPRKEN: Attributes of Logical Information ObjectsKM-KW
ACL_ACTVTTACL: Activity DescriptionsKM-KW
SLS_IMCPAW - Item Multiple ChoiceKM-KW
SLS_PROTESPAW - Access Profile: Test IDsKM-KW
SLS_TESTPAW - Test DescriptionKM-KW
SACL_ACTActivate Access Control ListsKM-KW
IWOBJECTIWB: Repository for Info ObjectsKM-KW
SLS_RTESTPAW - Participant's Aggregated Test ResultsKM-KW
IWB_BF_EHP_IOAAssignments Between BF/EHP/Structures in Application SystemKM-KW
IWEXTSYMBSKEn: Html Export Text SymbolsKM-KW

Full List of SAP Knowledge Warehouse Tables