SAP Table - IWH_31_LNK

Description3.1: Help Links (only for customer solution for 3.1)
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassS
Main CategoryKnowledge Management
Sub CategoryKnowledge Warehouse

SAP Knowledge Warehouse Tables

QMM_PHNMQMM: Use of Target Anchors in Physical Info ObjectsKM-KW
KWNPHIOKW: Instances of Physical Information ObjectsKM-KW
KWNIDXSTASDOK: Status Table for Indexing Documents: IWB2KM-KW
IWBAPDELKW: Instances of Deleted Physical Information ObjectsKM-KW
IWB2LOIOKEN: Instances of Logical Information ObjectsKM-KW
IWB7NODERGeneral Structure Storage ReferencesKM-KW
IWB7NODETGeneral Structure Storage Node NamesKM-KW
IWB2PHPRKW: Physical Information Object AttributesKM-KW
SLS_USRPRPAW - User Access Profiles on data-levelKM-KW
QMM_PHRIPREPF: Attributes of Incoming Relationships for PHIOsKM-KW

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