SAP Table - J_1GVL_WHB000

SAP TableJ_1GVL_WHB000
DescriptionMaterial valuation: global settings
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassC
Main CategoryMaterials Management

SAP Materials Management Tables

J_1GVL_WHB015FI reposting settingsMM
J_3RJ_CNTRY_CONVRussia Country Specific ConversionMM
J_1GVL_WHB020WHB: Default Forms and FunctionsMM
J_1GVL_WHB004Valid G/L AccountsMM
J_1GVL_WHB003Valid MaterialsMM
J_1GVL_WHB005Valid Document Types / Movement TypesMM
J_1GVL_WHB002Valid PlantsMM
OPS_SE_TSTDATTest Data for generic Services Counterpart TestMM
J_3RJ_UOM_TUnit of Measure TableMM
J_1GPUPREFIXSource / Target Document TypesMM

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