SAP Table - J_1GVL_WHB006

SAP TableJ_1GVL_WHB006
DescriptionWarehouse Book Layout
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassC
Main CategoryMaterials Management

SAP Materials Management Tables

BBP_CTR_IDOC_REFReference of contract number for Create IdocsMM
J_1GVL_WHB004Valid G/L AccountsMM
J_1GVL_WHB017Open Production Orders (WIP)MM
J_1GVL_WHB008Valid Transaction CategoriesMM
J_3RJ_CNTRY_CONVRussia Country Specific ConversionMM
J_1GPU32RULESMap of accounts 32 to 20MM
J_1GVL_WHBPOLmaterial analytical ledger period totalsMM
OPS_SE_TEST_MODETest Mode for XI interfaceMM
J_1GVL_WHBLOG1valuation log tableMM
PREQTX_TRequirement Priorities - Text TableMM

Full List of SAP Materials Management Tables