SAP Table - KWH_BG

DescriptionBackground Processes for Knowledge Warehouse
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassC
Main CategoryKnowledge Management
Sub CategoryKnowledge Warehouse

SAP Knowledge Warehouse Tables

ACL_ACTGREACL: Activities in RolesKM-KW
IWFTRANSFolders and IOs Scheduled for TranslationKM-KW
QMM_NODERQMM: General Structure Storage ReferencesKM-KW
ACL_CACHEACL: Cache Table for ACL AccessKM-KW
CUSTPHREKW: Outgoing Links of Physical Information ObjectsKM-KW
IWB2LOPRKEN: Attributes of Logical Information ObjectsKM-KW
IWDOCFRMTDocument Formats that are Supported in KWKM-KW
IWSTDGRAFKEn: Standard GraphicsKM-KW
KWPWCHKFKW: File Name of Last Check-outKM-KW
IWB0CONT1KEN: Document Contents Table (Import/Export)KM-KW

Full List of SAP Knowledge Warehouse Tables