SAP Table - LFC1_BAK

DescriptionVendor Master (Transaction Figures)
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassA
Main CategoryFinancial Accounting

SAP Financial Accounting Tables

THKONPermitted Alternative G/L AccountsFI
OFF_NUM_LV2Assign Number Ranges to Document Class, Number Group, DateFI
TACC_TRGT_LDGRAssgmt of Accounting Principle to Target Ledger or Ledger GpFI
AVIRPayment Advice SubitemFI
T074Special G/L AccountsFI
FMFGAAPAYDOCTYPPartial Payments by Acc. Assign.: Supported Document TypesFI
F107_TPROVMETH_TTexts for Provision Calculation MethodFI
T052TNegotiated Leave NameFI
ICRC02Account Groups for G/L Account ReconciliationFI
J_1GARAccount rangesFI

Full List of SAP Financial Accounting Tables