SAP Table - MLDZ4

DescriptionReporting Data for Z4 Which was not Reported by DME
Table TypeTRANSP
Delivery ClassL
Main CategoryFinancial Accounting

SAP Financial Accounting Tables

KONH_CONV_TRGTrigger table for KONHFI
J_1GJOURNAL2Journal descriptionsFI
T043STName of Business Partner's Tolerance GroupsFI
T074USpecial G/L Indicator PropertiesFI
T059GIncome Types: NamesFI
T058BNumber Range Assignment for ReceiptsFI
F107_TASS_A2MTAssignment of Actions to Trans. Types (Automatic Postings)FI
TCOBFCoding Block: Assignment of Modif and Field Names from COBLFI
TICRC1RFC Destination and Contact Person in CompanyFI
FERC_C4Specific standard cost adjustment assignmentsFI

Full List of SAP Financial Accounting Tables